Robin Cross comes to Palmetto State not knowing how to drive. The Monsters take it upon themselves to teach her how to drive but like hell Andrew is going to let her learn on the Maserati so she actually learns how to drive with Neil’s car(which they get that same year too.) In reality, it’s Katelyn teaching her behind the scenes with her own car(she’s more patient and willing to give more instruction than the monsters who are more like just stick the key in the ignition and drive.)
Once she learns to drive, she loves it. It’s freedom. It’s her being able to get from point a to point b,  making the world a smaller place to explore without fear of who’s around the corner.

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how would the sf and us skellebois try to impress/get noticed by their crush ?



– Plum isn’t usually much of a showoff. He’s very good at a lot of things, yes, but he doesn’t flaunt it all on purpose. But for you, he just might - and he knows just the thing he wants to do.

– He’ll most likely invite you to train with him! It’ll be a genuine offer cause he’d love it if you joined in. If you don’t though, that’s okay. He’ll happily sit you on the sidelines where you can see everything. Now, Alphys’ training consists of a lot of obstacle courses. And Sans has probably requested that Alphys set up a difficult one, so it looks rather intimidating to the average person.

– But Plum flies through it. He dodges all the swinging axes, hits all his targets, deftly maneuvers through the ups and downs of the course - all with a grin plastered on his face. He moves through and adapts to everything like water. Honestly, who wouldn’t swoon a little when he sticks that final landing and directs that grin at you?


– Cherry is a bit hopeless in this department. Sure, he acts all smooth, and he can be.. But he’s a goof. A big, lanky, anxious goof.

– He’ll try a little bit of everything, but all his attempts are sullied by something or other. The spaghetti he tries to make for you is rendered inedible because the annoying dog has knocked over and covered his seasoning in dog residue; His attempt to look suave and lean against the dresser fails because he’s miscalculated where the edge of it is, so he falls over. Stuff like that.

– Basically, whenever he tries to impress you, it probably ends up not going as he planned. So he’ll give up and just go back to his normal self after a bit - if you like him (and he really hopes you do) then you’ll show it. Unsurprisingly, he charms the pants off of you when he relaxes a bit more.


– Hunter doesn’t feel the need to show off, but he unconsciously does because you’re his crush. And he does so through things that show he can take care of you.

– His world is dark and difficult to navigate, so he’s had to find many different ways to survive. Even if you aren’t in the Underground, he’ll try and show you how capable he is. He’ll take you around the house and present all the traps that he and Papyrus set up. See? He’s prepared. If you ask him about something related to the Underground, he’ll explain it to you at length, articulating points from all sides of the subject that he can provide. Look, he’s intelligent!

– He’ll become aware of what he’s doing if something happens and he’s particularly proud about helping you with it. But by then he’s accepted his feelings (hopefully), so he’ll just go with it.


– Hound’s quiet and modest about it, but if you knew him well you’d recognize what he was doing immediately. Like his brother, he feels compelled to demonstrate how good he is at looking after you.

– He’ll make a lot of food for you. Like, a lot. He’s going to claim that you’re his guinea pig for his recipes, which you are, but he’s actually attempting to showcase his ability to feed you and keep you full. He has so many memories of being on the streets - of seeing and being one of the many children struggling to find something, anything to replenish their magic. 

– He never wants that for you or anyone he loves, so food is his number one way of trying to impress you. (And don’t worry - he’s actually a decent chef.) 

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Hi this is really sad but can you do one where the reader and Tyler are coping with a miscarriage please?

Warning: this contains very sensitive topics, read the ask before you continue reading this.

To anyone struggling with a miscarriage, whether it’s your own or a loved ones, my heart is with you. My sister has had several before, and I know how much stress that can put on an entire family, though I can’t imagine the physical and mental pain that you have to go through.

-when you got the news, your blood ran cold and your heart dropped. The world went numb.
-Tyler did everything in his power to help you through it, but it still wasn’t enough.
-a miscarriage was the last thing you were worried about, everything had been looking completely normal and progressing properly
-your doctor assured you that it wasn’t anything you could have helped
-after the procedure was done with, you drew into yourself.
-you didn’t eat, you could barely sleep, and your body continued feeling as though it were carrying life
-you had morning sickness for weeks afterwards, even when there was no reason for it
-you didn’t let Tyler touch you, and you barely spoke to him during that time
-you knew it was selfish and that he was struggling as well
-you could hear him sobbing at night, when he thought you were sleeping
-but he did his best to be strong around you when you were paying attention
-he practically forced you to eat, and made you get out of bed and shower and take care of your barest needs.
-finally, it became too much, when he sat beside you while you were in the bathtub, gently washing your hair as you sat there, cold and numb
-your bottom lip quivered after he rinsed your hair and helped you out and tears sprang to your eyes
-he pulled you into his arms and hugged you as close as he possibly could, one hand around your waist and the other cupping the back of your head
-“shhh. I know. I know. We’re going to work through this. I promise, honey, I promise.” He whispered to you, his voice choked and wavering
-“my fault…I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. This is all my fault, I should have…I should have….”
-you didn’t know what you should have.
-he pulled back and took your face in his hands, holding you tight and forcing you to look up at him
-“stop. Never say that. It is not your fault. It is not my fault. It’s a tragedy, I know, but it is nothing we did. I love you, and I-i love our baby. We are strong, sweetheart, we’re going to make it, I swear.”
-tears streamed down your face and his
-he gazed into your eyes for another long moment before pulling your head into his chest, cradling it gently there
-his words were a mantra
-“I love you, it’s okay, I’m here”
-it was even worse to break the news to the rest of the team
-they showered you with love and care and affection, though, offering you any and every kind of help you could ever need
-you still cried yourself to sleep, but at least you had Tyler to find comfort in
-he was so strong and so positive, even though it killed him at times
-you were there when he needed you to be, eventually.
-he had his fair share of tearful nights and need for confirmation that you wholeheartedly supplied for him
-you didn’t have any plans in the near future to try again, but it was always in the air
-you both worked through it day by day and took it all slowly
-your body healed, and your minds healed, at a slower pace, but all the same
-you knew that you would always have him by your side and the same went for him

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How would the SF and US bros react to finding out that their S/O has a legit pet tiger? It's perfectly tame and super cuddly with people. How would they react to while they are babysitting it, it protectively lays on top of them (and doesn't let them up) and keeps licking their face until their S/O returns.

Oh my god??? I want a big cat!!


– He’s surprised. Humans can have pet tigers?? He’s only ever seen regular house cats in the movies he’s watched! Holy moly!

– Plum likes to have it around when he’s cooking or cleaning. It gives him someone to talk to (read: ramble at) when you’re not around. He scratches its head whenever he passes by and, if he’s taking a break, he’ll stop and talk about how his day has been so far.

– It’s when he does so one day that the tiger gets up to lay on him. He’s so caught up in his story about the anime him and Alphys have been watching that he doesn’t notice until the feline pushes him down with its weight.

– He yelps in surprise, but begins to laugh when they start to lick his face. He’ll try and convince them to move (”PLEASE, I HAVE THINGS TO DO!!”) to no avail. When you arrive, he’s doing his best to push it off. It’s not working, please help him.


– Cherry thinks it’s super cool. He immediately comments on how interesting it is that you chose a tiger as your furry sidekick over the usual cat or dog. (”that’s hardcore, babe.”)

– He chills with it all. the. time. You’ll find them in his bed, him using the tiger’s tummy as his pillow. He’ll watch Napstatton’s concerts on the couch while it sits at his feet. Hell, he’ll even go on walks with it. even if it’s just to pick you up from work or something. He gets to walk around and hang out with a tiger.

– He doesn’t even react the first time it lays on him. He was probably already on the floor, scrolling through Undernet on his phone. It comes over to drape its body over his, and all he does is start stroking its fur.

– He doesn’t mind the licking either, so his entire skull will end up covered in tiger saliva. When you come home, he’ll try and beckon you over for a slobber-covered kiss.


– Hunter’s sockets widen and his jaw hangs loose. You have a ferocious, potentially dangerous pet? He’s just fallen harder for you.

– He’s going to beg you to let him weaponize it, even a little. Just let him give the tiger poison claws or something, please. This may be one of the only times his eyelights change shape into stars. He’s already pictured it in battle, swiping and biting at his enemies. Stop him before he goes too far with that.

– Hunter is pulling on his boots at the door, getting ready to take the tiger out with him, when it just flops on to him. He shrieks and falls on to his face. He protests the licking and tries to shove it off.

– … He’s still going at it when you arrive. Snap a picture before you help him out, because it’s a hilarious sight to see an armoured skeleton with a boot hanging off his foot flailing around under the weight of a 400 pound tiger.


– Oh, Hound adores the tiger. They become best friends the instant they set eyes on each other.

– He cuddles with it a lot and feeds it a lot of treats (with your permission). He likes to summon his blasters and let them play together while he reads off to the side, stopping every now and then to watch them interact. Hound doesn’t even talk to the beast, they just communicate through stares and then go off to do their own thing. It’s sort of odd.

– Like Cherry, he doesn’t do anything when the tiger lays on him. He thinks it’s like having a nice weighted, purring blanket, so he might drift off. The licking is what stops him though; it’s a bit uncomfortable so he tries to push its face away. 

– When you walk in on him, he’s gonna give you a give you a slightly helpless look. He’ll tell you that he loves the thing, but to please ask it to refrain from licking him. He doesn’t like the feeling of its saliva.

Random Headcanons:
Porthos is insecure about his voice. He speaks just fine, but usually he doesn’t sing / feels uncomfortable singing. His voice is kind of low and I’m still keeping an ear out for when I hear something similar to post as an example. A thing he likes to say before anyone has a chance to insult the way he sounds is that he sounds like a muffler with holes in it ( he doesn’t but he hates his voice).

He loves the color blue. There are a ton of things he owns that are in different shades of the color. If I don’t get descriptive with something he has around your character when writing, most likely if it belongs to Porthos, it’s blue. (Example: He passes them his flashlight. // It’s probably blue.) 

As far as technology goes, he works on different programs. He enjoys hooking too many lights to things when he has the freedom to do whatever he wants with whatever materials are around. If he has blue wiring or bulbs, he’s happy.

He absolutely adores his friends and isn’t afraid to let them know this when he’s drunk. Usually when he’s drunk, he’s more likely to say sorry and is usually softer about everything in general. Of course the next day he might wake up and regret telling someone sorry depending on the situation and who they are.

He loves when people ( he knows and likes) mess with his hair and he likes to mess with his own hair. usually if he runs his hand over the side of his head, it means he is comfortable and thinks that whatever just came out of his mouth was correct or a nice burn. 

Verse Dependant- The only time he skips a trip to the gym is when he can fit in dancing or other exercises somewhere else. He enjoys a good workout no matter what time it is and no matter where he is. Junk food is hard for him to avoid, but he does his best. He would like to eat healthy, but sweets and snack foods are just so tempting. 

He likes taking and sending pictures. Texting is also something he enjoys and he’s not afraid to blow up someone’s phone( especially if it’s a way to show someone he doesn’t like them/isn’t considerate of them).

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So, I have a theory that Ty would like long straight hair, for reasons (wink wonk). But I also think he'd like it because it's something he can never be.... thoughts?

Do you mean like, on his partner? I see that for sure because not only is he a hair puller but he likes to just softly run it through his fingers and play with it. But tbh I think he would do that with any kind of hair, like different techniques for each type. He’d use his nails (gently) on shorter hair, scratching your scalp softly, would LOVE to help with your hair if it’s thick and kinky and curly. Because he’s a sweet sweet boi 💖

I find it had to believe Thalassa wanted to have another child after what happened to Jove and Apollo.

She had Trucy because Magnifi wanted someone to carry on the name of the Gramaryes.

I can’t imagine anything she did after returning to the troupe was her choice.

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I downloaded SSS yesterday and I'm Loving it~ I'm on Toma's route because I have a thing for characters with light hair 👌😅😅 How Would the brothers React if the MC tends to change languages in mid sentence because she studied a lot of them? Would they be flabbergasted or just plain annoyed or amazed at the skill or something? P.S. I just discovered your blog last night and I love it ❤❤❤


I know that MC is at least fluent in English and Japanese, so those don’t count for sure. There’s a few events where MC has to speak a different language dependant on the boy. Like, in Mei’s route she has to know some basic Russian to talk to the composer that he’s collaborating with (i forgot his name rip me) and in the beach event with Shizuka, she had to know just a little itty bit of German (?) I think, to be able to pick up on what Shizu and his acquaintances were talking about.

I think it’s a general consensus that all of them would be really impressed, but also expect it?? Like, if you’re going to be a concierge you’re bound to know more than a few languages. 

All of them would also probably tease you and poke fun at you for thinking in different languages. Minami would probably be the only one who would be genuinely intrigued that you could.

But they’d all think it’s cute most likely!

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AAA! Okay, so if its alright, for a follow up the crush with someone else: what if crush shows up one night on their doorstep and reveals that they broke up with their ex a while ago and now realizes they have deep feelings for Pap.


Referenced ask is here!


– When Cherry opens the door and sees you, he’s confused. He thinks he may have forgotten that you were supposed to hang out tonight, so he makes to ask - but then you spill everything.

– He listens in stunned silence. When you finish, he steps closer. You hear the crunch of the last bit of his lollipop, and he takes the stem out of his mouth before he speaks.

“do you.. do you really?” His voice falters slightly. He’s so afraid that it’s not true - that you’re not sure, that you could be lying. He’s staring at you so intensely, searching for the doubt in your eyes - but all he sees is his own.

– He lets out a shaky sigh of relief and laughs suddenly before he pulls you into a hug. He tells you that he feels the same, that he has for so long, and he can’t believe you feel the same way. Make him believe.


– As soon as Hound sees you, he’s concerned. Why are you out at night? Are you in some sort of trouble? He whispers the inquiries as he scans the area behind you.

– Once he hears your confession, he freezes. And then he begins to ask you questions - What happened between you and your ex? Did they hurt you? How long have you been apart? It’s confusing, but he’s using this time to process the information. You just revealed that you have feelings for him - he needs to let it sink in.

– When it does, you’ll know. His normally neutral expression will shift into pure, unadulterated happiness. He feels so much of it that he feels as though his soul is going to burst out of his chest, so he channels that energy into a sweeping kiss.

– He’s going to confess all of his past feelings to you and tell you how much you mean to him. And maybe kiss you some more.

Concept: Jack is traded to the New York Islanders (which we know wouldn’t happen but roll with me here). The Islanders share an arena with the Brooklyn Nets. Who are part-owned by Jay-Z.

Very shortly into Jack’s first season, Jay-Z hears about another JZ who plays on the hockey team. That’s amusing, thinks Jay-Z, so he brings the family to an Islanders game. Afterward they decide to stop by the locker room to introduce themselves. Bitty, who is always there after home games to drive his husband home, turns a corner and runs directly into Beyoncé, and then proceeds to die on the spot, his life now fulfilled.

Submitted by @boitronic

Sooo, I read that post about aliens and mental illness and I just kind of ran with it. Keep in mind these are just how I personally experience various issues.

I feel like our brain chemistry would be really interesting to them. Maybe they’re all super intelligent but with a streamlined brain that runs at peak efficiency, whereas our brains are seen as more of a, and this is a technical term, “who the fuck designed this?!” The more aliens learn about us the more they’re inclined to put their head in all six of their arms and take a stress nap because we’re just so messily put together and there are so many things to go wrong in something so unnecessarily complex!

Humans are seen as so hypervigilant that sometimes our brains send us false alarms. The panic button is going off, we’re totally prepared for fight or flight. But nothing is actually wrong. While the aliens are panicking like THIS IS NOT A DRILL OUR HUMAN IS IN A CORNER IN THE FETAL POSITION DEAR ALIEN JESUS WHAT IS IT AFRAID OF and the other humans have to explain that no, Kevin does not sense an invisible threat, this is just something his brain does and he needs to lie down in a quiet room for a minute and he will reset.

And man oh man can you imagine finding a human with executive dysfunction? Humans are an industrious race and they are constantly in motion. In fact it drives the aliens a little nuts that their human crew can’t sit still. Then for a week at a time a crewmate doesn’t change their clothes or eat or sleep or do anything really besides get super into this one game on their phone. When the aliens try to assign them tasks, thinking they are just in need of direction, for the first time in months those tasks don’t get done. They begin to think the human is broken. And then at some ungodly hour the human is found working at feverish pace to catch up their workload, cussing under their breath the whole time. Oh yeah, they laugh about it when asked, sometimes my brain just kinda stops responding, but I shake myself out of it usually.

So uh yeah that’s my garbage fire of a contribution to this au. Enjoy.