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The argument against Korrasami that pisses me off the most is "but it's a kids show"

Aside from the blatant homophobia, people act like this show was completely “appropriate”. Every canon couple has made out/kissed, Sokka and Suki fucked in the southern raiders, Katara and Sokka found their mothers dead body, the entire first series was about war and genocide, Ozai’s abuse to Ursa and his children, Lu Ten died, Korra was graphically poisoned and suffered from PTSD, Aang addresses cultural appropriation, Mai talks about teenagers acting out sexually, people died like all the time, Amon was killed in a murder suicide, FEEL FREE TO ADD MORE EXAMPLES. Bisexuality is not inappropriate, and even if it was, please read above.

anonymous asked:

i need a reason to live. can you please give me one. thank you.

I can give you fifteen:

1. Sunsets: there is nothing more beautiful and unique than seeing a sunset on the drive home from somewhere

2. Looking out a car window at night and seeing all the city lights sparkling at night

3. The look a person gives to someone who they are deeply in love with, the kind of look that is stripped of all the many faces people put on, a genuine, soft look that says, “i couldn’t imagine a world without you.”

4. Meeting the love of your life for the first time

5. Meeting life-long friends for the first time

6. Fun moments you will never forget

7. Kisses; all kinds of kisses

8. The smell and taste of your favorite meal

9. You or someone else crying happy tears

10. Reading a new book or playing a new video game or watching a new movie/tv show 

11. Puppies!!!

12. Acing a test you thought you failed

13. Being able to persevere even when it gets tough; being able to say, “I got through this and I survived it.” 

14. Music. Hearing new songs and experiencing the emotion of new song or feeling the emotions behind an old song.

15. Just to see what tomorrow brings

And these aren’t ALL the reasons to live, there are so many more reasons to live. Everyone’s reason to live is different, so if anyone else has any more reasons of your own please add on! Live is worth living and there isn’t just one or a handful of reasons to live: the number of reasons to live is infinite. 

Don’t ever think there is no reason to live, anon; there is always a reason to live.

(this goes for all my other followers as well!)

Reasons why everyone needs a Thomas Sanders in their life


-NEVER swears
-is adorable af
-has a great sense of humor
-has a voice like an angel
-will watch any Disney movie/musical with you AND sing along to every. single. song. (And you will love it)
-will treat you like a princess/prince
-loves animals
-has great friends
-will love your dog no matter what
-will totally spend the day with you just laying on the grass and watching the birds go by while listening to music
-will take every opportunity to sing you a song
-is just an amazing human being


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