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That internal position that I thought I was great for, but which my boss let me know I was no longer being considered for… well it starts next Wednesday, and they still haven’t hired anyone, so my coworkers and I are probably going to be required to pick up the slack until my boss finds someone she likes for it, lollll

I’m not a coffee snob, I mean, if you’re new to drinking coffee or you wanna step outside your comfort zone a little, I will talk to you and help you and figure out what you need, okay.  But if you’ve already been ordering your drink for a while, for fuck’s sake, KNOW WHAT YOU ORDER.  Don’t come up to me and say “the other lady knows what it is, can you call her?” or “it has tea in it and it’s a smoothie” or just fucking ignore our menu and tell me you want a Mocha MacNut iced coffee but then have no clue what I mean when I ask you if you want it done as an iced coffee with flavors or as a mocha, with milk in it. 

I asked this woman, “Does the drink you usually get have any milk in it?” and she looked at me like I was from Neptune.  Sometimes the hair makes people think I don’t speak Earth-language so I said it again, very clearly, and added, “Dairy.  Is there any dairy in your drink?  When they give it to you as a finished product?”  I thought about mooing for effect, but I didn’t want to seem insulting.  That might not have worked anyway, as this lady didn’t seem to recognize her own order, and had no idea whether or not it usually had milk in it.  People do this so often, have no clue what the fuck is actually in what they order every day, nor what it is called.  

Don’t do this, people.  Take control of your life.  If your cup of coffee is the biggest way in which you can do so today, fucking try it.  The results might surprise you.