The best disneybounds I saw at Dapper Day!  I think the winner is the finding nemo family and the teacup disneybound. 

indiangentleman Disneybounded as a 1930’s Beast / Prince Adam (Beauty and the Beast dance outfit)

dearmickeylou “disneybounded” as a maid from the haunted mansion.  

AND i finally met snowqueenkatie! She disneybounded as drizella but she ain’t ugly. LOL. 

Hey people I just want to show you my beautiful basketball coach for the past 2 years. She used to have fabulous brownish- reddish hair, but last year she was diagnosed with cancer. I don’t really know if it was in her arms or breast, but she means a lot to me. When she was younger she needed help & was put in the lower classes. Now she’s better & helps those kids now because she knows how it feels.

Yeah, we all probably gave her attitude when it came to running all those times when we missed shots, lay- ups, or didn’t run over the weekend. But she is the sweetest person ever.
And guess what guys?! She says she hates people like society. She’s just like us!
She’s currently encouraging me to do the talent show & try out for the dance team because she says I have great vocals and amazing dancer.
I remember one day after practice she heard me say that I was ugly & she stopped me to tell me that I am not ugly. That anyone would kill to have my eyelashes and eyes. She doesn’t know that when I’m depressed or not, thinking if I should cut or not - her words come to me.
She calls me Tree for being so tall & liked me since day 1 of the tryouts in 7th grade. This is the last year I’ll see her…
Now the season has ended but we still have the a few more weeks until we celebrate our season but with your help I want to show her that she is beautiful too. PLEASE reblog & like this, I want to show her the notes! Thank you! 

I recently got braces and she reminds me very often to smile, that I’m beautiful and she helps me in any way possible for school.