Camera Shy (Part One)

AU. Jughead is an aspiring photographer. His final project requires him to shoot nude photos of someone who inspires him. With no one else to ask Jughead asks Betty. Insecure of her body Betty is quick to shoot the idea down, until Jughead reminds her that she owes him. - Bughead leading to eventual smut.

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A/N - I’m terrible with summaries but I hope you guys like this. This idea came to me a few days ago when the Cole photographer photoset was going around. Enjoy! 

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Stanley Pines #32

Characters: Stanley Pines, Mabel Pines and Dipper Pines (babies)
Word Count: 258
32. “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”
Prompt List.

You didn’t give me another person so you get platonic cause we all know Stan just loved the twins at first sight.

Stanley looked down at the two little bundles through the glass. He was not crying, Shermie would say differently, but Stan would deny everything. He couldn’t prove anything, his brother still had that old camera, Stan just needed to grab the film before he ran off.

“I’m glad you could see them, Uncle Stanford.” His nephew walked up beside him. “Once we knew it was twins…we were a bit a-we’re glad you came.”

“I just wanted to see the little gremlins before they turn into those crying messes.” Stan shrugged.

His nephew laughed as he turned back to his kids. “We’re not ready for them but we’re going to do everything we can for them.”


They stayed like that for a few moments before his nephew made his way down the hall for a bit a food before heading back to his wife. Stan stayed behind to watch the babies a bit longer.

“I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified…” Stan put his hand on the glass and leaned down as he stared at the two tiny twins. “Never thought I would have a soft spot…I should have guessed as soon as they said twins…” He watched as one of them stretched out his hands while the other yawned before both looked to fall back asleep.

“Be good to each other, don’t be like your Great Uncles.” He smiled.


People talk. That’s just what people do.

Especially in such a small town as theirs.

And nothing gets tongues wagging like the news that Dean Winchester will return to become the new fire chief.

Dean Winchester, who many remember as the bad boy in high school who graduated against everyone’s expectations and left the town, seemingly never to return, on that same day. His little brother, the beloved town lawyer Sam Winchester, never told anyone what happened exactly, but people could easily guess. Their father never was an easy man to live with.

After that, the brothers didn’t talk for years, and Dean Winchester was slowly forgotten by all but a select few.

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but i’ve got an angry heart (chapter vi)

pairing: kirishima/bakugou
word count: 5,645
rating: teen
summary: Bakugou Katsuki is not going to jeopardize his future a second time, and that means staying away from anyone who gets too close. Kirishima Eijirou has never learned how not to be close to someone. Of course, they end up as next-door neighbors.

By the time Kirishima gets back to the house, there’s no sign of Bakugou. Kirishima climbs the stairs quietly, and when he’s reached their floor Bakugou’s door is closed. His lights are off, too, and Kirishima assumes he’s gone to bed. For someone who seems so fearless, Bakugou really is a master avoider.

He doesn’t think he’ll get anywhere by demanding Bakugou’s attention tonight. And in any case, Kirishima is still unsure of what he wants to say. He lifts a hand, trailing his fingers over his bottom lip, where he can still feel the heat of Bakugou’s kiss.

Sleep doesn’t come easily. He’s coursing with the adrenaline of his earlier matches, even after a shower and a quick dinner. As he climbs into bed, all he can think about is hearing Bakugou’s voice above the din of the crowd. He’d had the same fierce, defiant kind of pride in his voice tonight as he’d had when he’d helped Kirishima with his calculus homework. And Kirishima, perhaps foolishly, thinks that that’s something special. He’s earned that from Bakugou, both his approval and the ability to recognize it. It lights him up in ways he’s never felt before, makes him feel proud and elated. He feels a tenderness, when he thinks about all the things Bakugou keeps hidden from the world but has let Kirishima see.

Kirishima rolls over onto his back to stare at the ceiling. “I’m an idiot,” he says aloud.

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141, Candy and Wendy, they actually ARE asking for a friend.

Characters: Candy Chiu and Wendy Corduroy
Word Count: 153
141. “Asking for a friend.. Do you know how to get a foot out of the toilet?”
Prompt List.

Candy peeked into the gift shop for anyone when she saw Wendy sitting at the counter making a tower of old cans. She quickly sneaked over.

Wendy didn’t seem to notice the girl make her way behind the counter until she felt a tap on her arm. She looked down to see Candy standing nervously.

“Oh hey, I think Mabel’s upstairs,” she said as she went back to what she was doing.

“She is but…” Candy sat herself on the other stool behind the counter. “Asking for a friend…Do you know how to get a foot out of the toilet?”

Wendy stopped as she was about to put another can on the already foot tall tower. She put it down and turned to Candy. “In a toilet?”

Candy nodded.

Wendy groaned. “Alright, let’s go ask Soos, I think I remember him telling me he got his foot stuck in a toilet before.”

I should have never fallen for you
So many emotions the heart holds, it can get confused
Truth is that it was a mirage that I mistook for the real thing 
I projected my feelings for him unto you.
I think I wanted to see in you all the qualities of him,  
The way he used to be before he broke me.
I guess I wanted to feel his love again in some shape or form 
Even if he is long gone.
I poured all my yearning unto you; 
Didn’t know I would soon become disenchanted with you. 
Sorry but you are not him.
No amount of pretense will change that fact.
It is time I really bring my feelings to the light.
It’s him I love and not you.
Even if he broke me , he still owns my heart
And how can I gift you something that is in pieces and that is not even mine?



‘The old gods are dead’ they tell you.

You smile and nod and wipe out another glass. Your eyes dart to the old man in the corner booth. You never see him come, but you always see him leave. Each night a new young lover on his arm.

You pretend not to see his wife watching with jealousy blazing in her eyes and peacock feathers printed on her dress. Her sharpened nails tap, tap, tapping a beat you can hear over the din.

'If they were still around, where are they?’ They continue with a wild wave of their arm. The man next to them looks up and grins and raises his glass at you in a toast and buys them another round. It’s only after he’s turned away you realize his teeth were too sharp and that the glint in his eye was something more than delight.

On the stage a young man sings. He’s there every night with his golden guitar and his golden skin and his golden hair. He sings of love and loss and boys who fly too high, only to fall. You know the song, he plays it almost every night.

His sister stands in the corner, watching, on edge. You keep half an eye on her. She seems constantly in motion yet when you focus, she is still. Last week she broke a man’s arm. You never saw her move.

'The old gods are dead.’ They say with finality.

You look around the room and meet old and tired eyes in hungry faces.

'Maybe,’ you begin and pause as the room seems to go quiet, holding its breath. 'Maybe you aren’t looking hard enough.’

-gods never die

The way Alec just slams straight into Magnus once he sees him. Magnus’ little rambling about Madzie being safe with Catarina because he thinks that’s what Alec’s worried about. Alec being like ‘Magnus, no, wait, I only care about you right now’. Magnus’ shock at Alec’s confession. Them being afraid to lose one another. The “I love you”s. The “I can’t believe you’re safe and I wanna keep you safe for the rest of eternity” kiss. The forehead touch and soft breaths. The unsaid “you’re here with me now and that’s all that matters” as they hug. 

She asked me, “How do I look?”
and I swear, “You look beautiful”
was the biggest lie I’ve ever told,
because she didn’t look beautiful, 
she looked like a dance of sunsets 
and galaxies, she looked like fairy 
dust and spring mornings, 
she looked so much more 
than just beautiful.

~girls are magic


“I love you,” he tells her as he moves to kiss her forehead and nuzzles against her hair.

HEY GUYS. So I stayed up till 2AM to post this because I wanted to post the companion fic with it (though I have another drabble planned that is MUCH more Ladynoir-centered.

 Before vs. After u w u


I’ve now updated It’s An Effort with a new chapter

When I drew this, I was also inspired by this song from a local band, Up Dharma Down. (Video with lyrics and translation included below the cut)

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