Henry Sturges + Character Tropes

  • Good Is Not Nice
  • Friendly Neighborhood Vampire
  • Berserk Button – Arguably more noticeable in the novel, but basically Henry gets particularly murderous if anyone hurts Abe.
  • Arc Words – In the film: “Time waits for no man”. In the novel: “Judge us not equally”, “some men are too interesting to die”.
  • Big Damn Hero
  • Who Wants to Live Forever

and we’ll live a long life a playlist for Henry Sturges [x]

1. angel with a shotgun | the cab 2. weight of living, pt. ii | bastille 3. alone together | fall out boy 4. counting stars | onerepublic 5. maybe sprout wings | the mountain goats 6. pompeii | bastille 7. take me to church | hozier 8. shots | imagine dragons 9. how far we’ve come | matchbox twenty 10. ghosts that we knew | mumford and sons 11. centuries | fall out boy


“I can see a man’s purpose, Abraham. It is my gift. I can see it as clearly as I see you standing before me now. Your purpose is to fight tyranny … and mine is to see that you win.”