I can’t help but think that Pandora is what will happen to earth if Donald Trump becomes president simply because he looks like the creepy guy in Jack’s Office.

It’s strangely easy to see Trump tearing apart Earth and making it a desolate wasteland with nothing but dust and snow. And really, i can’t lie, I’d be overjoyed if that’s even close to what happened. It’d be awesome/tragic hearing that Pandora was once a lush, civilized planet destroyed by the government in BL3, and the plot is restoring it.


Trinidad & Tobago

Four seriously injured as car goes airborne at Wallerfield, smashing into onlookers

Four people were seriously injured as a car travelling at high speed at the Wallerfield racing course, smashed into a crowd of onlookers after going airborne.

The accident occured this afternoon during one of the final races of the Caribbean Motor Racing Championships.

Video of the accident uploaded online, shows one of the vehicles slamming into the barrier and running off the course at the Frankie Boodram Racing Facility, stopping some distance away from the crowd.

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