Progress for today.

I’m honestly a little embarrassed that it’s taking me so long to put this together, especially considering I’m omitting a lot of the more difficult things (pleats on the couch and chair, the roses, the ivy, hat boxes with ribbon trim). But that’s only because I’ve been watching videos that cut out drying and cutting time.

I have 3 more books to build, would like to add another plant but haven’t decided how, exactly, and maybe I’ll put together another candy box or something from the kit.

And I might go ahead and glue most of the things down. I didn’t want to at first, but it’ll be better than getting things looking nice, bumping the table, and everything flying off. I did already glue down the picture and plant on the white shelf.

Despite skipping a lot of things and making a ton of changes, I’m a bit proud of how this is turning out.

I also find it funny that, though I live in constant clutter and am perfectly happy that way, I feel like the little room box is getting very crowded and am glad to omit a lot of the decorations.