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rogue one anniversary week: actor appreciation 

     - diego luna

It is a film where the characters we’re going to be following are these rebels, and the rebels are just like you and I. This is the film that invites you into the world of Star Wars as a hero; the hero we could all be. That is very contagious, and it’s going to make it connect with the audience in a way that I think this film needs to connect — which is to tell people, “Yeah, change is in your hands.” That’s the message behind this film. The energy behind this film is like, “We can get involved, and we can make things happen.” I think it’s very pertinent; it’s a very modern and necessary message today in the world we live in.

Lol there are actually people saying that they’re making Alice and Robyn a thing so people will stop asking for $Q.

Dude. Literally no one cares that you’re still asking for $Q.

Jennifer Morrison is off the show. the last thing they did was show her character diving into a portal with her husband so she’s not even in the same realm as Regina anymore.

Fanon whatever you want but the fight for canon is long over.


You’re gonna beat this world.

Was this the plan? Was this who you wanted to be?

The youngest and oldest versions of Carl Grimes on The Walking Dead. Sweet, sweet Coral
not going to be a tlj spoiler free blog :( no gifsets though!

unfortunately being spoiler free on this blog for a week is not sustainable. I wanted to try but I’m too - there is too much to say. I will continue to use the tag “sw spoilers” for all posts but personally, I’m glad I saw the movie without spoilers as soon as I could because it’s going to be nearly impossible to avoid them.

sylve0n-fr0st  asked:

Glad you enjoy Ava/Sara, but... thoughts on Nyssa/Sara?

I love them. I’m on board with literally every f/f ships in DCTV fandoms tbh.

I’ll be devastated if it doesn’t work out between Ava and Sara in the long run, I’d love for them to be endgame but I have very little faith about it. But if they aren’t, then I’d definitely want Nyssa and Sara to reconnect and be the true endgame. I don’t think I’d want anyone else for Sara to permanently end up with (apart from Ava), or at least not right now on this day, with any of the characters we know.

aaaand here’s lucas in a scott pilgrim style :>

perhaps i will draw duster next

the desire to have driftwood in an aquarium vs. paying 30 bucks for a waterlogged stick

1 semester of my final year of uni down, 1 semester more to go until i graduate!!!! // 🙌🙌🙌


Hello everyone, and welcome to the Twelve Days of Christmas Contest! Askaguardstallion is moving to a main account from a side account! There will be Three winners, and each winner will get a fully colored image of an oc of their choice.

The winners will get:

1. A full body pose, as complex as they want. Fully colored and shaded with simple background.

2. A full body simple pose, fully colored and shaded, no background

3. Simple bust, flat colors.

How to enter:

1. Follow askaguardstallion’s new location, which i will be moving to after the new year, here! [link]

2. Reblog any of the 12 days of christmas contest posts, I will be updating every day until Christmas, and ALL of these updates being reblogged count as a separate entry!

Happy Holidays, and Merry Hearthswarming!

Down With Love

12 DAYS OF WHATEVER HOLIDAY YOU CELEBRATE SEASON IS actually late because I had PhD applications to submit but I’M MAKING TODAY DAY 1 so here is a nurseydex ficlet for you all!

Nursey recognizes Dex’s steps before he reaches their door, and makes a spur of the moment decision to leave his music on.

“Dude, are you… is that Judy Garland?”

Nursey has spent the better part of the afternoon lying in bed. Exams are over, his papers are in, all that’s left is Winter Screw, and Nursey is dateless. So he’s made the executive decision to put on some of the stuff his moms play around the house and just chill.

“Yeah bro. Love that woman.” Nursey can’t see Dex’s face from where he’s lying with his eyes closed on his bed, but he can hear the judgmental silence. “Why, you hating on my girl Judy?”

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