Me + Fanfic over the years
  • 2009: oh look, fanfiction. So I'll just read it for this one ship in this one fandom
  • 2010: okay well I've got more ships and fandoms now so I'll just read everything that's not an au
  • 2011: aus are fine, I love aus, give me all of them as long as they're straight, because I'm not gay haha
  • 2012: gay. Super gay. I am really the gayest. Give me all the gay. Just no angst.
  • 2013: Lives, breathes and bleeds angst. I am a being fueled entirely by angst. As long as there's no main character death make it as angsty as possible
  • 2014: I particularly like the one where this guy dies because then everyone is especially sad. I guess my line now is just no ot3s..? Like only monogomy??
  • 2015: Fuck love triangles everyone is dating everyone it's all solved, you get an ot3 and you get an ot4. Look I'll ship whatever. Just no real people cause that's weird haha
  • 2016: Here's my super angsty gay ot6 RPF with 3 AUs and major character death, It's 10k of just the bullet point ideas and only 2k has actually been written in paragraphs RIP me

Big news - we’re quickly approaching the first Myan Ship Week! 

So, what is a ship week?

  • A ship week is a week-long period that celebrates a particular pairing and/or dynamic between the week’s subjects. This is usually done by offering daily themes for fans to base their art, stories, and other media around. 
  • Everyone is allowed and encouraged to participate, and there is no ‘wrong’ way to show your appreciation for the pairing. You aren’t even required to make your entries romantic in nature - how you want to celebrate the week is totally up to you!
  • Even though there’s a schedule, sometimes life gets in the way. If you can only complete one or a few entries, or the entries come in a few days late, they’re still welcome!

Details for participating:

The Tag: #myan week 2017
The Dates: Sunday, July 16th - Saturday, July 22nd

Themes for the Week:

  • Sunday, 7/16 - First (first date, first meeting, first of anything!)
  • Monday, 7/17 - Adventure au
  • Tuesday, 7/18 - Fantasy au
  • Wednesday, 7/19 - Minecraft/Mincecraft Kings au
  • Thursday, 7/20 - Science Fiction au
  • Friday, 7/21 - GTA/Fake AH Crew au
  • Saturday, 7/22 - Romance/NSFW

I will be tracking the #myan week 2017 tag, and will be reblogging all the posts I see onto this blog! If you post certain things on other sites, such as AO3, please make a mirror tumblr post or send me a message so I can include it on this blog, so everyone can see all the wonderful content we make during this week!

If you have any comments or questions, just send me a message, or open a chat with me. Thanks for everyone who voted on the themes for this challenge (and thanks to @madgar for providing the banner here and on the blog!) 

yet another image to share:

drunk fahc michael getting fighty and overall causing mayhem and Ryan just having none of it tonight, picking Michael up and throwing him over his shoulder. Michael sputters and fights but his face and ears are turning bright red

anonymous asked:

what are ur top 5 myan moments brah

I tried to narrow it down to five… couldn’t, so here lmao it’s a top ten instead (though they’re not necessarily in any particular order anyway so whatever):

  1. Play Pals - Badland (the whole game and commentary is super cute and relaxing which is what i love about team crazy mad let’s plays)
  2. The Peach Moonshine Incident
  3. “Fuck you. Did I pronounce that right?” (actual clip from Cloudberry Kingdom part 8) - Michael being Ryan’s hype man to shit on Gavin is so fucking funny. 
  4. Immersion: Space Invaders (good Immersion episode in general but more importantly they were both radiantly beautiful and i have a thing for jumpsuits okay let me live)
  5. and of course:  “I have absolutely been to lunch with Ryan”
  6. The OG Play Pals - Capsized (again - i love how much calmer michael is when he plays games with ryan compared to other people. even when ryan puts them into situations that you know michael would have yelled at gavin or geoff for he’s so gentle with ryan?? i live for that)
  7. Also the let’s play Star Trek series… I can just name the whole series right? Again, very chill, very spacey, very Kirk-Spock-Spock-Kirk.
  8. Also that one Off Topic episode where Michael and Ryan went off into some in-depth conversation about anime and left Geoff and Gavin in the dust lmao
  9. Also that one time Michael and Ryan (well mostly Michael) did a Facebook livestream because there was no one else in the office which I in turn provided livestream commentary for here.
  10. And finally, any time Michael screams “RY-YAN” because that’s hilarious he sounds so angry and i love them both so much.