look at Natsu being bad ass even though he doesn’t have Igneels power anymore, and Lucy getting worried for him… my little heart can take no more… so anxious to get some resolution and for this war to end

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I am happy to announce the limited edition fanzine charm that the lovely and talented @yaushie designed for the upcoming and limited Happy Edition Bundle pack!!

The bundle pack will include a physical copy of the fanzine and this adorable double sided charm!!

Pre-orders will be announce for this bundle and all other orders for the fanzine in around 3 weeks!

Fairy tail 524

Cana : “FAIRY GLITTER!” *shoot*

August : *dodge*

Cana : “hey fuck”


Acnologia : *still kicking the crap out of Eileen* “whatchu gonna do now?!”

*fairy glitter blast him in the head, get knocked face down on the floor, he’s eating the dirt*

Eileen’s spirit : “Ha! Eat shit, Acnologia!”

Acnologia : *growling* “fuuuuuuuck

Natsu vs Zeref

I’m really disliking the fact that Zeref is fighting Natsu again, it’s getting really boring now especially when we already saw them fight in the beginning of the war. Besides power wise Zeref should be stomping Natsu (who’s at Base).

Let Lucy and Gray have a shot at him too and we can see some good team work and variety.