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Fill this in:
  1. Describe your character’s laugh:
  2. Some features of their typical morning routine?:
  3. It’s just a regular weekday, what are they wearing?:
  4. What is their preferred mode of transport for long journeys and why?:
  5. Name one aspect of their childhood or adolescence that has shaped a large part of their persona today:
  6. Name one form of injustice that they simply cannot tolerate:
  7. Are they more of a doer or an observer?:
  8. Name one thing that tends to impress them:
  9. Which aspect of the arts can they most appreciate?:
  10. Which common traits do they seek in both associates and lovers?:
  11. Do they reflect the whereabouts or era that they were raised into?:
  12. What would be a safely enjoyable order at a restaurant?:
  13. Describe their social circle, what is their role within it?:
  14. In a word, what is their ultimate aspiration?:

So everyone is always asking me for book recommendations so I decided to make a master post of books (Most are YA books because a large majority of people on here read them). Each book is linked to the goodreads page for it (for series I linked you to the first book) and next to it are the main genres. 

Completed Series: 

A Series Of Unfortunate Events - YA, Childrens, Fantasy
Beautiful Creatures
 - YA, Fantasy, Magic, Romance
Bobby Pendragon - YA, Fantasy, Adventure
Chaos Walking - YA, Sci Fi Dystopian
Crank - YA, Poetry, Realistic Fiction
Daughter of Smoke and Bone - YA, Fantasy, Paranormal
Delirium - YA, Dystopian, Romance
Divergent - YA, Sci Fi Dytopian
Eragon - YA, Fantasy, Adventure
Fallen - YA, Paranormal, Romance
Flowers In The Attic - Incest, Romance, Mystery
Gone - YA, Fantasy, Apocalyptic, Sci Fi
Harry Potter - YA, Fantasy, Magic
His Dark Materials - YA, Adventure, Fantasy
House of Night - YA, Fantasy, Romance, Vampires
Hush Hush - YA, Paranormal, Fantasy
If I Stay - YA, Contemporary, Romance, Realistic Fiction
Inkheart - YA, Fantasy, Magic
Legend - YA, Sci Fi Dystopian, Fantasy
Lux Series - YA, Paranormal, Fantasy, Aliens
Mara Dyer - YA, Romance, Paranormal
Matched - YA, Sci Fi Dystopian, Romance
Mercy Falls - YA, Fantasy, Romance
Partials - YA, Sci Fi, Dystopian
Percy Jackson - YA, Fantasy, Mythology
Perfect Chemistry - YA, Romance, Contemporary
Shadow and Bone - Fantasy, YA, Romance
Shatter Me - YA, Dystopian Sci Fi, Romance
Sweet Evil - YA, Paranormal, Romance
The Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein - YA, Fantasy, Gothic Horror
The Chronicles of Narnia - YA, Fantasy, Adventure
The Darkest Minds - YA, Dystopian Sci Fi, Fantasy
The Gemma Doyle Series - Fantasy, Historial Fiction, YA
The Girl of Fire and Thorns - YA, Fantasy, Romance, Magic
The Heroes of Olympus - YA, Fantasy, Mythology
The Hunger Games - Dystopian, YA, 
The Infernal Devices - YA, Fantasy, Paranormal
The Land of Elyon - YA, Fantasy 
The Luxe  - YA, Fantasy
The Maze Runner - YA, Dystopian Sci Fi, 
The Mortal Instruments - YA, Paranormal, Fantasy
The Selection - YA, Romance, Dystopian
The Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants - Ya, Chick Lit, Romance
Uglies - YA, Sci Fi Dystopian, Fantasy
Under The Never Sky - YA, Dystopian, Romance
Vampire Academy - YA, Romance, Fantasy, Vampires
Wicked Lovely - YA, Fantasy, Magic

Uncompleted Series: 

A Song of Ice and Fire - Sci Fi, Fantasy, Adult 
Angelfall - YA, Fantasy, Dystopian
Bloodlines - YA, Paranormal, Vampires, Fantasy
Dangerous Creatures - YA, Fantasy, Paranormal
Dorothy Must Die - Fantasy, YA, Magic
I Am Number Four - YA, Fantasy, Paranormal
Miss Peregrines - YA, Fantasy, Paranormal, Mystery
Outlander - Historical Fiction, Romance, Fantasy
The Archived - YA, Mystery, Paranormal
The Culling - Ya, Sci Fi Dystopian, LGBTQ, Fantasy
The Diviners - YA, Historical Fiction, Fantasy
The Fifth Wave - YA, Sci Fi Dystopian
The Land of Stories - Fantasy, Magic
The Loners - YA, Sci Fi Dystopian, Horror, Apocalyptic 
The Lunar Chronicles - Fantasy, YA, Dystopian Sci Fi
The Mortality Doctrine - YA, Sci Fi Dystopian
The Program - YA, Sci Fi Dystopian, Romance
The Raven Cycle - YA, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance
The Ring and the Crown -  YA, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Romance
The School For Good and Evil - YA, Fantasy, Childrens, 
The Woodcutter Sisters - Fairytale, YA, Fantasy
Throne of Glass - Fantasy, YA, Magic
The Sylo Chronicles - Ya, Sci Fi Dystopian, Fantasy, Mystery
Thursday Next  - Fantasy, Adult Fiction, Mystery
Unraveling - YA, Sci Dystopian, Fantasy
Unwind - YA, Sci Fi Dystopian

Individual Books:

A Monster Calls - YA, Fantasy, Horror
Along For The Ride
 - YA, Romance, Contemporary
Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour - YA, Contemporary, Romance
An Abundance of Katherines - YA, Romance, Contemporary
Anna And The French Kiss - YA, Romance, Contemporary
Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of The Universe - LGTB, YA, 
Attachments - Romance, Contemporary, Chick Lit
Beautiful Disaster - Romance, New Adult, Contemporary
Before I Fall - YA, Contemporary, Romance
Bird Box - Horror, Adult Fiction, Thriller
Boy Meets Boy - YA, LGBTQ, Romance
Bright Shiny Morning - Adult Fiction, Contemporary, Short Stories
Dear Nobody - YA, Contemporary 
Eleanor and Park - YA, Contemporary, Romance
Every Day
 - YA, Contemporary
Fangirl - YA, Romance, Contemporary
Firefly - YA, Fantasy, Witches
Go Ask Alice - YA, Realistic Fiction, Contemporary
Gone Girl - Fiction, Adult fic, Thriller, Suspense
Hate List - YA, Contemporary, Realistic Fiction
Hopeless -  Romance, New Adult, Contemporary
How I Live Now - YA, Sci Fi Dystopian, War
Identical - YA, Poetry, Realistic Fiction
Isla And The Happily Ever After - YA, Contemporary, Romance
Jellicoe Road - YA, Mystery, Contemporary
It’s Kind of A Funny Story - YA, Realistic Fiction
Landline - Romance, Chick Lit, Contemporary
Lock and Key  - YA, Romance, Contemporary
Lola and The Boy Next Door - YA, Romance, Contemporary
Looking For Alaska - YA, Romance, Fiction
Love Letters To The Dead - YA, Contemporary, Romance
Love, Rosie - Chick Lit, Contemporary, Romance
Maybe Someday - Romance, New Adult, Contemporary
Me and Earl and The Dying Girl - YA, Contemporary, Humor
Never Let Me Go - Adult Ficiton, Sci Fi, Contemporary
Nineteen Minutes - Adult Fiction, Realistic Fiction, Drama
Panic - YA, Contemporary, Sci Fi Dystopian
Party - YA, Contemporary, Realistic Fiction
Paper Towns - YA, Contemporary, Romance
Rebel Belle - YA, Fantasy, Paranormal
Rumble - YA, Realistic Fiction, Contemporary
Silver Linings Playbook - Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Since You’ve Been Gone - YA, Romance, Contemporary
Slammed - Romance, New Adult, Contemporary
Speak - YA, Contemporary, Realistic Fiction
Stolen - YA, Contemporary, Realistic Fiction, Romance
The Book Thief - YA, Historial Fiction,
The Fault In Our Stars - YA, Contemporary, Romance
The Giver - YA, Classics, Fantasy, Sci Fi Dystopian
The Host - Fantasy, YA, Romance, Sci Fi Dystopian
The Killing Woods - YA, Mystery, Thriller
The Lovely Bones - Mystery, YA, Contemporary
The Night Circus - Romance, Historical Fiction, Fantasy
The Pact - Adult Fiction, Realistic Fiction, Romance, 
The Perks of Being A Wallflower - YA, Contemporary, Coming of Age
The Scorpio Races - YA, Fantasy, Romance
The Spectacular Now - YA, Contemporary, Romance
To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before - YA, Contemporary, Romance
Thirteen Reasons Why - YA, Contemporary, Realistic Fiction
Truth About Forever - YA, Contemporary, Romance
Ugly Love - Romance, New Adult, Contemporary
Vicious - YA, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Paranormal
Virgin - New Adult, Chick Lit, Contemporary
Warm Bodies - Romance, Dystopian, Horror
We Were Liars - YA, Contemporary, Mystery
White Oleander - Contemporary, Chick Lit, Fiction
Will Grayson, Will Grayson - YA, Contemporary, LGBT

Everyone can share this post of course, but I ask for everyone to please leave any negative opinions about any of the books out. 

The bolded books are personal favorites :)

Also, I obviously missed a ton of books, many on purpose, so feel free to add on to this. :)

Relationship Red Flags

So I recently finished reading Lundy Bancroft’s “Why Does He Do That?” and he has a whole section on signs that a relationship/partner (since this list applies to any gender, but men are far and away the biggest abusers) might become abusive. He mentions that everyone should be taught these signs before they reach dating age and I agree, but school systems suck at this, so I’m putting his list (paraphrased by me) onto tumblr. Please share!

1) He speaks disrespectfully about his former partners

Note: Almost all accusations of abuse turn out to be true. Any previous accusations of abuse are a huge red flag!

2)He is disrespectful towards you, or puts you on a pedestal–either way, he fails to respect the real you as a human being

3)He does favors for you that you don’t want or puts on such a show of generosity that it makes you uncomfortable

4)He is controlling

5)He is possessive

6)Nothing is ever his fault

7)He is self-centered

8)He abuses drugs or alcohol (Note: substance abuse does not cause abuse, these are two separate problems that single person can have–Bancroft notes that there does not even seem to be a real correlation between the two)

9) He pressures you for sex

10)He gets serious too quickly about the relationship

11)He intimidates you when he is angry (gets too close, in your face, pushes, blocks your way, claims he’s “just trying to make you listen,” raises fist, shouts you down, makes you flinch, drives recklessly, makes threatening comments–ex; you don’t want to see me get REALLY angry–punches walls/kicks doors, throws things–anything that makes you feel fear)

12)He has double standards

13)He has negative attitudes towards women (even if–especially if–he says “You aren’t like OTHER women”)

14)He treats you differently around other people

15)He appears to be attracted to vulnerability (is drawn to women significantly younger than him, to women coming out of abusive childhoods/relationships, with poor health, suffered losses, the man paints himself as a rescuer)


Evion’s Most-Used Brush Set!

These are the PaintTool SAI brush settings I’ve collected from many corners of the internet and various other artists.

The top two are the ones I most commonly use for sketchin/inking, especially the Lead brush.

The middle brushes are ones I use for coloring/shading/painting. You’ll notice the default Marker brush there - that’s a fantastic one I use for my shadow layers.

The bottom brushes are special effects that are useful for various things like backgrounds, glowing effects, smoke, glitter, etc!

Hope that helps you guys! :D sonofdominus techr0n


One does not simply “make tea”; there is a procedure that is both practiced and recognized worldwide. Want to make an excellent cup of tea? Follow me, kids. 

Fresh water

The first rule is always to use fresh water – for the best flavor, the water should be well oxygenated, and the more times you boil the same water, the less oxygen it contains. If you want to be super fancy as fuck, filter the water before boiling or even better, use bottled water that gives the results you want (some have more minerals and salts than others and these come out in the flavor).


The most common rule of thumb is to use 1-2 teaspoons per 230 ml (8 oz) cup and adjust according to preference. Bulkier leaf teas will need a greater volume per serving than small, dense leaves. 

Brewing method

Loose leaves in a teapot or mug allow for maximum freedom for the leaves to unfurl, and a more flavorful cup. If the tea infuses for longer than its ideal time, it can become bitter (and we don’t want that, now, do we?). You can avoid this by using a basket filter (they come in cup and teapot sizes) or a tea “sock” or bag and removing the infused leaves mess-free and  quickly. Tea balls and mesh infusers do a similar job, but don’t allow the same degree of circulation and honestly, they’re a pain in the ass to use. The basket filter is what I use. 

Water temperature

Remember that tea leaves are just delicate plants and that your boiling water (100°C) (212 °F) actually scorches the tea. When tea leaves get scorched, they release a lot of tannins (which makes your tea bitter). Different kinds of teas need to be steeped at different temperatures. If you don’t have a fancy tea kettle, you can cool your water accordingly. 


Now kids, I’m gonna put this simply… tea is a lot like weed (it’s picked, it’s oxidized, it’s rolled, it’s dried, it’s aged, and it makes you feel fucking great) 


Let’s start at the tree. The leaves you steep were most probably picked in Spring/Summer. These leaves were picked by hand by wonderful people out in a field somewhere that worked long hours to bring you that single cup of tea (thank them). When you steep a teabag, however, those were all machine picked.  


After the leaves are picked, they start to wilt. The amount of time your leaves left to wilt changes the flavor. During that time, the leaves are left out in the sun. Green teas, however, are not left to wilt at all and they go straight to the factory. 


After they’re wilted, the leaves are then put in a huge bamboo tray and they’re tossed. This activates enzymes in the leaves and gives them more flavor. 

Oxidation or fermentation

Not all teas are oxidized, but if they are, they are spread out in a climate-controlled environment for a certain amount of time (sometimes the leaves are also agitated), and the oxidation process will make the leaves darker. Oxidation has a big influence on the depth of taste and is an extremely important part of the process; it needs to be done perfectly. The oxidation process also explains why Black teas for example are much darker than Green teas. 


Oxidation needs to be stopped at the desired level for the type of tea, and this is achieved by steaming the leaves in a wok, which deactivates the oxidative enzymes.


Before the final drying, the tea leaves are rolled and formed by hand. Leaves can be rolled into spirals, kneaded and rolled into pellets, or in the case of some oolong teas, rolled into spheres or half spheres. 

Drying or firing

Leaves are stacked in hot-air rack dryers, or spread out and exposed to the natural heat of the sun. In this way the moisture content of the leaves is reduced and the leaves become “dry”. 


So, I know that feeling when you go into a tea shop and you’re like, “holy shit; there are so many different kinds of teas, what the fuck do I choose?” Well, my friends, I’m here so that you need never feel hopeless again.

Okay, so, usually the tins in the tea shops have colors on them (6 different colors). That’s because there are only 6 different kinds of teas that originate from the Camellia Sinensis “bush” or “plant”.

These 6 different kinds are: White, Green, Black, Yellow, Oolong, and Puerh.


Produced in: China


  • Sweet
  • Smooth
  • Soft
  • Clean


Produced in: China, Japan, India


  • Spicy
  • Mineral
  • Astringent
  • Fresh
  • Kelpy
  • Crisp
  • Herbaceous


Produced in: India, Sri Lanka, Kenya


  • Bold
  • Nutty
  • Smoky
  • Spicy
  • Biscuity
  • Malty
  • Aromatic
  • Coppery


Produced in: China


  • Fresh
  • Smooth
  • Clean
  • Bright
  • Aromatic
  • Soft


Produced in: China or Taiwan


  • Brisk
  • Earthy
  • Aromatic
  • Smooth
  • Sweet


Produced in: China


  • Brisk
  • Sweet
  • Earthy
  • Woodsy

I’ll keep adding to this when I think of more stuff, I hope you’ve taken something from this. Love you. <3 


Hi guys! So, I’ve reached 10k followers here and I wanted to thank all of the people that follow me and I want to tell you that my blog would be nothing if I didn’t have you so because of it, I’m giving you this pack that countains a lot of resources:

  • 6 psds (for appearances, candid, personal, photoshoot, meet and gif)
  • 50 icons (demi only)
  • 30 pngs (15 of demi and 15 of random pngs)
  • 20 fonts

For the link to download you MUST reblog/like this post and ask me “10k packHERE. I hope you all enjoy it and… THANK YOU!