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[16 Dances] - organized by Ashido and Jirou after they learned, from her enormous mansion, how she appreciated western culture !

Happy Birthday Yaomomo! [9/23]

thewannabesteve  asked:

Would Robin be that kind of person that would be hard as nails all the friggin time, but then sees Ophelia and is like "aww, poor kid" then like, would buy her a hot beverage and ask her about her problems? (Like an inner mom mechanism) Or is Robin just like, cold distant parent 24/7?

shes actually neither !! robin is VERY inviting and affectionate almost to the point that it makes people uncomfortable lol shes like the community mom. shes got a real thick southern accent and uses pet names with everyone like honey, sweetheart, sug, etc

like dont get me wrong she can fuck u all the way up if u mess with her because shes tough as nails but shes a good lady