A picture long overdue: I haven’t given enough credit where credit is due, I’ve come to realize that I take for granted what has been the most amazing thing to happen to my life and that is this woman right here, she is my inspiration, my drive, my partner. The only other person who understands me almost 100% and has never failed to show me just how selfless & loving she truly can be. I can only hope to show her how much I care and need her by starting to be a better and more appreciative partner, I have failed to give credit where credit is due & show my appreciation for tolerating me and my ways. I am very fortunate and and cannot even fathom what life would be like without her by my side. I feel like I’m falling back in love this this girl all over again, and I know that our paths were meant to cross, this was definitely no coincidence. But a learning & a growing experience for the both of us. I love you @taylorawr

I caught this thing called love *pukes rainbows*

Never have I met a girl who could drive me so wild. Never have I met a girl who’s voice, smile, or touch could make my great even if all the nothing but bad happened on it. Never have I met a girl who could get me to let my guard down and trust again. Only one girl has actually gained my true, unfettered love. And she is the girl I have the wonderful pleasure of calling my girlfriend. I strive everyday to treat her like a princess. And not a day passes that I dont think of a future with her, which I dont do with anyone else in my life. I know I sound like just another dumbass, love-sick teenager. But I’ve been treated like shit most of my life, lied to, and abused, physically by my own siblings and mentally/emotionally by everyone in my family. I can see through faces and false feelings. I know who I can trust. And I know i can trust this girl with my heart. She is kind and truthful and caring and beautiful and every possible desirable quality all mixed into a beautiful woman. She treats me like a prince and I know a girl like this is one-in-a-million. I’ve never been one to open my heart, but she’s kicked down the doors and ripped out the windows. Guys, I’ve caught the “Love.” I always thought such a blissful mindset created by another person was just a myth. But I am a skeptic no more! I know you dont have a tumblr, and I know tumblr probably doesnt give a shit about any of this post, but Tori, I love you. Uncontrollably. Unconditionally. Unrestrained. You are my first thought in the morning and the blissful thought that pulls me into sleep at night. To infinity and beyond princess!

What is life without you…? Good thing i’ll never have to know cause’ your all mine foreverr and everr ;) <3 I love youu Victoria Clark

I need you forever & always

Seeing you smile makes my heart beat retardly fast <3

Your touch is unlike anything in the world

I NEED YOU in my life to survive

I WILL marry you one day..

and I MISS YOU soooo so much

You have my heart babe, forever & everr

Thomas Scott Sursely + Aujonae Victoria Clark

…..And that’s just always how it’s gonna be baby… I love youu wifey <3