fic recs ||| What Lies Beneath by lottienaut 

Lance was looking back at the mouth of the cavern, yelling as loud as the rest of them as he kicked at the creature tearing and pulling at his leg. It was going to take them all down if someone didn’t do something.

Hunk saw the exact moment Lance got it in his head that that someone had to be him. Their eyes met again for a longer moment. This time though, Hunk knew exactly what words were coming out of Lance’s mouth.

“I’m sorry, buddy,” he shouted, fitting one of his grins onto his face, the one that always meant trouble, that always meant detention, that always meant adventure. It was the one Lance always wore when he wanted everyone to think he knew exactly what he was doing. Hunk was stunned by how out of place it was and maybe that’s why it was so easy for Lance to shove him and Pidge away.

Lance didn’t scream as he went over the edge, but Hunk did.