The Letter- Part 2

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Lucy sat at her desk, motionless as the words on the letter echoed in her head.

“The unimpeachable circumstances of the marriage contract.”  “Lucy Heartfilia must abide by the contract signed by Jude Heartfilia.”  “Attempts to negate the contract have failed- action is required.”

Lucy couldn’t quite digest what she had read. Lucy’s shock soon fell to anger and disbelief. Had her father really signed her off for an arranged marriage? She recalled her father telling her that she was to be wed with Prince Sawalu of Juvenelle, who had expressed interest in her before. She was also ordered to give birth to a son, and shuddered at the thought of even touching that chubby little pervert. She thought that as soon as her father went bankrupt, that they would have given up on the idea and she sure as hell did not know that there was a contract involved. Did he think so little of her?

Her eyes skimmed over to the sentence  “Attempts to negate the contract have failed- action is required.” He did try to negate the contract which calmed her a bit, but she was in this circumstance now and she needed to find a way out. She was aware of marriage contracts from a young age, after her mother died, her father kept business as usual, and she was offered many marriage contracts from the young age of 12. Her father did understand that it was not in Lucy’s best interest to wed at such a young age, but he went ahead and signed the contract for her before she was even 16. She also knew that a marriage contract was a binding document, and that most attempts of ridding oneself from the document had almost always failed.  

She was frustrated, shocked and even more frustrated, and when she heard the window of her apartment slide open she jumped back. It was Natsu, and when he saw her jump, he chuckled.  “Geeze Lucy, when did you start becoming such a scaredy cat?” He smiled, obviously not assessing the situation properly. Her heart calmed and she quickly slid the envelope in the opening of her drawer. She knew if she were to show this to Natsu, or anyone at fairy tail for that matter there will be a large commotion. The last thing she wanted was another ruckus caused by fairy tail so soon after the war.

She shook it off and stood up, nagging at the smug grinned Natsu for a bit. She wasn’t really in the mood to be laughing, but she didn’t want anyone to think there was something wrong. She felt a bit detached as her mind was still reeling with ways to take care of this sudden problem. Her father had in his disposal the best lawyers in all of Fiore, and even with a low income, they had owed her father many things that he must have cashed in.

She started chewing on her lips, in frustration, and was brought back to reality by Natsu, once again. “Helllllo Lucy?” he said waving his hand in front of her.

“What?” she asked. She couldn’t quite keep what was going on in the back of her head.

“I was saying, I found us a job for today!” He beamed at her. Their 100 year quest was shortened down to only three months with the help of Erza’s monstrous skills and Natsu and Gray’s competitions to constantly one up each other. Surprisingly, their competitive streak had given them an advantage when it came to fighting as they were so power hungry and unwilling to lose that they had defeated most villains before Lucy and Wendy even had a chance.

Lucy needed a job, even though she still had many of her proceeds from her novel, and the 100 year quest paid well, she hadn’t planned to stay in an apartment forever. Now, her worries of money were on a completely different level. She was going to have to find the best lawyers in Magnolia, and it was not going to be cheap.

She snapped out of her trance in an instant. She still hadn’t quite wrapped her mind around what was going on, but she knew she needed to take action instead of just stand there and gawk. She grabbed her sweater and bag, “let’s go.”


“AHHHHH!” Lucy screamed as she ran away from the horrendous slimy monster on her trail. She was bait for the thing as Natsu was going to jump out behind it and attack, but she had been running for 10 minutes and she did not see any sign of him.

As she was running, she heard all to familiar chuckling and her head suddenly snapped towards the sound.

Natsu sat on a low branch of a tree, laughing at her along with Happy. The situation made Lucy see red. “NATSUUUU!!!!” she yelled at him and Happy. She was thinking of turning around and removing her whip, but she knew that if she were to try it, she would have to stop and then she would have been slimed by that disgusting slime ball of a monster. She kept on running for her life, anger still boiling for Natsu, and was soon relieved to hear Natsu’s familiar “FIRE DRAGON ROAR!”

The sound of slime dragging and feet thumping stopped. It seemed safe enough for Lucy to stop as well she thought, so she did just that and turned around. Her head rose up and she got a good glimpse at the monster.

A large SPLAT was all that was heard, and in the blink of an eye Lucy was smothered in slime and pinned by a large weight. Natsu succeeded in defeating the creature, and managed to aim his downfall towards Lucy. Laying there, pinned down by the creature almost to the point of suffocation Lucy was never more aggravated at a person then she was with Natsu at the moment. She needed to figure a way out from underneath the monster and she soon found by wiggling, that the slippery slime was a great aid in helping Lucy roll out from beneath the monster.

Once Lucy had successfully wiggled and rolled her way out and was breathing, she got up and her eyes automatically scanned the place for Natsu. She spotted him, lying down rolling with laughter once again. His laughter nagged at her so deeply that she grabbed all her strength, and charged towards the annoying dragon slayer. Natsu glanced at her, scrambled up, and starting running from her. Happy was flying frantically in tow.


They had both left the village covered in slime, money in pockets, and laughing at one another.

Lucy had almost forgotten about her big problem, that hid in her drawer back home. Almost.

To the Fairy Tail fandom and it’s doubters...

Warning: Spoilers to the end of the manga

I’m tired of hearing people say “I don’t watch Fairy Tail because it’s so cheesy.”

“Cheesy” is just another word for cheap or overused, and yeah, sometimes the show gets cringey. But they don’t see the real lessons this show has.

When they talk about the power of friendship, a lot of people groan. I don’t. Because these characters are like real people in that they’re weak sometimes. They can be broken and they need something to fight for to pull them out of it. Anyone who’s ever been in a dark place knows the absolute brilliant feeling of someone grabbing your hand and pulling you out. I know it well and I am so grateful.

People complain that they always win their fights.

No. They. Don’t.

The big fights, yes, they come through when it matters. But think: Gray and Lyon’s first match, Erza never actually defeated Jellal, Makarov against Jose the first time, the first clash with the Oracion Seis, first clash with Zero, FREAKING ACNOLOGIA, and Lucy was brutally tortured during TWO MATCHES. Yeah, it’s kind of bullshit when let’s say, Laxus beats a Wizard Saint, but nay-sayers of Fairy Tail don’t seem to understand that this show isn’t like others in it’s supposed to be realistic. It’s supposed to be uplifting- Fairy Tail is an anime you watch when you want to feel like a winner when you want to see the good guy prevail. Want realism (within universe, of course) in your anime? Aim for something a bit more along the lines of Fullmetal Alchemist or Death Note. This leads me to my next point.

Characters almost never die, and those that do are usually side characters. Well, as I said before, the point of Fairy Tail is to be a happier show. Yes, even I, a die-hard fan, get sick of the fakeout deaths, but I can overlook them for how amazing the rest of it is.

The characters are cliche. Now, for some of them, this case can be made. Juvia’s a yandere, Lucy’s your token rich-girl runaway, Erza is your trademark warrior princess- but they’re not. Juvia isn’t a full yandere, she has character outside it: she’s self-sacrificing and devoted to her new family, she cares even for the people she sees as her rivals. Lucy is probably the most cliche in the show, but that’s not saying much. She’s violently defensive, she’s proud, she’s independent (despite often being a damsel in distress), she loves to write. She has a goddamn personality. Erza isn’t your regular Xena because she’s quirky, she has a solid personality with its own adorable flaws and its scary streaks.

The arcs don’t connect. Well, this one I can’t argue. You could rearrange almost all of them and it would stay about the same. Characters stay pretty static in arcs, but there are distinct changes that would be noticed. Still, this is a slightly smaller issue in my opinion.

There isn’t any characterization.

Okay, now I know you didn’t pay attention. A few characters are just blah, but have you looked at the more subtle things? Such as, I don’t know, the common theme of self-sacrifice pervading the entire storyline?!

These characters are heart-breakingly willing to throw their lives away (Gray’s Iced Shell attempts, Erza’s act in the Tower, Erza (again) almost stabbing herself in the back to keep Jose from breaking her guild’s spirit, Gray and Juvia near the end of the show, etc.) and it’s so opposite to what we’re used to. The commonality of anime is “You’re in trouble? Let me come die in front of you to save you!” was completely derailed, the underlying tone of the show insisting “You matter to us. We’ll fight- we won’t die for each other.” As someone who’s considered suicide, this show was extremely important to me and helped to pull myself together.

Fanservice. *sigh* Well, yeah, there’s fanservice. That’s literally all I have to say. It doesn’t bother me since I focus on plot, so let’s move on.

For my final point, I want anyone who’s ever watched or read Fairy Tail to think about the effect it had on you. What did you focus on? What did you like about it? Well, maybe I’m being an idealist, but I want you to hold onto that. Fairy Tail was made to inspire you, give you strength and make sure you understand just how precious your life is. They don’t kill characters because the point is that their lives are worth something and they shouldn’t be snuffed out! The “cheesy Power of Friendship!” stuff? You need someone to lean on, and someone needs you too. You’re necessary. You’re important.

You are a part of Fairy Tail.

Don’t ever forget it.



“Even if we walk on different paths, one must always live on as you are able! You must never treat your own life as something insignificant! You must never forget the friends you love for as long as you live! Let bloom the flowers of light within your hearts.”