The Month of Void 2016 Begins || The First Week: The Marked

This week’s theme revolves around those who have been marked by The Outsider. Corvo Attano, Daud, Delilah, Granny Rags, The Lonely Rat Boy, Emily Kaldwin, arcane bonds and even your OCs who bear The Outsider’s insignia. Having other characters interact with members who are marked by The Outsider is, also, accepted for this week. Just make sure that no matter what the piece may be, that the marked member remains the focal point.

The Month of Void takes place October 1st to October 31st. It will consist of FOUR THEMED WEEKS (The Marked, Delilah & Her Coven, Daud & The Whalers, The Outsider) that relate to The Void and can be viewed by going through The Month of Void homepage. You will find the specific dates, the theme and more information about this event as you scroll through.

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hey, mutuals in the dishonored fandom, can you maybe start tagging the new dishonored 2 trailers and demos with some sort of spoiler tag? or if you’re already tagging, can you tell me what tag you’re using? I’m trying to avoid pretty much everything that came out after the corvo gameplay trailer. I just really want to be surprised when I’m playing the game. 

just realized that for anyone who doesn’t have the outsider’s mark, piero’s elixir does literally nothing, making it basically worthless to most people

but then you have corvo, the weird rat dad who is literally paying this gross inventor-man so he can guzzle more of what other people just see as Blue Garbage Juice.