Need HTTYD fandom help

Hey, Dragons fans!! I really need your help.

So this is my last year of university (yay!) and I have to do this really big final project research.

What I had in mind is to analyze the gender speech of the fandom and, more specifically, their (our) approach to dragons, Toothless to be more precise, and the compare it to the Game of Thrones fandom and their approach to their dragons, and particularly, Drogon.

So I need you to spread the word and, if you’re interested in participating and being analyzed (everything will be anonymous in the project, of course), just send me a private message with the Tumblr chat!!! It doesn’t matter where you’re from or your age or your gender (although I will need to know in order to succesfully analyze your speech). So contact me asap!!!! (I actually had to have something done by September 29…)

If you know any from the GoT fandom, feel free to tell them and/or tag them in this post.


mstoker  asked:

Janie, as it is officially fall it is now time to consider Sansa and Margaery and their fall opinions. Do they like pumpkin spice or do they prefer apple cider? Does margaery get mad because sansa is in t shirts while she wears 4 jackets? Did margaery have a plan to pull her freakishly tall girlfriend closer using her scarf, but sansa ruined it by not wearing proper fall attire?

Mmm oh my god yes Sansaery fall aesthetic I am down. 

  • Sansa is definitely a pumpkin spice girl while Margaery is apple cider. Margaery likes spiced apple cider the best, but as long as it’s hot she’s fine. 
  • They love sitting together in front of a fire just cuddling (and sometimes doing other things) on fuzzy blankets. 
  • Sansa actually really likes scarves. It’s the one thing that she’ll get right about fall. But, she doesn’t get the knitted ones but the flimsy silk ones? And with Margaery’s freezing hands Sansa’s damn scarf keeps slipping and Margaery is ready to scream. 
  • Margaery loves haunted houses so she and Sansa will take tours through the few haunted house displays that are in their town. Sansa is terrified of them and always grasps Margaery’s hands. Margaery, on the other hand, is having the time of her life and will laugh with delight every time a scare pops out. 
  • Even though neither religiously celebrate Halloween they still found a Pintrest board with cute Halloween ideas so the day before Halloween they were sitting at the table carving Jack-O-Lanterns with fun faces. 
    • They also made pumpkin pie and fed it to each other because they’re fucking dorks. 
  • Margaery is part of a charity group, and they go from house to house raking leaves so she always drags Sansa to go with her. Sansa moans about it the whole time, but she always goes and helps with her. 
    • When they do Sansa’s house they jump in the leaves and roll around in there together and they giggle the entire time. 
  • Margaery is bundled up in like 5 layers with fashionable gloves and right next to her is Sansa who’s in shorts and a t-shirt. Maybe a leather jacket. 
    • Margaery is so??? confused by her tall girlfriend who is suddenly impervious to the cold, and she’s always side eyeing Sansa for it but Sansa just laughs at Margaery for it. 
    • Whenever Margaery tells her that she’ll be cold, Sansa grins and just says, “Well why don’t you warm me up?” and pulls Margaery closer to her. 

anonymous asked:

As a book reader, what is your take on Sansa and the Hound? I haven't read the books, but I've heard there is more content for them in there. I felt like the show had several scenes regarding them for a while that really amounted to nothing. Was it just to give the Hound more content and personality? What do you think the future holds for them if they ever meet again?

Oh, certainly the books have plenty of evidence for it. The fact that the UnKiss even exists is proof enough of that. And there’s plenty of meta by people like @nobodysuspectsthebutterfly that has shown there overarching dynamic and Sandor’s importance to Sansa’s story. I think it was butterfly/mindset who wrote some meta about how Sansa compares essentially every man she ever meets to Sandor? It’s a good meta, if you can find it.

While Sandor and Sansa do have an interesting dynamic, and it is more than likely that they’re endgame, the age difference concerns me way too much, albeit mostly on a personal level. I started reading ASOIAF when I wasn’t much older than Sansa is- 15/16 or so. I connected a lot with Sansa, as a young red-head who’s bad at math, didn’t get along well w/ my sibling(brother, in my case), and just generally into more typically ‘feminine’ things (aka cheerleading + skirts). I would never, ever, ever have wanted to be with an older man at that time (Sandor is nearly 30) and that’s the main thing that kept me away from ever really getting into the ship itself.

Off of that, Sophie Turner was 13 or 14 when she started filming, while Sandor’s actor was/is like 40(?). I just find that to be really, really weird and it’s not anything I’m ever going to over.

Several of the shows scenes were from earlier, before D&D took it off the rails, imo. Battle of the Blackwater, one of the main episodes for the ship, was written by GRRM. He’s said there’s definitely “something there” that he’s playing with, so he himself is at least supportive, or just an enabler.

Maybe older!Sansa and Sandor, or even just Sansa when she’s aged a little (16/17/18, even) would be more acceptable. I’m not adverse to it in the same way I am to Littlefinger/Sansa, since the whole older, manipulative man thing is creepy, versus Sandor who actually tries to protect her. 

SanSan is more than likely endgame, and the shippers know it, so they’re v. chill people, imo. Not really relevant, but anywho. I hope that helped!