Masahiro Sakurai is a video game director, designer, writer, and voice actor. He has worked on acclaimed titles such as Meteos and Kid Icarus: Uprising, however, Sakurai is best known for his work on the Super Smash Bros. series.  He celebrates his 45th birthday on August 3, 2015. 

Thank you for your hard work and dedication, Mr. Sakurai!


Post Replica is an intriguing new D&D style roleplaying game that uses a mobile app (or internet connected computer) to connect players all around the world, sharing and affecting what happens on tables across countries.

As in D&D, Post Replica is played with players sitting around the table, rolling dice, with one of them acting as a dungeon master.  What happens around the table doesn’t just affect your game though, it affects the greater global game, impacting what happens on tables around the world.  As well as this global connectedness, the app also procedurally generates rumors, letters for individual characters and adventure hooks - all of which tie into the greater story.

The story also sounds interesting, set in a future when androids have become self aware and attempting to live amongst humanity.  But tensions are high and battles ensue due to a handful of murderous androids with corrupt programming.

With it’s promise of linking players globally and locally, Post Replica is an impressive evolution of the D&D formula.  An ambitious roleplaying game that looks set to offer gameplay on a global scale.

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Level Up | Yah-Chuen-Shen | Via

‘Level up’ as reality is reconstructed into an immersive, augmented video gaming experience; where both the audio-visual language and the interaction processes associated with them connect players and their bodies to the physical plane even if their minds are overwhelmingly allured during playtime in virtual space. With the spread of online role-playing games, this hybrid space transcends traditional gaming experiences; allowing the players to live out new dimensions and alternate characters without limits. The project is situated at the beginning of spaces that emerge from the superimposition of the physical and the virtual, which constitute themselves through the convergence of ‘technology’, ‘space’, and ‘community’