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post 6000 and nothing new that i can actually post yet, so have this doodle from almost a year ago. it’s no naughtier than the bbc, is it? various graphite pencils in my small sketchbook. [my art tag]

if after the wedding Sherlock starts taking drugs again because he feels as if he lost John I will literally go to the BBC offices and flip each and every table they have

“Did you notice the one extraordinary thing he did? (…) He showed us the letters! So he’s brought the letters to London - so no matter what he says, he’s ready to make a deal.”

My blog in 2016.

These are my top ten posts that people liked and reblogged the most the past year! 

10. Doctor Strange Comic

9. Gorgeous Supreme

8. “I shall go deep… deep into myself.” 

7. So… #ThatHappened

6. Let me get this straight… (Setlock. Maybe Spoilers.)

5. Thank you Ben for a Doctor Strange promotional tour full of gifs gifts!

4. When you want to laugh really hard while keeping it professional.

3. It takes one to play one…

2. Liar.

1. “It’s not a game anymore. #Sherlock Series 4 coming 1st January 2017.”

I’m also ending this year with +1200 followers! Yay!

So, thank you so much for everything!!! You guys rock!!

the reason why benedict cumberbatch is my favourite actor is that in every role i have ever seen him do, i can’t see any of them in each other.

i think it’s a huge difference in him and many other great actors out there, because when i see another actor doing different roles, i can still think about that it’s them and that they have acted as other characters, but when i see benedict act, i don’t see benedict nor do i see sherlock or julian assange or stephen hawking when he’s not playing them. i see the role he’s doing in that moment and it’s amazing how he’s devoting himself to become a character and just let go of everyone else.

i don’t know a lot about acting in general, but i do know that benedict is one of the greatest actors in the world right now. he’s just.. fantastic.


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