Zince here!!

This will be my pure art blog, as in no reblogs, just my arts. This time I’m going to incorporate 3D art here too. I will tag 2D drawings (anime style and cartoon style) as my2Dart and 3D art (models, animation, visual effects) as my3Dart. > x<)b If you don’t enjoy a particular style, you can simply filter it out, yeah??

I’m considering to add a myLifeStudies tag for life drawings e ue ehuhuhuhu

by iZince


Goal: $0/$90 USD

I’m opening for commissions again! USD/points-equivalent are open.

Limited #1: Portrait in this style for $5 USD or 400 points
External image

Limited #2: $25 USD or 2000 points! ^q^ Preferably characters with an element or more that’s long so I can do some sort of wrapping design with it.
External image

For regular commissions, points option are available as well.

Please see the main image above.

Commission type:
Personality, unique quirks:
Additional notes:

For more details or for any questions, including commission process, please discuss with me via note.
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