Now Introducing

Overwatch but with Dishonored characters

Samuel Beechworth:

Pharmacist [LMB/RMB]: Toss your allies an Elixir or Remedy.

Encouragement [E]: Boost damage output of nearby allies.

Sleep Dart [LSHIFT]: Send enemies gently into that good night.

Disappointment [Q]: Devastate the enemy with a barrage of explosive pistol shots.

The Outsider:

Same abilities as Reaper but when you teleport there’s a random chance you will be upside down or some shit.

And it is now time for me to revisit the scene of the greatest trauma in my life. 

If I didn’t actually know God, I’d assume this was some form of divine chastisement, but really, if he had a hand in it, it would be because he was bored…

Waverly sent me a nice letter.

Esma is… oddly ok with our current agreement. Apparently living in a re-purposed dog-fighting cage is less boring and stressful than her usual life. She’s finally catching up on her reading.