Urban Farm Hack: Strawberry Snail Garden

Get a more constant strawberry harvest and prevent rotting fruit with the spiraled garden bed design.

This past spring, I found myself in possession a salvaged piece of concrete sewer piping and an abundance of rotting wood.

The wheels in my head were turning. I knew from building an herb spiral that the concrete piping had a high ambient heat capacity, which can be used to create a warm microclimate for plants. I also knew from using hügelkultur in the garden that rotting wood is an excellent, nutritious, moisture-retentive substrate, and the fungal mycelium that colonizes decaying wood also benefits bees

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My newest Urban Farm article is up! This week, it’s about my strawberry snail garden.

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WATCH: 5 LGBT Celebrities Share Their Coming-Out Stories
Even the rich and famous experience all of the confusion, joy and anxiety of coming out. These are their stories.

Posted: 08/30/2015 08:33 AM EDT | Edited: 08/30/2015 07:40 PM EDT

The process of coming out as gay, lesbian, bisexual or any other non-heteronormative sexual identity can be both daunting and cathartic. Even after mustering the courage to vocalize your truth, there is no crystal ball to anticipate the cacophony of reactions you might get – or how you might feel yourself. But the truth is that being who you really are always feels better than wearing a mask, as these celebrities can attest.

(In the videos below), five LGBT stars open up to HuffPost Live about their coming out experiences. While no two accounts are the same, there is a common thread: All of their lives drastically improved once they embraced who they are.

Sir Ian McKellen is among today’s most recognizable LGBT icons. He’s been out publicly since 1988, which clearly hasn’t impeded a vastly successful career. And he remembers well the beautiful feeling of relief that came with announcing his sexuality. “[Coming out] was the best thing I ever did in my life, as every gay person will tell you. I grew up overnight, and was born again. Everything went better, and it felt as if a great millstone had dropped from my back that I didn’t know had been there.”

“I was about 12 when I realized what gay meant and that I had it. It felt like a disease to me,” Lynch remembered about discovering her sexuality. But she hopes that her own work through the years, most notably playing Sue Sylvester on “Glee,” can become signs of hope for the LGBT youth of today. “I’ve obviously turned out okay, I’m doing well. But I’m glad that [‘Glee’] and the fact that I’m out and open about it will perhaps ease the hearts and minds of some kids where it’s not so easy.”

For Clay Aiken, an “American Idol” runner-up turned politician, coming out was something to be done on his own terms. Though many fans wondered why he didn’t do it during his run on “Idol” in 2003, Aiken asserted that he waited until the time was right for him. “When it comes to an issue like [coming out], that’s a personal path for every single person. It’s very different for me than it was for Neil Patrick Harris. … I don’t second-guess anyone’s decision to do it when they do it.”

For Major League Soccer star Robbie Rogers, coming out for the first time was easier with someone he didn’t know at all. He was at a London bar when he met a stranger who casually asked if he was gay or straight. After so much time spent hiding his identity, Rogers finally spoke his truth. “I had been thinking about it a lot. I just was so sick of lying that I wanted to get the ball moving. So then I said it and I was like, 'Oh my gosh, that felt so great to say that.’ … It felt so amazing, and I’m sure [this woman] didn’t realize what was going on.” He came out to his family a month later.

“I was an angry person. I tried to control it. It’s interesting, some of my straight liberal friends urged me to not come out when they knew I was planning it, because they thought it would diminish my ability to be effective on other issues after I came out,” said former Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank. “[They] said, 'Well, we’re glad you did it, because you’re better at the job. You’re easier to get along with, you’re less likely to get angry, you accommodate disagreement better.’ And I think that’s probably right.”

For more information about the Coming Out process and to find helpful resources, links and helplines, check our Coming Out Series

To see which public people and celebrities Takemehomefromnarnia has supported in the past, check our Coming Out Today’s Actions

simsontherope replied to your post:porcelainpuppets replied to your photo:I love a…

And what is this wonderful place ? :D I’m happy when I find a new website with free textures, it always can be usefull (and not only in the sims !).

I jut found it today. I need to read though the TOU thoroughly, but it looks fine for TS4 content since it is fine for SL use. The main point is the items need to be modified before redistribution as opposed to directly sharing the items unmodified.
Desiree Alliance: Resources: End Demand Fact Sheet

This is old, but I wanted to post this so that I had it as a quick to hand resource in my end demand tag.  It links to some decent hard numbers, and is also focused on the particular implementations of end-demand style policing and legislation that are happening in the US (which bring all the shittiness of increased focus on john-stings without even the nominally making legal the sale of sex. the worst of both worlds) which, in light of the events of the past two years, I think will be very useful to be available as a quick reference. 

If you’re like me you’ll love the aesthetic of Moleskine planners, unfortunately they’re not very flexible and rather pricey. Luckily for us there’s a solution! If you sign up to the Moleskine community (free of charge), you can access many official printables to glue into a regular A5 sized notebook or journal. 

Here’s a link, it’s super easy to sign up via Facebook. 

Since the first one was such a success I thought I would make another one! Hope you find this one useful as well. (Part 1)


SAT/Standardized Tests



Subject Specific Help

Motivation/Staying on Track



Bullet Journal/Planner


High school

Random but Useful  


Language Learning Book Masterpost

About 120 pdfs of language learning books - let me now if there are any problems :)


Teach Yourself Afrikaans

Colloquial Afrikaans


Arabic - An Essential Grammar

A Reference of Grammar of Modern Standard Arabic


Albanian grammar

Colloquial Albanian


Teach Yourself Bengali


A Short Grammar of Bulgarian

Teach Yourself Bulgarian


Teach Yourself Catalan

Colloquial Catalan


Routledge Grammars - Basic Cantonese - A Grammar and Workbook

Routledge Grammars - Intermediate Cantonese - A Grammar and Workbook

Colloquial Cantonese


Routledge Grammar - Basic Chinese - A Grammar and Workbook (2nd ed)

Routledge Grammar - Intermediate Chinese - A Grammar and Workbook

Using Chinese Synonyms

Using Chinese - A Guide to Contemporary Usage

Chinese - A Comprehensive Grammar

Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar - A Practical Guide

Chinese Language(s): A Look Through the Prism of the Great Dictionary of Modern Chinese Dialects


Czech - An Essential Grammar


Danish - An Essential Grammar

Danish - An Elementary Grammar and Reader

Teach Yourself Danish

Colloquial Danish


Routledge Grammar - Basic Dutch - A Grammar and Workbook

Routledge Grammar - Intermediate Dutch - A Grammar and Workbook

Dutch - An Essential Grammar (second source)

Dutch - A Comprehensive Grammar (second source)

Colloquial Dutch (second source)

Colloquial Dutch 2 (second source)

Hugo in 3 Months Dutch

Hugo Advanced Courses Taking Dutch Further

Teach Yourself Beginner’s Dutch

Teach Yourself Dutch

Teach Yourself Dutch Grammar


English - An Essential Grammar

A Student’s Introduction to English Grammar

Colloquial English


Finnish - An Essential Grammar


Using French Vocabulary

A Student Grammar of French

The Syntax of French

Colloquial French 2


Routledge Grammar - Basic German - A Grammar and Workbook

Routledge Grammar - Intermediate German - A Grammar and Workbook

German - An Essential Grammar

Using German Synonyms

The Structure of German


Teach Yourself Gujarati

Colloquial Gujarati


Greek - An Essential Grammar of the Modern Language

Colloquial Greek


Hungarian - An Essential Grammar

The Syntax of Hungarian

Colloquial Hungarian


Modern Hebrew - An Essential Grammar

Colloquial Hebrew


The Syntax of Icelandic

Colloquial Icelandic


Routledge Grammar - Basic Irish - A Grammar and Workbook

Routledge Grammar - Intermediate Irish - A Grammar and Workbook  

Colloquial Irish - The Complete Course for Beginners

Irish Grammar - A Basic Handbook


Routledge Grammar - Basic Italian - A Grammar and Workbook 

Using Italian - A Guide to Contemporary Usage

Using Italian Vocabulary 

Modern Italian Grammar a Practical Guide

Colloquial Italian 

Colloquial Italian 2


Indonesian - A Comprehensive Grammar

Indonesian Reference Grammar


Teach Yourself Icelandic


Routledge Grammar - Basic Korean - A Grammar and Workbook

Routledge Grammar - Intermediate German - A Grammar and Workbook 

Using Korean - A Guide to Contemporary Usage

Korean Grammar for International Learners

Colloquial Korean - The Complete Course for Beginners


A Short Grammar of Latvian

Teach Yourself Latvian

Colloquial Latvian


A Short Grammar of Lithuanian

Teach Yourself Lithuanian

Colloquial Lithuanian


Norwegian - An Essential Grammar

Colloquial Norwegian


Routledge Grammar - Intermediate Polish - A Grammar and Workbook

Polish - An Essential Grammar

A Grammar of Contemporary Polish

Colloquial Polish


Portuguese - An Essential Grammar

Using Portuguese - A Guide to Contemporary Usage

Portuguese (Brazilian)

Colloquial Portuguese of Brazil

Colloquial Portuguese of Brazil 2


Routledge Grammar - Intermediate Russian - A Grammar and Workbook

Using Russian - A Guide to Contemporary Usage

Using Russian Vocabulary

A Comprehensive Russian Grammar

A Reference Grammar of Russian

Colloquial Russian 2


Romanian - An Essential Grammar

Colloquial Romanian


Serbian - An Essential Grammar

Teach Yourself Serbian


Routledge Grammar - Basic Spanish - A Grammar and Workbook

Routledge Grammar - Intermediate Spanish - A Grammar and Workbook

Spanish - An Essential Grammar

Using Spanish Synonyms

Using Spanish Vocabulary

Using Spanish - A Guide to Contemporary Usage

A Student Grammar of Spanish

Modern Spanish Grammar A Practical Guide

The Syntax of Spanish


Swedish - An Essential Grammar

Teach Yourself Swedish

Colloquial Swedish


Thai - An Essential Grammar

Teach Yourself Thai

Colloquial Thai


Turkish Grammar

Turkish - A Comprehensive Grammar


Urdu - An Essential Grammar


Modern Welsh -  A Comprehensive Grammar

The Syntax of Welsh

Colloquial Welsh


As promised, I made a couple of mood board templates. The first ones are based off of my new ones (i.e. this one) and the latter is based off of my earlier mood boards (i.e. this one). Instructions are included in each psd file.

Template one: download 1download 2
Template two: download 1 / download 2

Credit isn’t necessary if you do use them, although it will be appreciated! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE.

dear people who make fallout & post apocalyptic OCs

I have a post-apocalyptic fashion pinterest board of over 2000+ images that can be a resource for writers, artists, or anyone else who might need inspiration. Its great for designing outfits, planning characters, or getting loose ideas. 

The hand-picked photos are of larp costumes, dark & grungy fashion, magazine editorials, crust-punks, rioters, fighters in war-torn countries, and anything else that might look post apocalyptic. 

I hope it can be a good resource, I’ve been slowly building up the board for a couple of years now, and it’s been fun for me! For anyone who might me interested, here is the link.

ts4cc resources list (cas items)

So, I get a lot of asks about “where to get cc” and I have collected so many items over the past 11 months, it’s hard to come up with answer. Alas, I sat down and scrolled through my mods folder and decided to list my most used sources. So: this list is by no means “complete” - it never could be - but the following creators are the ones where the majority of my cc comes from. Or at least whose cc I would always download in a heartbeat because awesomeness.

Note: I don’t list the same creator twice. So if someone is listed under clothes, they might also make awesome hair or the other way around, etc. but I’m not listing them for clarity reasons.





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