My 1991: Ian Michael Luke Turner, Fashion Editor of Chausseur Magazine @IanisNYLO


‘The 90’s for me was all about MTV, the music, the videos and the fashion. Just about to hit my teens in 1991 it’s fair to say I was at the impressionable age and I was drawn to the aspirational lifestyles portrayed, I dreamed and I dreamed BIG. Think the big slick music videos by producers such as Hype Williams, money and bling was king, then of course later we had Britney, Backstreet, Mariah was on fire, Missy and Puffy, Eurodance and Britpop. The 90’s was ALL about the music and of course the fashions came with it. 

Mocked and loved in both equal measure, the decade was some of the best and worst of both and currently riding a nostalgia wave, the fashion and music which so define my generation, mean that the Nineties will remain one of the most influential decades of them all.’