November 1977 – From the original caption “University of Georgia, Bulldog Mascot with his snout on a Gatorade Bottle. November 1977." 

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Credit: Allan Walker / Atlanta Journal-Constitution Photographic Archive

Sweet victory

Oct. 3, 1997 – John Smoltz and Chipper Jones, right, talk with the media after their victory over Houston in the Division Series in Houston. 

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Photo credit: Marlene Karas / AJC file

#TBT Talk about fast delivery…

May 3, 1945 - Copies of the Atlanta Journal newspaper are being loaded into a Delta Airlines plane at Augusta, Georgia airport. From left to right: H.R. Walker and Fred Harridge, Journal representatives, watch Jeff Cates, of Delta Air Lines, unload. Mrs. F.C. Jenkins reads the news. Air express editions of The Atlanta Journal were unloaded at the Augusta Airport less than two hours after the papers come off the press the same day in Atlanta.

Light Up Atlanta

June 25, 1983 - Central City Park (now Woodruff Park) provided a great place for people to watch fireworks light up Atlanta’s skyline during the ‘Light Up Atlanta Festival.’ In the early '80s, the Light Up Atlanta festival drew as many as 300,000 people downtown one weekend each June for a nighttime party of dancing, drinking and dining.

In the early '80s, the Light Up Atlanta festival drew as many as 300,000 people downtown each June for a nighttime weekend party of dancing, drinking and dining. First held in June 1983 as a way to draw suburban residents back to downtown Atlanta after dark, Light Up Atlanta eventually became a victim of its early success and violence ended the party after only three festivals. Here’s our look back through the lenses of our AJC photographers at the days when downtown turned on the lights – and the charm – for one weekend each June. Go to to see more images.


1955 – Boys in the lunchroom at Rome’s East Main School enjoy some milk. As our photographer noted, “at two cents each they could afford two half pints.” Pretty shrewd, fellahs.

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Photo credit: Margaret Shannon / AJC file

#FlashBackFriday Atlanta Cyclorama: Building getting new lease on life

Plans call for the Cyclorama, one of the city’s most valuable cultural artifacts, to leave its Grant Park home of nearly a century and relocate to a new building at the Atlanta History Center in Buckhead. Zoo Atlanta would receive the existing Cyclorama building in Grant Park, which has housed the massive, panoramic, city-owned painting, depicting the Battle of Atlanta, since 1921. The neoclassical building will be adapted for new uses, thus preserving one of the city’s near-century-old landmark structures. But many other Atlanta landmarks haven’t been as fortunate as the Cyclorama building. They’ve fallen, literally and figuratively, as the city has grown throughout the 20th century and into the new millenium. Some enjoyed a long lifespan while others met their fate at a relatively young age, architecturally speaking, but for Atlantans of a certain age, most remain alive and well as memorable parts of our ever-expanding city’s history. Here are some we recall personally and some we’ve enjoyed just hearing tell of from others way back when… – Text by Howard Pousner, AJC, and AJC staff

Flashback Foto

In this March 1952 photo, the Henry Grady statue serves as a backdrop of sorts for promotion of the film “Steel Town,” then playing at the Loew’s Grand Theatre downtown, and as a call-to-action for Atlantans to participate in the city’s “Steel Town” scrap drive associated with the movie.
Lane Brothers Commercial Photographic Collection, GSU Special Collections

#FlashBackFriday from the AJC:

The annual invitational golf tournament which would become the Masters (officially so named in 1939) began March 22, 1934, in Augusta, Georgia. And our Atlanta Journal and Constitution photographers were there to record the event. Here, tournament founder and golfing legend Bobby Jones is shown playing in the first tournament in 1934.