“I can see a man’s purpose, Abraham. It is my gift. I can see it as clearly as I see you standing before me now. Your purpose is to fight tyranny … and mine is to see that you win.”

Henry Sturges in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith

“Living men are bound by time,” he said. “Thus, their lives have an urgency. This gives them ambition. Makes them choose those things that are most important; cling more tightly to that which they hold dear. Their lives have seasons, and rites of passage, and consequences. And, ultimately, an end. But what of a life with no urgency? What then of ambition? What then of love?”


Henry Sturges + Character Tropes

  • Good Is Not Nice
  • Friendly Neighborhood Vampire
  • Berserk Button – Arguably more noticeable in the novel, but basically Henry gets particularly murderous if anyone hurts Abe.
  • Arc Words – In the film: “Time waits for no man”. In the novel: “Judge us not equally”, “some men are too interesting to die”.
  • Big Damn Hero
  • Who Wants to Live Forever

From Page to Screen: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

They stopped not four yards from where I sat. It was in this manner that I overheard the last of the argument. “I cannot,” said Father. The stranger stood in silence and disappointment.

Finally he gave his reply. “Then I’ll take it in other ways.”