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so uhh update on my life, i got my computer back from being worked on and im ready to start doing commissions again! here is my current info, im very flexible with what im willing to draw provided its within what i find morally acceptable so dont feel sheepish about asking! depending on the complexity of what you want it may cost extra, but that’s something to discuss by email. i will expect payment up front, but if for some reason im not able to finish the work, i will of course refund you.

reblogs are very much appreciated!

Updated my rules page!

New General edits:

-I am NOT looking for characterization critiques. This is a headcanon blog, where I base hcs and such off of the character’s personalities and life from what we see in the game. It’s 10000% okay if you don’t like my characterization. I would just kindly suggest you go and find an author you do like, instead of trying to harass me about my hcs/fics.

- Outside of the writer discord, I’m not interested in critiques.

New ‘Will Not Write’ edit:

- The characters helping MC Self harm, or encouraging MC to self harm




Pages 5 and 6

Ready! I got people. I’m very happy that I was able to finish this short comic. It took me a long time to finalize them because of some of the commitments I had over the past week: travel, purchases of materials, projects, finally …!

I hope you have enjoyed this parody (or not).

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Note: don’t post this illustration on other social networks except with my permission.