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I must say though, I like these photo shoots lined up like this. 

Timed Prompt (15 min)

  • Prompt: Kyungsoo goes on a date to a restaurant, only to be waited on by a jealous ex.

It’s baffling, really. As he sits in the small booth near the center of the restaurant, his eyes catch sight of his ex. Yes, sure, the man looks the same–those same long legs that go on for miles, the same broad shoulders that he used to stare at, that same dazzling smile with perfect teeth and tiny dimples piercing into his cheek. Kyungsoo doesn’t realize he’s staring until a shadow looms over his view for a second as his date enters the booth.

“Hey Soo,” he snaps from his reverie and smiles sweet, kind.

“Hey Baekhyun, how are you today?” there’s a smoothness in his voice with the deep tone of his timbre. He’s got this down pat, and isn’t going to allow Jongin’s presence to disrupt this date. Especially since Kyungsoo was the one who chose to leave the relationship. Apparently, he had to learn the hard way, that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

Regret prodded at his mind shortly after the breakup, but he overcame it eventually with the aid of friends to support him no matter how idiotic he was.

Now here he is, on their fourth date. Things are going well with Baekhyun, he likes to think. And maybe that scares him but, he’ll flow with life and go wherever it leads him.

“I’m fine. So did you read the latest article about that group Exo? They sold out a huge stadium, talk about Kings, right?”

“They’re legends,” he says as he reaches for his glass of water.

“Couldn’t agree more.”

“Hello,” a voice comes from the side of their table and Kyungsoo knows that voice well–too well. It’s a reminder of the man whose voice would wake him up every morning and sing him to sleep every night. Everything about his voice is a memory Kyungsoo wishes would remain inside the abyss of his mind. Yet, when he sees Jongin more clearly now, it all comes back like a rush of water. “I’m Jongin, I’ll be your server today, what can I get you to drink?” he smiles. It’s fake. Of course, Kyungsoo could tell. With the plethora of Jongin photos saved in a folder inside of his phone, how could he not notice?

“Oh Kyungsoo, is that you?” he gives Kyungsoo a lighthearted nudge on the shoulder, “I mean, you were here not too long ago with that girl…what was her name again?”

What? Kyungsoo’s eyes widen. He throws a worried glance toward Baekhyun who has confusion plastered over his face.

“I’m sorry, I think you have the wrong–”

“No, no, I’m sure it was you. You bring all of your dates here,” Jongin turns to Baekhyun, “I mean, just two days ago he had another guy here, and they ordered the risotto. I personally recommended it,”

“Jongin!” Kyungsoo whispers loudly, “I would like to speak with you over there,” he hurries to his feet and yanks Jongin by the arm. He hauls the tall man out of hearing distance, nose flaring with anger.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“What does it look like? I’m ruining your date.”

EXO reaction to S/O Having a Bad Day


*embarrassed dorky aegyo to cheer you up and then takes you out to dinner*


*playful kisses and his infectious laughter instantly makes you happy*


*sweet hug + a sarcastic but loving comment*


*bursts into spontaneous dancing and singing to make you laugh*


*brings you flowers and chocolates while smiling angelically*


*cuddles and drawing soft circles on your back*


*spends the whole time distracting you with jokes and body gags*


*cooks lots of delicious foods for you while patiently listening to you rant*

*takes off clothes because that always cheers you up* jk, but I wouldn’t mind

*cheers you up with his cute expressions and winks*

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Shorter reaction than usual because I felt that it would get too repetitive. Please continue to send in requests!

Well, obviously you can see Kai’s hair is surprisingly long in this situation~ At least I don’t think he does use hair gel to spike his hair in the show, I prefer thinking it’s natural for his hair to be that crazy. :)
Aaaaand, yes, the old Sensei has decided he won’t disturb two kids there this time.

So this topic may stop here, at least for now! Seriously, anyone still interested in this topic? Just curious, I may continue this some other time anyway. Until then, let’s see what I would bring to you guys next week?


We are all older than when we began. If we are also more tired, more accomplished, and hopefully a little more mature it doesn’t matter right now. It doesn’t mean we can’t stay up one more night together doing the same stupid things we used to. In this room, we can pretend we never grew up or parted ways. Bottles clink together and we talk about nothing important because we have nowhere to be: no concert, filming, or appearance. We play dumb drinking games, remember stories of days past when we all lived together in that tiny practice room or when one of us got the others in trouble. In the morning, we’ll go back to our lives, chasing away elusive dreams from the night before with cold morning air and coffee as we wave goodbye again. For now, we’ll stave off dawn thrown together in this nest of memories and happy fog.

- Admin J

Exo K when their girlfriend get weak after extreme dieting.

Authors note:

As a person who has struggled with Anorexia for 7 year, starvation diets are NOT right, they will kill you, in the long run, anorexia is the most deadly mental disorder, please get help.
It is not too late to undone the damage you are doing to your body, take it from somebody who almost died to this shitty disorder, being skinny is not worth your life.

Also, I decided to use different symptoms for all of them instead of reusing the same one over and over again, I hope that is okay! (And yes all of these are real and scary side effect of starvation / heavy calorie restrictive diets)


The way Junmyeon noticed it was while you were cuddling in bed and he accidentally pressed one of your bruises, at first you refused to show him, but in the end, you had no choice.
His first thought was that somebody was beating you, it took a lot of conversation for him realize that it wasn’t actually from, and when he found how easily you bruised after you started your diet, he would be really worried about you and do everything he could to convince you to stop it.

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“Please don’t do this, I can’t standing seeing you hurt”


Baek noticed what was going on when he was doing his favorite hobby with you, playing with your hair while you tried to ignore him and focus on your homework. Your normally healthy and pretty hair was getting thin and like it was giving up.
He showered with you a lot, he knew that you hadn’t changed anything about your routine so it couldn’t be it, it was when your hair started breaking under his hands that he decided to find help on the internet, what he found out made him act at the same time.

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“I’m not going to let you do this, this is wrong, you don’t need to lose weight, but even if you want to, there are healthy ways of doing this!”


Yeol noticed in a different way, he liked lying with his head on your chest listening to your heart when he couldn’t sleep, but he would start getting worried when even while sleeping your heart was being really weird a beating in a way that wasn’t natural it wasn’t right.
Some googling and ending up finding a forum that explained to him that it was an issue from extreme dieting. He was idol he had seen what could happen “U from it, he would not let that happen to you.

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“I know you say that what you are doing is normal and nothing is wrong, all I say let’s go talk to a doctor, if he says you are fine, then I trust you. I just want you to live a long happy life, preferably with me”


It started with him asking you to come and help you in the kitchen, being confused when even after you had answered you didn’t come. He found you in the living room holding onto the couch blinking as if you were trying to focus.
At first he hadn’t thought much about, he had taken your words for it, just thought that it was caused by the fact you hadn’t really been drinking anything that day, but he saw it happen more and more, he would find you either sitting or standing, needing a few seconds to center yourself and blink away the dizziness.
In the end, he knew that it wasn’t just dehydration and he refused to let you do this to yourself as he sat you down.

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“Please don’t do this.”
“It is fine, I am just going to loose a few kilo’s and then I will go back to eating normally.”
“it is never just a few kilo’s and even if it just a few kilo’s is it worth it to lose them in this way? You are hurting yourself!”


Jongin knew that something was wrong when you decided to skip out on your normal summer dresses to wear thick leggings and a hoodie instead as you were freezing. It was something that you had never done before, as you just like him seemed to have an ongoing war on sleeves.
The thing is when you are around people all the time, it almost is like you don’t notice them changing slowly in front of your eyes, but when he grabbed your wrist and he felt how small it felt in his hand he knew something was wrong, he weren’t the best person with words so he would try his best to show you in ways that what you were doing were wrong. Cause this kinda scared him.

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“What are you doing Jongin?”
“Nothing, I just love you so much so I wanted to show it!”


The first time you fell he was there to catch you, he made a terrible joke about how you didn’t need to fall for you, but the more he saw you fall from being weak, and the more he saw you fall without him being there to catch you the more worried he would be.
In the end he would end up sitting you down to talk about what was wrong, since he had never seen you be the clumsy before, when he found out it was your diet he would not be happy, you could get yourself hurt!

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“What if you fall on a road? What if you get yourself hurt? No figure is worth that! If you want to loose weight there are ways to do it that aren’t like this!”

Authors note, I hope you like this, I had to write it twice since tumblr aren’t my friend lately!

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