Just one reason why my university is cooler than yours.

As we enter the dark stretch of the semester, it’s not unusual to see students shuffling listlessly through the library but this year we’ve noticed this mindlessness is transforming the ACU faculty.

The Learning Studio works closely with our most creative faculty from the humanities and the sciences, professors and instructors, and this year for the first time … living and undead.

In our experience, faculty inspire us with their persistent hunger after knowledge and relentless pursuit of an idea at all costs, but this week their devotion to the life of the mind has turned.

Students be warned: they’re after your brains.

- ACU Learning Studio Blog


I was walking from the lecture hall to the tram stop in the POURING RAIN, and a girl behind me ran up and asked me if I was going in the direction of the tram stop, and after I said yes, she offered to share her umbrella.

It was so unexpected, and so nice, and something she really didn’t have to do, which makes it all the more beautiful.

I just realised that I launched right into the “THANKYOU!’s”, and “so what are you studying’s”, without even introducing myself. 

She’s doing the same course as me, and I got a bit excited and forgot myself. Literally, I forgot to tell her who myself was.

So, I’m going to tag this with as many things as I can think of, and hope that she sees it somehow (a long shot, I know), because this message is for her:

My name is Phoebe, I’m sorry I didn’t introduce myself before. Thankyou so so much for lending me your umbrella. Might not seem like a massive deal to you, but it put a smile on my face after a frightfully shitful day, and people like you always make me smile hugely anyway. Next philosophy lecture, come say hi :-)

A Man in Uniform

There’s something about a man in uniform.
Those boots
Or maybe…
that American Flag that flies freely on his ACU.
Maybe…just maybe..
it’s the amount of bravery he shows.
The discipline he has.
The love he shows for his country.
The respect he gives and shows.
His Honor
His Courage
His Commitment to his duties
His values

It’s more to it than just the uniform. It’s everything and more.