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The shorty squad are here to let you know that you’re valid, your feelings are real, and you’re perfect just the way you are! 💚💜

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[miyusawa] aging winter sun

Waking up in summer was easy. The oppressive sheets burned on the skin, the sun shot the blinding rays straight into the eyes, and the birds sung like that was the only purpose in their tiny lives. It was almost a chore to stay in bed, and, come the early morning, Kazuya was out of there in seconds.

Fall was harder, he had to admit. The rain ploughing on the window glass did not invite to stick a nose out of the dorm rooms, much less his whole body. But he still did. Shrugging on windbreaker with a heavy sigh on his lips.

But winters… Oh, winters were the worst.

Kazuya groaned. Kazuya whined. Kazuya turned over and smushed his face in the pillow and refused to start the day. It was like that at school, it was like that in college, it was like that ever since he could remember. And it only got worse with years.

The snow covered the world with a fluffy blanket, so why should he get out from under his?

Especially when the warm, heavenly warm body next to his was so pliant and inviting, soft with sleep, sweet with the scent of home, and flushed from the kisses Kazuya had bestowed on it the night before. He shifted closer, arm splayed across the smooth skin, soaking in the warmth that the world was so skimpy in giving these days.

Eijun was always like that. Soft where he was warm, hard where he was refusing to stay in bed with Kazuya. Just like now.

“Don’t go,” Kazuya mumbled, voice raspy and sleep-soaked.

He clung to Eijun’s middle, holding him close and stopping him from leaving. Eijun snorted, rolled over, and came face to face with him. Kazuya’s eyes were still closed, but he could feel Eijun’s breath on his lips, and even the morning breath couldn’t disperse the lazy happiness simmering slowly in his heart. Eijun shifted closer and Kazuya pulled him in, even more, to feel his warmth fully.

“We do this every morning,” Eijun said patiently, leaning over Kazuya and almost covering his body. He nuzzled against his neck sweetly. “You know I’ll be back before you get up.”

“But you’ll be cold,” Kazuya whined, burying his face in Eijun’s shoulder.

“You big baby,” Eijun chided softly. “If I promise I’ll be warm, will you let me go?”

Kazuya grumbled unintelligibly. He was already slipping deeper into sleep and Eijun’s warmth was chasing his coherence off to somewhere he couldn’t reach. With the last effort, he kissed Eijun’s jaw ­– the only place he could reach without moving much – and let himself drift away, back into the embrace of blissful rest.

He woke up maybe an hour, maybe two later when the corner of the sheets was lifted again and Eijun slipped back into bed. Kazuya braced himself for the cold, shockingly freezing fingers and equally as chilled thighs to brush against his skin, but it didn’t come. Instead, there was a welcoming heat oozing from Eijun’s body, so inviting, that Kazuya had already shifted closer before he even noticed it.

He snuggled against Eijun, a content sigh escaping his lips and making Eijun puff his breath out in laughter.

“Stop shaking,” Kazuya whined, and Eijun laughed even more.

“Am I warm enough, your highness? I took an extra shower just to please you.”

Kazuya hummed. “Passable.”

It brought another round of shaking of Eijun’s body, and Kazuya’s lips quirked a little as well. A warm, tender hand was passed through his hair and Kazuya melted into the touch. He propped his head on Eijun’s shoulder, while Eijun pulled tenderly at the ends of his hair, lightly tracing his nails on the sensitive skin there. It left a pleasant tingle, a feather-light brush on Kazuya’s nape, so subtle that it would’ve lulled him back to sleep if not for his conscious awareness of Eijun.

It was there, as always. Clear and warm and light.

Even when he was in the midst of sleep, dreaming, he still knew Eijun was there. His presence, bright and boisterous, was constantly at the back of Kazuya’s mind. No matter what he did, if he was busy or not, like a pleasant buzz that felt like home, it was always there to remind him he was not alone, that there was someone waiting for him. Someone who would sleep with him and wake up each morning to delightful warmth and willing arms, to soft lips and loving smiles. Someone who would love him for as long as time goes on and life burns in their hearts…

Eijun’s lips pressed to his forehead, a kiss so light Kazuya almost thought he’d dreamed it. He tilted his head up, too lazy to open his eyes, but if it was a kiss it should work alright…

And it did.

Eijun kissed him again, the small space between his eyebrows, and then kissed him again – on the tip of his nose. It made Kazuya smile, a quirk of lips, subtle and tender, and a kiss was pressed against them, too.

“You’re so spoiled,” Eijun said, amused.

“It’s all your fault,” Kazuya replied, and it was true. If not for Eijun indulging him, kissing him awake, snuggling with him and loving him so much, so openly, so fully…

“You’re right,” Eijun agreed, the cheeky bastard. “I should get going then, wouldn’t want to spoil you even more than you already are.”

He started slipping out of the bed again, but Kazuya’s arms wound around him in a second, pulling him back in and refusing to let go.

“No, no, no, stay,” he begged. “Spoil me more.”

Snorting into his hair, Eijun kissed Kazuya’s temple. He settled back into bed, hugging him close, and Kazuya sighed in bliss. He rested his head in the crook of Eijun’s arm and love nestled in his heart, warm and light and spoiled.


I swear if Ace stayed alive Sabo would definitely turn gay for him or the other way around–
I mean the two love each other so much that it becomes kinda unhealthy for just a brotherly relationship..and if you look closely Sabo thinks about him like every day(as he told Burgess) ready to throw whatever for his sake and now protecting Luffy for him add to that the episode of Sabo was practically about him saying Aces name repeatedly…
Not to mention he also got a sexy koala the whole time beside him but all he thinks is Ace–


I haven’t done anything digital in a while so as a warm up yesterday I sketched one of my newest favorite character! This time I chose Haruichi from Diamond no Ace! I also took this time to also throw on some blinding fashion ;v; I hope you like it;;

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Lmao what discrimination do straight asexuals face?

okay so this is the only ask i’m answering about this lol

i’m 99% sure that you don’t give a single fuck about my answer and you’ve probably seen a billion arguments but your head is too far up your ass to care what i say either way bc nothing will change your mind so i don’t wanna bother explaining since it’s a waste of time but on the off chance that someone out there is seriously curious about this, here’s a couple posts [x] [x

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im literally a gay ace,,,,, telling you, not an asexual person, that being ace means you are not straight. Asexuals have been a part of our community & movements for as long as there's been a gay community (aka forever) so sorry! Ace people are lgbt+

LMAO ace people have literally never been apart of the LGBT community. Theres no record of it. Anywhere. The ‘A’, up until about 10 years ago, has ALWAYS been for ally. ALWAYS. And now y'all are trying to take that letter away from people who aren’t in safe environment to come out as LGBT. Ya know, cus we’re literally killed and disowned. And I like how y'all just ignore the fact that I said I support aces and I think theyre valid!!! But whatever, go off I guess

Oh dear, two group of street rats are about to fight each other, and one of these groups are not looking forward to it. So much that they’re hiding behind a truck like cowards.

Since we saw the Boys tying up Fuzzy to steal his cabin in Bubble Boy, I always figured what other villains would think of them besides Mojo and HIM. I can imagine the Gangreen Gang being much more terrified of the Boys than the Girls, because of their bad attitude.

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