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youngjae is feeling insecure about his dancing (that he's holding the group back) and has a heart to heart session with jb? i know it's two members for a oneshot, so ignore it if it's against rules :)

“Youngjae-ah,” the boy’s choreographer calls out before the main vocalist heads out the practice room door. “Can I talk to you real quick?”

Youngjae turns over to look at Jaebum who is waiting at the door and nods for his older friend to wait for him outside. Jaebum closes the door and sighs as the other members wait around him.

“Hyung’s not going to go easy on him,” Yoogyeom pointed out as he took out his cell phone.

“But he didn’t even mess up anything,” Jaebum replied sliding his back down the wall until he hit the floor. He brought his legs up to his chest. “I just don’t get it. Youngjae has actually been doing very well the past few days but hyung always wants to talk to him.”

“Maybe it’s not for choreography?” Mark suggested.

“Maybe he’s getting promoted to leader,” Jackson teased as Jaebum glared up at his Hong Kong friend.

“Hyung,” Jinyoung sighed as he sat down next to Jaebum. “It can’t be that bad, right? I mean, doesn’t Youngjae talk to you at night whenever he needs to vent about something?” Jaebum nodded in response. “Has he ever mentioned whatever hyung said to him in the practice room?” Jaebum shook his head. “Then everything’s fine!” he smiled rubbing Jaebum’s back.

“I suppose,” Jaebum nodded. 

After a few minutes, the practice room’s door opened and Youngjae walked out, immediately closing the door right behind him.

“How was it in there? What happened?” Jaebum asked as he quickly stood up to talk to Youngjae.

Youngjae shrugged. “Nothing special. He just wanted to have a little talk about something.”

“Something such as—?” Jaebum questioned as the seven of them headed out of the door. 

“Ayyyy,” Youngjae forced out a chuckle. “Don’t worry about it hyung, okay? It’s nothing to worry about.”

Youngjae slung his arm around Jaebum’s shoulder. Jaebum shrugged and sighed as he copied his younger friend’s action. “If you say so…”

“Jinyoung hyung, do you want me to wash the dishes tonight?” Youngjae offered as he brought his dishes to the sink.

All of the member’s eyes grew wide. As much as Youngjae likes helping around with chores, he hates washing the dishes. Something was up.

“Are you sure?” Jinyoung asked as he followed him into the kitchen. “You really don’t have to. It’s Jackson’s night to wash anyway.”

“Youngjae ah! You’re welcome to do it if your heart desires!” Jackson screamed from the living room.

The other members laughed as they threw their dinner leftovers in the trash and put their dishes in the sink. “Well since Jackson gave me permission..”

“Go ahead,” Jinyoung sighed as he handed Youngjae the soap and sponge. Youngjae turned on the water and began preparing the sponge as he began humming. “Are you okay, Youngjae?” Jinyoung asked as he observed his dongsaeng from behind.

“Yes? Why wouldn’t I be?” Youngjae replied as he focused on cleaning the dishes.

“Nothing.. Just wondering,” Jinyoung said as he walked out of the kitchen. “Just know I’m always here, okay?” He smiled as he popped his head from behind the fridge.

Youngjae chuckled. “Thanks, hyung.”

“Something is definitely up with him,” Jinyoung proclaimed as he opened the door to Jaebum and Youngjae’s shared bedroom. 

Jaebum looked up from his phone and sat up on the mattress. “Did he tell you something was up?” Jinyoung shook his head. “You were the one who told me that there was nothing to worry about if he didn’t say anything..”

“I know I said that— but— UGH!” Jinyoung groaned in frustration as he fell down onto the mattress. “I just know somethings up,” he muffled into the mattress.

“I’ll talk to him tonight, okay?” Jaebum said, reassuring his JJ friend. Jinyoung lifted his head up and nodded as he sat up on the bed. “You should get some rest, we’ve had a long day today..”

“Yeah..” Jinyoung nodded in agreement as he stood up. He stretched his back and twisted his waist a bit. “But, y’know, a mother’s work is never done.”

“Well neither is a father’s,” Jaebum laughed. “And my next assignment is about to walk into the room any minute, so shoo!" 

Jinyoung stuck his tongue out playfully as he headed out. “I’ll still be up, so just text me what happens, alright?”

Jaebum agreed as he motioned Jinyoung to leave the room.

"Oh, hyung, you’re still awake?” Youngjae whispered as he enter the bedroom.

“Yeah, I’m not that tired,” Jaebum replied as he continued to look at his blank phone screen. He pretended to be reading something important as he pretended to scroll downward.

Youngjae sighed in exhaustion and fell down on the mattress with a big thud. “Timber,” he murmured into his pillow. He turned his head to Jaebum who was still keeping up the ‘reading’ act. “Hyung, can I ask you a question?”

Yes, the moment Jaebum was waiting for. He locked his phone and sat up, looking at Youngjae afterwards. “Sure, shoot.”

“Am I a bad dancer?” Youngjae asked sitting up.

“No!” Jaebum answered. “In fact, you’ve been improving the past few weeks.”

“Are you sure?”

“Positive. Why? Did our choreographer say you needed more work?”

“No, hyung actually wanted to congratulate me on how much I’ve improved.”

Jaebum was definitely puzzled. Here he was thinking that their choreographer kept on scolding him on, but it turned out to be something else. “Then.. what’s wrong?”

“Am I holding the group down?” Youngjae asked as he looked down twiddling his thumbs.

“No, why would you ever think that?”

“Because… I just feel like I’m slacking when it comes to dancing with you guys.”

“Youngjae-ah, if you haven’t noticed, hyung congratulated you on your dancing for a reason. You’re doing really well!”

“But it’s just— I’m not a useless member am I?” Jaebum sat there silently as Youngjae sniffled. “You and Jinyoung hyung aren’t only musicians but actors, Jackson and Mark hyung are really good at martial arts, Bam Bam and Yoogyeom-ah are really talented dancers, and I’m just.. here.”

Jaebum quickly grabbed Youngjae’s shoulders. “Youngjae-ah, look at me.”

Youngjae looked up at his hyung with his eyes on the verge of tears.

"Don’t you ever think of yourself as useless or talentless or unworthy!”

“But.. I’m just the main vocalist. Other than that, I’m nothing..”

“Nonsense!” Jaebum shook his sad friend. “Remember when we were on Weekly Idol? You, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, and I were the ones to pass the Random Dance segment. Bam Bam and Yoogyeom-ah weren’t part of GOT5~”

Youngjae chuckled. “Well.. that’s just because they kept playing the parts that I was good at.”

“But you’re clearly great at switching sets! You’re a good dancer, Youngjae.” Youngjae smiled and wiped a tear that was about to fall from his left eye. “And don’t think you’re not worthy of training with us. You were put into our team for a reason. The staff obviously saw your talent and let you join. That’s why they put you after seven months. Seven months!” Jaebum emphasized. “It usually takes trainees a few years, but you debuted after only a few months. That’s really impressive!”

Youngjae blushed as he averted his eyes. “I guess that’s pretty impressive,” he murmured.

Jaebum patted Youngjae’s back. “Just remember that GOT7 wouldn’t be the same without you, okay? Our fans wouldn’t love us as much without you either!”

“I guess you’re right..” Youngjae smiled as he lifted his head up. “Thanks hyung.”

After a few more minutes, Youngjae bid his hyung a good night as he turned off their room’s light. Jaebum lied down next to him and sighed with a smile at a job well done.