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Just letting you guys know I’ll be going on a short break. I’m leaving for vacation tomorrow and don’t know if I’ll have internet access. I don’t really care, either.  I just want to relax for a week. Sorry if I didn’t get to your ask yet, I’m hoping to get some quiet writing done when not on a beach. 

Make good choices guys. 


↳ғor ĸlυnĸed & angelrιĸo✧*・゚

“On winter mornings I’d wake up to the smell of snow flowers,” Leia said. It had been a long time since she’d thought of those clear winter mornings, the crisp mountain light slanting through the windows and the smell of snow flowers drifting through the air. Alderaan was gone, the palace and mountains obliterated in the space of a breath, the flowers extinct. “I’ll never forget that scent.”
She knew that one day, when the last remaining Alderaaian survivor died, there would be no left who would remember at all.

I love Gimli and Galadriel. All the elves around must be so surprised to hear their Lady speaking so highly of a dwarf! She treats him with so much respect, not just in this quote, and it’s delightful. And though we don’t see much more of her, Gimli makes sure we always remember through his words. (Plus, I love how much of a ‘fuck you’ her gift to him is to Feanor and his memory; she’ll give three strands of her hair to a dwarf who was polite and respectful to her but nothing to her fuckboy cousin!)