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It kneels at the site of the destroyed Skyhold with a shield raised over his head, on top of it shattered ‘eluvians’ and the landscape of the Fade, revealed to the mortal world through the sundering of the Veil by the hands of the Dread Wolf.

There is no name carved at his feet, no dates. Only a man in pale stone with his shield with his back at the sky, kneeling in front of us the mortal, living spectators with reverence.

Only one sentence can be found, worn away from the winds:
“Your springs and rivers are poisoned will our blood.”

The last of us are dying, but we fought for our world to the bitter end.


So, I was reading some codexes(some even for the first time haha) and I noticed this. I kind of concluded that “The Grey” could mean the Wardens, but…the “too many eyes” part puzzles me. Could that be the referring to the Nightmare? Or does it foreshadow Fen'Harel? Maybe both? I just figured it’d be interesting(especially since the Dread Wolf is portrayed with many eyes).