Stanned SJ today.

Siwon’s tweet yesterday started it all. No one knew why he’s spending the first night of the year in Manila and how long he’s staying. I didn’t care that much at first, I just thought that if the guy wanted a night off from his rigorous schedule and spend it in Manila then why not? Until rumors started going around saying that Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk will also be spending their night in the Philippines.

It was hard to believe because none of the fans could produce foolproof evidence to back it up. Others claimed that they talked to Kyuhyun’s dad confirming his flight to Manila (which seemed highly unlikely) and no one knew if Eunhyuk was even traveling.

So, to make sure, we stayed up until news of Siwon’s arrival in the country came out. There was no sign of the other members but we still made plans in case someone else flies in. Like Kyuhyun. Or Eunhyuk.

And turns out both of them did, too. So we headed to the locations Siwon tweeted and also from our intel back home (fellow stans who chose to keep watch for updates on the internet) and we found them in Intramuros, where a bajillion of fans were already on standby. Apparently something had happened before we came. When the representatives of a fanbase were about to hand trophies to the boys, Hyukkie got elbowed by a fan that ran up to the three of them and hugged Kyuhyun. Well, that was totally uncalled for. Because of this unhappy incident, Siwon, Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun ran back to their bus and never came out again. When we arrived, SJ didn’t want to get off the bus because there were too many fans. The CF filming got cancelled.

We figured they would probably head back to their hotel so we took a cab and headed to Makati Shang, because people thought that they figured out where the boys were staying from the picture Siwon tweeted that morning. But SJ wasn’t there, so we ate dinner in Glorietta instead. Meanwhile, some fans were saying that they’re actually in Edsa Shang, except they weren’t really because our ninjas back home informed us that they were in Fraser Place Manila. There weren’t a lot of fans when we got there, but after a while the management eventually caught up and restricted the fans in the lobby.

While we stayed nearby, I called some friends to help us get in but nothing worked. :| The security was really tight so I called Fraser instead to inquire if there are facilities available for non-residents. The concierge said that the restaurant in the 31st floor is open to all so we thought we’d get something to eat. The security guys still wouldn’t let us in though, so we gave up and waited outside instead.

After bum-puffing for an hour or so, we found the Korean staff heading to their bus with all their luggage. All the fans waiting outside lined up near the entrance and the Korean staff told us to keep quiet, and no flash allowed. Everyone shushed and finally came out Siwon (noticed him first, he was wearing a white tight-fit shirt, hair pushed back) Eunhyuk, wearing a facemask, and KyuBB, with an icebag handkerchief to his cheek, flawlessly walking to their bus. Everyone waved goodbye and SJ went back to Korea.

It was tiring as fuck but it was worth it, lol. Couldn’t have started the year better.

[EDIT] Jesus. This fandom really needs to calm the fuck down. If you haven’t noticed yet, what’s been giving our boys a fucking hard time is because people can’t calm their tits. Obviously, no fan liked what happened yesterday, and of course it was nobody’s intention to hurt SJ. A lot of Filipino ELFs were very sorry about it. Everyone kept apologizing to SJ in person and via twitter. If you want to read more about it, here’s a fan account from someone who saw everything. We weren’t there yet when it happened and all I’ve been relaying are things my friends told me and things I’ve read from other fan accounts.

Of course although I was very happy to see SJ, I know what they must have felt after what happened and I’m not proud of it. I was thinking that SJ would never dare step foot again in Manila until Siwon and Kyuhyun tweeted that they appreciate the fans’ support, albeit being too overwhelming. Looks like they might still come back after all. The thing is, people should understand that these things happen. I’m not saying that we should just sit back and take it lightly, but the thing is this isn’t about putting all the blame to the irresponsible, selfish fans who mess things up. This is about acting responsibly and respecting other people, and admit it, we’ve all done something way out of line just to get what we want.

If you can’t calm the fuck down go bang your head against a wall or something. Don’t take it out on Suju. lol.


I swear to God everything was a quadrillion times more exciting while it was happening, lol. I’m just too sleepy to continue zzz

I’ll blog about this again later in my other blog because I left tons of details out okay bye now


January 17, 2012

Took the AP Chem midterm today! Got a D on the test but my overall grade is an A, WHUUUUT?

After school practice for our performance in a week. :p Pretty good & lots of laughs. Ended up taking my boothang home and eating at Farmer Boys for the first time w/babe. 

Oh yeah, and we saw SWAT. Which was cool.


I’ve been wanting to make a 365 since God knows when but I never really got around to doing it. Thankfully, the tiny gear in my head dedicated to procrastinating clicked in place last night, and I realized that I just had to do it this year. This tumblr seriously lacks real content. I also figured that since I’m leaving the -teen years soon, I gotta mature up and do something adult-like, lol. So, I’m doing a 366 this year to learn how to commit better. I don’t have a theme or whatever, I’m just going with having to post an entry everyday for the whole year. I’m hoping to last at least a few months into it. Last year I tried a 30-day challenge twice and I failed to finish both. Lol. I have issues with commitment, clearly.

Anyway highway, I don’t want to get too serious so here’s a badly-lit picture of me during new year’s eve. Glad to say goodbye to 2011 because it kinda sucked for me.

Hoping for a great year. 2012, please be kind.

January 26, 2012

Today was the worst day of 2012 so far. School was fine, but I’ve been really stressed out lately about asking Juan to sadies. My plan was to make a ppt slide (as shown) and make his psych teacher, Mr. Carr, put it in one of his lessons for tomorrow. Then as soon as my school lets out I’d rush down to Valley and show up right after he reads the slide w/an angry bird and say, “Will you be the JUAN I take to Sadies?”

Unfortunately, my friend who was suppose to drive me said he had a meeting to go to during the same day. Although NW gets out at 1:25 and Valley gets out at 2:11…there would be no possible way for me to be able to get there in time. I tried to get him to skip or reschedule but it was no use. I ended up bawling my eyes out and showing Juan the ppt anyway. 

He thought it was the cutest thing ever and said yes. I wish the plan would have worked out, but I was seriously hanging on my last thread. But thanks to Niko, I can still make this up! 


Advanced Jap was hell. We had recitation and I displayed my lack of skill as usual. Things got worse when we got to the latter part of lesson 6 - money. I HAD TO TRANSLATE KANJI AND DO MATH SIMULTANEOUSLY! JESUS. I knew I should’ve romanized the handout yesterday. :(

Anyway highway, I talked to my adviser today. She says I can work on my own time but I know I’m way behind.. Most of my co-advisees have already passed half of their manuscripts.. Saw her checking them. :(

And then I spent the rest of the day worrying about my future. lol k not really.

Oh and we went to CDC’s Mr. & Ms. Devcom (not sure if they have a ~formal~ program title or whatever, never saw the posters) to support the representative of the seniors. It was reeeeeeeally boring though so we left 40 minutes into the program.


I just found out that I missed the deadline for submitting the DTRs. My allowance just got delayed a month. :(

Took this while listening to Prof. Kei’s lecture. I usually bring a book so I could read and not fall asleep when I assist in large classes but I was in such a hurry this morning I brought a book I’ve already finished. Fiddled with the drawers and my camera instead. Until Ma'am Kei asked her students to write their ‘reverse resolutions’ so I read all of them for fun, which was a mistake because dang those kids couldn’t spell if their lives depended on it. Today was so boring and annoying, idek. Meanwhile in THEA I was included in the writer’s pool and also got assigned the brochures for our production.

That’s fine 'cause it’s not like I have stuff to do or anything, really