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Ronnie knew that Matt was finished with the wiring system and was now just lingering for the sake of their proximity. Matt also knew that Ronnie knew. Normally, Ron wouldn’t care, but with Alesha in the room he felt he had to intervene…. Especially when one of Matt’s fingers began to dip too far into his shirt. 

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Okay I cant tell you how I know but.... Louis' New Year theme this year is: Katy Perrys Dark Horse. Louis has invited Luke, Neil Milan and Girolle and Zayn and as many tall dark footballers as he can get to come and Luke Pasqwhatevs too. Everyone has been told to wear erm, leathers, cos yknow 'Horses' hahaha. And L cant wait to see Niall's look of horror when he walks in to a chorus of 'R u scured?' He also invited a tattoo artist cos he loves Ni alot alot.

Finally a real receipt and my 7 other big Louke friends can verify this hmmmmmm I believe it

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do you know any blogs other than loukeupdates that ship/post about louke? i'm #thristy for more louke on my dash

I don’t I’m sorry!! @loukeupdates is the best thing to ever happen to me and I hope that soon it catches on and there’s lots but I don’t think there’s any now :(