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cuddling fic miss androgyny! pretty please

They relocate to the lounge chairs on the balcony after they finish the first joint. Louis rolls them another one and they pass it back and forth while lying down, staring at the sky. There are no stars, because this is London and the only thing the London has is smog and air pollution, but it’s nice anyway.

“Lou,” Harry says, his words slurring together a bit. “Do you think if I flew up there, and like, blew all the smog away, we’d be able to see the stars?”

Louis gives him a look that would normally be scathing, but right now, just makes him look unimpressed. “How high are you?”

“One-point-eighty metres,” Harry answers promptly.

“That’s not what I meant,” Louis says, shifting to extend his foot over his lounge chair, and kicking Harry in the leg. He doesn’t clarify what he meant, though, which means that Harry answered him correctly. Harry is smart like that.

“Lou,” Harry says again, and Louis kicks him to show that he’s listening. Harry giggles. “Did you know your name rhymes with ‘blue’? Like your eyes?”

He doesn’t see it, but he thinks maybe Louis smiles. “And yours rhymes with…”

“Happy,” Harry supplies.

“No,” Louis says. “Marry. Marry Harry.”

Harry doesn’t know why that makes me giggle. “Marry me?” He asks. “Would you marry me, Lou? Just `cause it rhymes?”

Another kick. “No,” Louis answers. “I’d marry literally anyone in the world except you.”

That’s mean. Harry pouts. “Why not?”

“Because I don’t want to marry you,” Louis answers. He kicks Harry again. “You can’t make me.”

“You’re mean,” Harry replies. “I don’t like you. And stop kicking me.”

“No,” Louis says. He kicks Harry again to prove his point.

And Harry decides that the best thing to do is to get off his lounge chair, climb on top of Louis, and pin him down with his body. Just so Louis stops kicking him.

quick little thing (again not cr1tikal related so feel free to scroll past)

thank you to everyone yesterday who replied/messaged me about things yesterday you were all so helpful and i appreciate it an incredible amount!! i’ll delete the posts just so it’s not like clutter on the blog or anything bc i don’t want t o annoy anyone but yeah thank you all again you’re stars!! and if anyone is curious at all I’ve decided to do prints at home myself and I’m going to look into printers etc. to do prints based on advice i was given and people talking me through a couple things which is scary but exciting all the same omg i’m going to thank you all again because I don’t think I can say that enough annnnd I hope you’re all having a fantastic day or had a fantastic day!! Rosie

me, to myself through gritted teeth, after watching a new show and liking literally hundreds of posts relating to it: okay now pick the PERFECT one and ONLY reblog that one because you need to show some goddamn SELF-CONTROL. MAYBE put one in the queue. don’t overdo it this time

me, a day later: hi guys so i’ve switched fandoms,


To me, it feels like ‘The Doctor’ has to have a long coat, and that’s something imprinted on me from childhood, because he always did. And there’s something heroic in a flapping coat, but at the same time, I need to get rid of it sometimes and just be a scrawny guy in a suit that doesn’t quite fit. - David Tennant