MY AMP GOES TO 11′s Top 11 Posts of 2016

11. Indefinite Vases by Studio EO

10. Sculptures by Matthew Day Jackson

9. Collage artist Joe Webb

8. Lucid Dream series by Johnson Tsang

7. Kyle Bean and Aaron Tilly: In Anxious Anticipation series

6. Yuchi Ikehata

5. Sculptures by Alessandro Gallo

4. Nadia Maria: Origins series

3. Bioluminescent photography by TDUB Photo 

2. Growth/Decay Sculptures by Gosia

1. Sculptures by self taught artist Romain Langlois

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I ♥ TUMBLR (A-Z Favorites)

Hello my lovely followers, I’m celebrating the 5th anniversary of my tumblr I ♥ ART, I decided to put together a few art related lists that I will be sharing with you within the next couple of weeks. So here’s the first one, a list of my favorite and worth following art and illustration tumblrs. I wasn’t able to find anyone to put under the N, X and Z category, so I hope you can recommend a few ones via message I’ll be very grateful. Keep loving the art! 

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Illustration by: Sara Miau

MY AMP GOES TO 11′s Top 5 Editors Picks of 2016

After my annual Top 11 post, I was asked what my personal favorites where for 2016. There are so many artists that I admire, and I found it very difficult to narrow down. I also purposely chose posts not included in the top 11. 

Here they are, in no particular order:

Sculptures by Massimiliano Pellet

Yung Cheng Lin

Paintings by Namgoong Whan

Wax sculptures by Francois Chaillou

Scenes from the short film World Of Tomorrow (2015) by Don Hertzfeld

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A very Happy New Year to all. Thanks for tuning in 


Curator’s Monday 144

Simon Schubert (b.1976, Germany) - Reigen. Synthetic hair, plaster, Polyurthane foam, acrylic, fabric, metal, wood, leather (2009)

Simon Schubert is an artist based in Cologne, Germany. From 1997 to 2004 he trained at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in the sculpture class of Irmin Kamp. Inspired by Surrealism as well as by Samuel Beckett, Schubert’s works imagine architectural settings, common situations and objects, whereas the materials he uses are either simple or sophisticated - white paper folded or mixed media arrangements. Some of his paper foldings entered the West Collection, Oaks, PA, while the Saatchi Collection, London, owns sculptural works in mixed media. In 2008, Schubert received the ZVAB Phönix Art Award for new-comers.

[more Simon Schubert | Curator’s Monday with myampgoesto11]

MY AMP GOES TO 11′s Top 11 Posts of 2015

11. Rankin: Mask I / Mask II / Mask III

10. Porcelain sculptures that look like drawings by Katharine Morling

9. Paintings by Sungsoo Kim

8. Pablo S. Herrero: Images of drought

7. Sarah Garzoni: Breaching, 2010

6. Kohei Nawa: Foam, 2013

5. Illustrations by Nicholas Côme AKA Sinpiggyhead

4. Patrick Beaulieu: for intérieur

3. Anish Kapoor: Descension, 2015

2. Li Jinguo’s crystal resin Bonsai sculpture series, 2015

1. Reiner Riedler: Glass model of a heart, 2012


MY AMP GOES TO 11's top eleven posts of 2014

11. Illustrations by Elisa Ancori  (11625 notes)

10. Jessica Harrison: ‘Self Portrait’ skull  (11640 notes)

9. Gerda Steiner & Jörg Lenzlinger: The Conference.

crystals grown on electronics (11886 notes)

8.Judith G. Klausner: Coming Out of the Medicine Cabinet, 2013-2014  (12,465 notes) 

7. Erik Söderberg: Fractal Experience GIFs  (13,888 notes)

6. Saltscape installation art by Motoi Yamamoto  (17,510 notes) 

5. Dongwook Lee at Arario Gallery  (18,100 notes) 

4.Nikolaus Gansterer: The Gray Matter Hypothesis (19,391) notes 

3. Petros Koublis: from the series In Landscapes, 2012-2013 (19,405 notes)

2. X-Ray GIFs by Cameron Drake (36,649 notes) 

1. Marble and crystal growth sculptures by Livio Scarpella (42,770 notes) 

Thanks to all my subscribers for making this a great year! Wishing you all the best in 2015 


Tomoko Kashiki (b.1982, Japan)

The portraits Tomoko Kashiki creates are fragmented, and at times placed in a limiting space that traps the women within an intimate world of beauty, desire and dreams. Her aesthetic is reminiscent of Heian Buddhist paintings and Bijinga, pictures of beautiful women in pinewood gardens, a style derived from Kyoto, the city in which Kashiki was born and raised.

Although the flat, smooth texture and flowing lines may strike viewers as a broadly Japanese painting style, her own process is extremely unique. She creates paintings by overlapping layers and weaving accumulated scenes, fermenting them, erasing them, sanding them down and repainting the canvas. Through this process, she moderates her motifs and expressions to adjust to her initial idea of the painting. The sophisticated canvas is designed to erase time or any evidence of the artist’s hand, leaving a vivid impression much like a daydream. (src. Ota Fine Arts)

© All images courtesy the artist

[more Tomoko Kashiki | artist found at myampgoesto11]
Tumblr artists discovery - Mar 2014

Artists discovered thanks to curators:
Olaf Breuning | on Tumblr - installation [via actegratuit] *
Nikita Kaun | on Tumblr - illustration [via actegratuit]
Cai Vail - illustration [via actegratuit] *
Giuseppe Cristiano | on Tumblr - illustration [via artforadults]
Lingling Ly | on Tumblr - illustration [via artforadults] *
Luisfelipebueno - illustration (cute) [via artforadults]
Florencia Mir | on Tumblr - drawing [via artforadults] *
Robert Malte Engelsmann aka kaeghoro | on Tumblr - drawing [via artforadults]
Gustavols Prata - collage [via artforadults]
Innes Mcdougall | on Tumblr - painting [via artforadults] *
T. Dylan Moore | on Tumblr - drawing [via artforadults] *
Josh Thornton | on Tumblr - photo [via arpeggia]
Gabriele Beveridge - photo [via arpeggia] *
Alexander Tinei - painting [via atavus]
Hilary Faye Sloane | on Tumblr - collage & gif [via Bhakta’s Weblog] *
Olaf Breuning | on Tumblr - installation [via Bhakta’s Weblog] *
Mark Posey | on Tumblr - painting [via blue-voids]
Nastassja Bosch | on Tumblr - photo [via blue-voids] *
Miguel Esteves | on Tumblr - photo [via darksilenceinsuburbia]
Jaime Rodrigo | on Tumblr - illustration [via darksilenceinsuburbia]
Paolo Patrizi | on Tumblr - photo [via darksilenceinsuburbia] *
Jon Jacobsen | on Tumblr - digital art [via darksilenceinsuburbia] *
Heather Hansen | on Tumblr - performance [via devidsketchbook]
Javier Perez | on Tumblr - illustration (cute) [via devidsketchbook]
Marek Szymczak | Tumblr - illustration [via devidsketchbook]
Rogue Alan Deleon - mixed media [via devidsketchbook]
Elisha Capie | on Tumblr - drawing [via eatsleepdraw]
David Marinos | on Tumblr - illustration & design [via exhibition-ism]
Benjamin Craig - painting [via exhibition-ism] *
Emmanuel Jose - illustration [via fer1972]
Matthias Brown | on Tumblr - drawing & gif [via from89] *
Ibon Mainar | on Tumblr - mixed media [via from89]
Erik Hart | on Tumblr - photo [via hifas]
Noel Badges Pugh | on Tumblr - drawing [via gaksdesigns] *
Blanka Mateno - photo [via iamjapanese]
Jason Urban | on Tumblr - mixed media [via iamjapanese]
Laura Modamio | on Tumblr - drawing (ballpoint) [via just-art] *
Alex Jackson | on Tumblr -  painting [via juxtapozmag] *
Alex Gard - photo (landscape) [via lensblr-network] *
Kei Meguro | on Tumblr - drawing [via leslieseuffert] *
Jon Klassen - illustration [via loic-arnaud] *
Alexander Tinei - painting [via likeafieldmouse]
Ambera Wellmann - painting & photo [via likeafieldmouse]
Tássia Bianchini | on Tumblr - painting (abstract) [via myampgoesto11] *
Ted Basdevant aka Monsieur Ted | on Tumblr - painting [via myampgoesto11]
Blue + Joy | on Tumblr - installation [via myampgoesto11] *
Erin Tucker | on Tumblr - sculpture [via myampgoesto11]
Ville Andersson | on Tumblr (b.1986, Finland) - drawing [via myampgoesto11] *
Michelle Blade - painting [via mydarkenedeyes] *
Rowena Hughes | on Tumblr - mixed media [via nearlya]
Andy Leuenberger | on Tumblr - drawing (bestiary) [via rerylikes]
Kevin Wis* | on Tumblr (France) - photo [via rerylikes]
励 类 सोना दिल Lilei Sona Dil - photo [via rerylikes]
Andreas Zeichenwege on Tapestry | on Tumblr - drawing [via rerylikes]
Quibe | on Tumblr - illustration [via septagonstudios]
Guy Catling | Tumblr - collage [via showslow] *
Maria Vdovichenko - drawing (ballpoint) [via slowartday]
Elly Liyana | on Tumblr - drawing [via sosuperawesome] *
Steve Panton | on Tumblr - [via sosuperawesome] *
Liu Chenyang | on Tumblr - [via sosuperawesome] *
Mohammad Keyvan | on Tumblr - painting [via supersonicelectronic] *
Casey Weldon | on Tumblr - painting [via supersonicelectronic] *
Marija Tiurina | on Tumblr - drawing [via theonlymagicleftisart] *
Pia Habekost | on Tumblr | - mixed media [via theonlymagicleftisart]
Rebecca Yanovskaya | on Tumblr - drawing [via thisisnthappiness] *
Mrzyk & Moriceau | on Tumblr - drawing [via thisisnthappiness] *
Witchoria - photo [via thisisnthappiness] *
Barbara Dziadosz | on Tumblr - illustration [via tumblropenarts] *
David Slebodnick | on Tumblr - illustration [via tumblropenarts]
Greg Stedman | on Tumblr - illustration, typography [via unknowneditors]
Whitney Bedford - painting [via 2headedsnake]

Artists submitted/recommended by our followers:
Rachel Linnemeier | on Tumblr (USA) - painting
Samantha Sealy - photo  
辛力 Xinli (China) - sculpture
Marcos Marchetti (Brazil) - painting
Juan José Calva (Mexico) - illustration
The Art Nirvana - drawing
Rebecca Chitticks | on Tumblr (UK) - painting
plasmaterial (UK) - drawing
Erick Medel | on Tumblr (USA) - photo
Gourdlight | on Tumblr (Poland) - light design
M.W Leitzel | on Tumblr (USA) - drawing
Vanessa Aisling | on Tumblr - photo
Marie Chapuis - drawing
Marla Singer | on Tumblr - photo
Burry Buermans - collage
Sébastien Tabuteaud | on Tumblr (France) - photo
Mefistos | on Tumblr (Italy) - photo
Emma Fick - drawing
Jeffrey Earp - abstract
Axidente - painting
Flo W. Rider | on Tumblr (France) - photo

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