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“Looking back at my early childhood, before the preteen insecurities and whispers in school hallways caused doubts and insecurities in my young and impressionable mind, back when I was just a tangly haired kid running around in mismatched clothes on a farm all day – way back then – the things I remember feeling about myself were the things my mother told me over and over again. I was special. I was smart. There was no one like me. I was different from everyone else in the world. I wasn’t weird, I just had a wild imagination. I wasn’t strange, I was creative. She was proud of me. She wouldn’t want to be anywhere else more than she wanted to be with me. When I grew up, the first things to make me question those ideas were bullies and mean girls in class. Every day I went home devastated and my mom would remind me that they were wrong. Sometimes I’d roll my eyes and scoff at her opinion, but there was always a quiet confidence deep inside me that wouldn’t let people and their mean-spirited words defeat me. Since then, it’s gone from school-yard bullies to tabloids. It’s never going to be painless when people say things about you that aren’t true, or try to make you feel worthless. But I was lucky enough to have a mother who armed me with the only weapons I’ll ever need to fight the cruelty of this world: words.-Taylor Swift