Another TVNorge promo

TVNorge has launched their knew poster campaign for this season, and I’m just in love with it. See their slogan is this: 

Best at comedy. Worst at politics. Follow the municipal elections at some other channel.

Of course it’s all to distinct themselves from the other Norwegian TV channels being preoccupied with the election this fall. 

So they use all these iconic political posters to make their own parodying illustrations with their best comedians, and it’s brilliant – like these two:

Of course I’ve been waiting for Ylvis to show up in one of these too, but no such luck…

This is the closest I’ve come so far:

So I though: What the heck, I’ll just make my own political Ylvis poster. 

Feel the void TVNorge? You can call me. :p

Requested: Top 10 gifs from my Ylvis “Useless” Folder

** reminder: I did not create these gifs. I only take credit for how I choose to categorize them in my own computer and this is what I’m sharing with you in this post **

Last folder on the queue is what I’ve named the “Useless” folder. Here I put all the gifs I really like and want to have, but can’t imagine in what context I would use them as reaction gifs. This’ll probably be completely random.

1) Remember this?

2) This never fails to make me laugh.


4) My favorite moment in NH history

5) Another great one.

6) Veggie booty coming through!

7) Look at these fuckin’ shit heads. I wish I could hang out with them

8) this is literally labelled: “omfg you’re so fucking beautiful”

9) Oops, how did this get in here..

10) This last one I will also use as a send off to end this set of top 10 gif folder lists. Thank you chaoticellum for asking for these, thank you to every single giffer in the fandom without whom I’d have never discovered this new and evolved form of communication, thank you to anyone who enjoyed looking at these, and of course…


See Top 10 gifs - “Cute” folder

See Top 10 gifs - “Sexy” folder



A new backstage clip from Hvem ka sla Ylvis :).


Bard seems to be kind of “out of it” in this interview. There is no trace of his usual bratty/sassy and fast-answering behaviour. Instead he looks insecure, talks quietly and slower and just gives the impression that he is not feeling comfortable (even though he is smiling in between). Maybe its just cause hes tired and exhausted (from the flight and the rehearsels) or cause the interview is in english and he doesnt`t want to say anything wrong. But I cant shake of this feeling that something is bothering him (or distracting). As if they (the brothers) just had an argument or at least talked about some serious issue… . He is constantly looking at Vegard as if he wants his attention.
Its like : “please look at me….are we ok ? I need a sign.”
After a while it looks like Vegard did sense his brothers plead and he gives him a short look “are you ok, bro ?” but turns away soon.
Later on Bard looks at him again like “Is it ok to say this ?” and a tiny nod is enough to ensure him.
At the end they seem to be in perfect synch again though.
I dont think I have seen B so insecure before (at least during an interview). He looks like a puppy.


Bård is looking really handsome today. And who on earth said his hair is BLOND?! It’s not, it’s brown, what is going on! His hair was brown when it was really, really short too.