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I was tagged by roololoo

-Name: Joshua
Nickname: Josh
-Star sign: Gemini
Gender: Male
-Height: 5'7"ish
Sexual orientation: gay
-Romantic orientation: more gay
Favorite colour: Indigo
-Time right now: 8:19 pm
hours of sleep: 6
-Lucky number(s): 3 and 7
Last thing i googled: Stephen king books
-Number of blankets I sleep under: a bed sheet (it’s too hot for blankets at the moment but I get up to 3+ blankets during the winter)
Favourite fictional character: Edward Cullen (don’t judge, I have my reasons)
celebrities: don’t really keep up on celebs but I think Chris Evans is really attractive
Favorite book: Trick question I read way to much and this is soooooo unfair to ask me
Meh hmmmmmmmm well I definitely love Stolen by Lucy Christopher and Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe (quite the mouth full I know) and don’t get me started on web comics or fanfiction or series because it will never end- so much love for so many books 
-Favorite bands/artists: Regina Spektor, Rufus Wainright, Ben Folds (listen to them, listen to them NOW)
Dream trip: Working my way through Europe (literally moving around and taking odds jobs as I go, staying or leaving at a whim)
-Dream job: Artist and owner of a boutique type thingy
What am i wearing at the moment: underwear (•///-///•)

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MY AMP GOES TO 11: Lightning Photography

• Lightning is a giant discharge of electricity accompanied by a brilliant flash of light and a loud crack of thunder. The spark can reach over five miles (eight kilometers) in length, raise the temperature of the air by as much as 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit (27,700 degrees Celsius), and contain a hundred million electrical volts.

• Some scientists think that lightning may have played a part in the evolution of living organisms. The immense heat and other energy given off during a stroke has been found to convert elements into compounds that are found in organisms.

• Lightning detection systems in the United States monitor an average of 25 million strokes of lightning from clouds to ground during some 100,000 thunderstorms every year. It is estimated that Earth as a whole is struck by an average of more than a hundred lightning bolts every second.

The odds of becoming a lightning victim in the U.S. in any one year is 1 in 700,000. The odds of being struck in your lifetime is 1 in 3,000.

Lightning can kill people (3,696 deaths were recorded in the U.S. between 1959 and 2003) or cause cardiac arrest. Injuries range from severe burns and permanent brain damage to memory loss and personality change. About 10 percent of lightning-stroke victims are killed, and 70 percent suffer serious long-term effects. About 400 people survive lightning strokes in the U.S. each year.

• Lightning is not confined to thunderstorms. It’s been seen in volcanic eruptions,extremely intense forest fires, surface nuclear detonations, heavy snowstorms,and in large hurricanes.

• Ice in a cloud may be key in the development of lightning. Ice particles collide as they swirl around in a storm, causing a separation of electrical charges. Positively charged ice crystals rise to the top of the thunderstorm, and negatively charged ice particles and hailstones drop to the lower parts of the storm. Enormous charge differences develop.

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Curator’s Monday 132

Young-Deok Seo (Korea)

Young-Deok Seo received a BFA in environmental sculpture from University of Seoul, South Korea, in 2010. He makes metal sculptures using only bike chain components, comparing the standardization of modern life to the monotonous repetitive movement of the chain in its original function. By repurposing the chain components in his work, he replaces its functionality as a machine part and gives it new vitality and life. “I use immobile and cold textured form of a body to express our true nature that turned from the human nature to a property,” he says. In 2009, Young-Deok received first place in National Undergraduate and Graduate Students Sculpture Competition. His work has been exhibited in Seoul. (source: Artist A Day) Our sincere thanks to myampgoesto11 for this Curator’s Monday on Artchipel.

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Curator’s Monday 144

Simon Schubert (b.1976, Germany) - Reigen. Synthetic hair, plaster, Polyurthane foam, acrylic, fabric, metal, wood, leather (2009)

Simon Schubert is an artist based in Cologne, Germany. From 1997 to 2004 he trained at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in the sculpture class of Irmin Kamp. Inspired by Surrealism as well as by Samuel Beckett, Schubert’s works imagine architectural settings, common situations and objects, whereas the materials he uses are either simple or sophisticated - white paper folded or mixed media arrangements. Some of his paper foldings entered the West Collection, Oaks, PA, while the Saatchi Collection, London, owns sculptural works in mixed media. In 2008, Schubert received the ZVAB Phönix Art Award for new-comers.

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