The World's Creations Through Photographs
Resources For Other Blogs Who Reblog Original Work So many original photographers post their work on tumblr only to have it stolen, or reposted without having the artist credited. Fortunately, the...

Hey guys! I just posted a new page on my side blog, beautiful-mysterious-world that shows all the blogs that reblog original photographers. Please check it out! Oh, and if you think that I’m missing anyone, please send me a message and I’ll add them! :) Thanks, and I hope that you enjoy your weekend!

LGBTA+ Christians Connect: masterpost

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Too often, LGBTA+ Christians are made to feel like they are the only ones in the world who practice the Christian faith while embracing their gender and/or orientation. Thus, we’ve made this masterpost to help you reach out. 

The urls on this list belong to bloggers who are LGBTA+ and Christian and have expressed a desire to connect with others like them. So don’t be shy, follow any of these lovely folks or send them a message and get connected!
(If you do find it too intimidating to message strangers, that’s okay! Just send us an ask off anon and we’ll publish it, inviting other people to come to you!)

Also, we invite you to send us feedback regarding this masterpost! Did you find any new friends using it? Is it helpful? Is there something we can do to improve it? Let us know!

We’ve split the masterpost up based on the various posts available for reblogging, so if you are looking for someone who shares your specific identity, scroll down to that portion of the post to find them. Also, we’ve placed all the people who gave us no extra info at the top of each section, so scroll to the end of each section for folks with more info about themselves.

If you are not on this masterpost yet and would like to be included on it, reblog this post or send us a message and we’ll put you on it!

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anonymous asked:

where are you getting all your information on gravitational waves? i want to read up on it

This is the most helpful video about gravitational waves released by MIT recently about it

There’s a lot of Guardian and other news articles that have been written in the last few days. 

These are more explanation stuff about what gravitational waves are:

sparkresources is up and running! ^^
As you probably know, I love coding and experimenting in Photoshop *cheers* So I decided to make a resource blog where I reblog all my fav themes and PSD’S, Tutorials and such *nods* I will be releasing my own stuff soon like themes and PSD’S - All that, hue ^^

Something to keep me busy and such, Also I coded the theme in the pic ( click to enlarge or clicky the linky, hue ) and worked super hard on it so urgh,

ENJOY! hehe <33

anonymous asked:

Hi there. Can you do a tutorial on how to make gifs? Or point to one? I'm not looking for something full blown. Like I know how to edit gifs in photoshop. But I don't know how to get the images for the gif from a video.

This is a pretty good tutorial, and it tells you to download KMPlayer in order to make caps of the videos you want to gif. Then you open those frames in Photoshop and follow the tutorial’s instructions to start editing.

I’m blessed because my computer is fast enough to allow me to grab frames directly from Photoshop, but I know that doesn’t work for a lot of people. If it does for you, here is how I do it:

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sarahfogg asked:

Would you be willing to share some of the blogs and videos you mentioned in your 'seeking inspiration' daily strip? I would also like my feed not to be 70% silliness but I can never seem to find anything! It would be nice to see some of the stuff you're looking at.

Certainly!! :) Here’s a few of the tumblr blogs I follow, in no particular order:
(But by no means all because I follow like over 600 blogs lmao)

Those are just a few to kind of get started. I don’t want to tell you really what specific artists and designers I follow because I feel that’s more personal taste, ya know? I follow a ton of individual people, and that’s probably the bulk of the blogs I follow. But you should pick people who you want to be influenced by and who you really like. Blogs like I listed above are great for finding some such people to follow, and many new artists I find are from artists I already like reblogging the people who inspire them (so it creates an unending cycle!).

Even a simple google search can help! Try terms like “best artists on tumblr 2016″ or “best illustrators on tumblr” and you’ll (hopefully) find some lists of who other people recommend. As much as I dislike tumblr’s search, it can on occasion be helpful if you look through tags and trending blogs. With some digging, you can usually find quite a few resources of people to add to your inspiration arsenal. :)

A few non-tumblr websites I follow that usually bring me to find new things:

Since I work partly as a web designer/developer, some of the above are geared to that, but they also have posts about fonts, portfolio websites, and general design that can be helpful regardless. I am also helplessly addicted to listening to TED Talks ( and have been reading lots of books. Following people on twitter too is also helpful as many people will link to the sorts of articles or tutorials they’re reading, in addition to new artists or designers they find. You can find a list of things to follow in no time using all these methods together, and before you know it, you’ll have a huge amount of work to observe and study from!

I also try to specifically add people or blogs that focus on things I’m not good at so I can see what “good” in that area should look like. So that’s why I follow a lot of type blogs for instance…I suck at typography! I also follow a lot of artists whose styles or interests are different from mine in addition to those who are similar. I think it’s good to get variety! But, of course, either way you’re going to want to like what you’re looking at since it’ll be filling your dash all day. ;)

Hope that helps! ^-^

natsumes asked:

do you know if their using the old kmplayer or new caused kmplayer always giving me trouble always freezing on me when i screencap and such.

well I use the old version of KMPlayer because, like you said, the new version freezes a lot. But there are alternatives to KMPlayer which I found on this post so try them if KMP continues to annoy you. Hope this helps!

how to mentally prep yourself for a test


  1. Create a routine. Every night before an exam, after I’ve put my books away and am ready to go to bed, I take part in a self-care routine. I brush my hair, braid it back, wash my face, put lotion on my legs and apply lipbalm. In the morning I do something similar. The familiarity of the routine comforts me and relaxes my nerves by removing some of the uncertainty surrounding the test.
  2. Get there on time. Arrive for the test with ample time so you have a few minutes to settle in and calm yourself down. Being late will make you frantic and worried, which doesn’t help anyone.
  3. Make yourself as comfortable as you can possibly be. Eat a healthy, filling breakfast in the morning, use the restroom and carry a jacket. You don’t want to be distracted by things like hunger or being too cold. Focus all your energy on answering the paper.
  4. If you need to, talk to others. A lot of people tell you not to learn anything/cram right before the test, but between me and you, I’ve had to write entire answers based on what people have told me in the five minutes before we started writing. Let’s face it, there are going to be people that know things you don’t. If learning more from others at this point is going to stress you out, then avoid it. But if there is valuable stuff to be learned and it doesn’t, don’t be turned off.


  1. Now’s the time to change something. I know I talked a lot about routine, but a weird little trick that helped me in my finals last semester was wearing my hair down all day, and then putting it up right before I started writing. It kind of felt like an alter-ego, and I pretended to be confident af, which brings me to my next point.
  2. PUMP YOURSELF UP. This is literally so important. The entire time, keep up a stream of mental affirmations. Be your biggest cheerleader. I got an entire 100 points higher on the SAT than I expected (I’m not even kidding) because I just kept telling myself how prepared I was and how well I was doing. Don’t let anything knock you off your game.
  3. Do the easy questions first. You’ll have the leftover time to sit and work through the harder questions, and if you spend too much time on them, at least you’ll have some easy points under your belt.
  4. Don’t worry about what other people are doing. Enough said.
  5. Always check your answers. Try solving questions in a different way or working backwards to make sure your answers are correct. If you’re writing an essay, read it aloud in your head to catch any grammatical mistakes or spelling errors.


  1. Discuss answers with others if you like, but don’t get too stressed. Sometimes the affirmation that you’ve written the correct answers can do wonders, but sometimes it backfires if you realise you’ve written something completely different than everyone else. Keep in mind that although a lot of people wrote the same answer, it’s not necessarily correct. Dwelling on this can affect your performance in later exams. 
  2. Go celebrate! The stress is over, stop worrying- there’s nothing you can do about it now. Might as well go out and treat yourself :)

Society feeds us so many negative messages about bisexuality that bisexual people inevitably develop some degree of internalised biphobia, which can undermine our self-esteem and confidence. To counter this, we need to develop our own more accurate and positive understanding of what it means to be bisexual.

We can boost our confidence by educating ourselves about bisexuality, clarifying what it is and why the stereotypes are wrong. Knowing the facts will strengthen your ability to challenge the myths and feel confident in your own sexuality.

Look at the research. We are the largest group in the LGBT community. Recent surveys suggest that up to half the population may be bisexual. You are not alone.

—  How to be Bisexual and Happy | Neil Endicott for the Huffington Post
Spanish resources: Oxford Dictionaries

HEY, GUYS! I just read through all the Spanish Resources on the Oxford Dictionaries site, and they’re all really useful, so I decided to link them here. This way, all you Spanish learners can check them out!

Spanish language resources

Grammar A-Z:

On the OxfordWords blog:

Improve your Spanish:

Writing in Spanish:

Pay close attention to some of this stuff because it will make a difference in the way you speak Spanish!

Cornell’s Digital Witchcraft Collection

[Cornell University] has a [Rare and Manuscript Collections] section to their library system. Part of this collection is a section on [European History and Culture], which has a vast subsection on Witchcraft! This [Witchcraft Collection] includes:

…over 3,000 titles documenting the history of the Inquisition and the persecution of witchcraft, primarily in Europe.

A small part oft his collection has been digitized into an online resource - this [Digital Witchcraft Collection] consists of 104 (as of this posting) English language books that have been digitized, and are available to view online through their site.

These titles were digitally scanned from microfilm by Primary Source Media in 1998. The resulting full text scans were later made available to Cornell University Library to enable free public access.

You can browse the list [by Title] or [by Author], and can even do [keyword searches].

Candle Colors in Love Magic

Red - Physical, passionate, lusty love.

Pink - Sweet, flowery, friendly, romantic love.

Orange - Basic attraction, somewhat lusty.

Yellow - Intellectual love, based on similar interests and communication.

Green - Marriage and family love; monogamous partners.

Blue - Dreamy, sensual, reckless love.

Violet - A love based more on imagined qualities than reality.

Gold - A protective love, somewhat possessive.

Silver - A very weak love, with clingy partners and issues with possession.

White - A loyal, but un-passionate love (this color can also be used as a substitute for other candle colors).

Black - A turbulent love with hidden aspects.

Brown - Not used in love magic.

This is a handy little list for if you want to be more creative with your love spells! I personally use combinations of colors to achieve the desired result. I hope you all find this helpful and use your power wisely! :3