APink: When someone makes a promise to her but she knows that they’re lying.

Chorong: Okay but would you be able to pinky promise on that? No? Didn’t think so.

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Bomi: -As soon as the person leaves- *Annoying imitation voice* “I promise on my life hehehe!!!!”–Yeeeeaahhh right, who are you trying to kid!

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Eunji: Might as well make them think them I believe them so they don’t feel as bad about lying so obviously.

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Naeun: I’m sorry I think I heard wrong could you repeat that? Say it again one more time?–You promise? Oh okay, just wanted to be sure. I call bullshit.

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Namjoo: *Lights up candles* I really want to believe in them so maybe if I wish for it by blowing out these candles maybe their lie with turn into truth!

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Hayoung: I wouldn’t have minded if you at least tried a little bit to make yourself believable… but I guess that was too much to ask for…

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put all the fading things in your box of your heart called memories.
when you begin to miss them, take them out and look at it.

apink - to. us (trans)