Hot Date is a charming speed dating game in which you meet a procession of adorable little Pugs, getting to know them for a brief time, then moving on to the next one.

Each Pug has their own unique personality and you have a wide variety of questions you can ask them, often offering up surprising and funny results – from jokes to life advice.  Enjoy your time with each little Pug – once they’re gone you’ll probably never see them again.

With it’s silly premise, witty conversation and charming visuals, It’s well worth reserving a table with Hot Date.  Pugtastic.

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Here’s when you can try to buy new Amiibos at Amazon ⊟ 

Today! Amazon will open up orders of Amiibo Wave 4. In… 30-minute blocks. Here’s how it works: each character will be available at a random time within the specified 30-minute period – like, Pac-Man will go up sometime between 2 and 2:30 PT–  and you’d better hope you get one into your cart and checked out as soon as that happens. 1-Click purchasing won’t be an option either.

What an awful, irritating situation. There just are not enough of these things. So, uh, good luck! Here’s the schedule, with links to each one for you to pre-load:

Might as well get Splatoon with those Inklings.

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The Arkham games are full of crazy Easter eggs for amateur sleuths to find, like the secret room in Arkham Asylum or the entire secret city in Arkham City. The latter game also has a hidden room of its own, though: one belonging to Quinn. Some quick snooping reveals a positive pregnancy test on the floor, implying that the Clown Prince of Crime does not put a glove on it.

If Batman discovers this happy little accident, Quinn can be heard singing “Hush, Little Baby” during the end credits, clearly directed at the future juggalo growing inside of her. However, the fans’ rabid speculation about the Joker/Harley baby was cut short when Rocksteady added another Easter egg to the “Harley Quinn’s Revenge” DLC, which is set after the main story. If Bats returns to the room, he finds a slew of negative pregnancy tests, leading him to deduct that Quinn was crazy and desperately believed a false positive.

Uh, really, world’s greatest detective? That’s your deduction? … Let’s save the batteries of the detective mode goggles and just go straight to habeas corpus on this one. Rocksteady really did not do themselves any favors by having the only in-game interaction with Quinn force the player into giving her the ol’ Clark Gable special. Even worse, for this new, athletic version of Quinn, she sure seems to get the wind knocked out of her after one quick judo throw – almost like she hurt something really bad belly-flopping on the ground like that.

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How Video Games Change Your Brain

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Travel back and forth through time to save your aunt in Once Upon a Timeline, a fun time bending point and click adventure made for the Adventure Jam.

You live far away from your scientist aunt, but you keep in touch via letters. One day, however, she stops replying to your letters. You decide to go and visit your aunt Jocelyn to see what is going on. Upon arriving, you find that your poor aunt is dead, and there’s a mysterious machine in the corner of the room.

This machine, you soon find out, is one of the inventions that Jocelyn has made - a time machine. With it, you must travel back and forth in time to save your aunt. Using a journal that she has left, you must decide where to go and what to do to convince the past version of your aunt that her life is in danger. Over time, your aunts home has many owners. You can travel to their times and interact with each one. Some people are afraid of you, others just want to trade.

It’s an interesting take on the point & click adventure, in which there is only one location, but multiple versions of it throughout time.  Go back to the future with your trusty journal and figure out a way to save your aunt, in this fantastic, futuristic adventure.

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