I wasn’t tagged at all but I wanted to do the thingy so here’s the thingy!!

(his face totally changed shape?? I DIDN’T DO IT ON PURPOSE IT JUST DID)

Alpha vs MM Challenge by @rosecoffeesims

Rules: Use the same sim for both sides. Try to do the same type of hairstyles and make up styles on both sides, if u know what I mean. Please refrain from using clarified hair, as it’s a mixture of both alpha and mm. Try to make everything different, not just hair. Things like skin overlay, make up, eyebrows, and eyes. Clothing doesn’t really need to be changed, unless you’re doing a full body thing. Tag #alphavsmm

I realized I put off uploading this because it was attached to an enORMOUS SKETCH PILE I STILL NEED TO FINISH

but these two sketches ‘emselves are finished enough they should be allowed to roam free

so yeah there’s a pirate AU for these two that exists or they could also jus be playing dress up in canon both are correct