What it means to be a Gryffindor

In honor of Gryffindor Pride day, here’s some of what I think it means to be a Gryffindor.

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The stereotypical assumptions are that we’re reckless and don’t think of the consequences to our actions. They think we’re all brave and loud and social. Stubborn to a fault and always seeking adventure or looking for a fight.

But what does it mean to really be a Gryffindor? And why do so many people think that’s a bad thing?

Being a Gryffindor means accepting that sometimes we are the stereotype of “I will fight” but only because we value the cause and doing what is right. It means having the courage to face our fears and stomping them down because no one harms anyone I love or shoots them down. It means fierce loyalty born from a deep trust. It means being stubborn because no you are not going to walk all over my opinion I listened to you now you also need to give me that courtesy. It means speaking up when you don’t think something is right, and defending your point or a person, even when no one expects it. It means thinking with your heart, even when your brain is telling you no. It means doing things spur of the moment, like going on a late night drive to stargaze or joining that class or deciding to spend the night in to watch that movie that’s been in your queue for months. It means being social to the extent we feel okay. Sometimes that’s in a large crowd, other times it’s with a small group of friends through video chat with random bursts of laughter and long conversations. 

Being a Gryffindor is like spending the day outside in spring by the beach. Where the sun warms and energizes you, and then makes you sleepy after a long day of enjoying yourself. It’s like taking a roadtrip with your closest friends, singing along to the radio and making memories, even when the day is starting to wind down and one person has dozed off, the others looking out the window and remembering the day they’ve had.

Being a Gryffindor doesn’t mean not caring about what we do. It’s caring enough to know what requires our attention and deciding what we value to spend our energy on. It’s cherishing the moments we have and not getting too caught up. 

It is accepting who you are, even if it takes some time and can last moments. It is finding the courage to say “Yeah, this is me. And I’m a Gryffindor.” 


See the playlist for the Afrofuturist/Black speculative Fiction sound collage called

weeksvILLe puMzI X

the weeksvILLe puMzI X playlist

1. The Gravitational Pull of Her - DKD - Bitasweet/2000 Black - 2004
2. Tongues of Labyrinth Birth/Emergence Skit - Divine Styler - CBS - 1989
3. Runagate, Runagate - Roscoe Lee Browne & Ruby Dee - DST Telecommunications - 1975
4. Confessions of Nat Turner - Brock Peters - CMS - 1964
5. SLAAAAAVE - Grace Jones - ZTT - 1985
6. Runaway - Georgia Anne Muldrow - Animatedcartunes - 2009
7. Leaving this Planet - Charles Earland - Fantasy - 1974
8. Space Lady - Billy Cobham/George Duke Band - Atlantic - 1976
9. Sons of the Gods - Ripple - Salsoul - 1977
10. There’s A New World Coming - Bernice Reagon - Paredon - 1975
11. Slow Motion - Pole feat Fat Jon - Mute - 2003
12. In Time And Space - Last Poets - Blue Thumb - 1973
13. Tongues of Labyrinth - Divine Styler - CBS - 1989
14. Releasing Hypnotical Gases - Organized Konfusion - Hollywood BASIC - 1991
15. Invasion - Atmosfear - Discfunction - 1980
16. Planet Rock - Jason Moran - Blue Note - 2002
17. Space is the Place - Likwid Biskit - Kindred Spirits - 2003
18. Moonwalk - Larry Young’s Fuel - Arista - 1976
19. Thoughts on Outer Space - Dick Gregory - Colpix - 1960
20. Interlude - Earth, Wind & Fire - CBS - 1973
21. Secret Wars - Last Emperor - Hi-Rise - 2003
22. Superfly meets Shaft - Dickie Goodman - Rainy Wednesday - 1973
23. Soul President - Afro-American Ensemble - GFS - 1972
24. The Spook Who Sat by the Door Radio Spot - Sam Greenlee - United Artists - 1973
25. Aurora - Novella Nelson - DST Telecommunications - 1975
26. Leroy Brown - ODB - ???
27. Landscapes in Alternative History - Vernon Reid & Bill Frisell - Minor Music - 1985
28. Thebes of the Hundred Gates - Sono Cairo Egyptian Organization of Antiquities - 1972
29. One Life, One Love - Hieroglyphics - Hiero Imperium - 1998
30. Snippet - KRS One - Jive - 1990



Something people don’t get about books they are not as simple as words on paper. Books are not like giving someone a house. People think they are. Like the writer tells you what you have and there it is. They are not or at least not in my mind at least. A book isn’t about getting the house its about building one. And in doing so you need two things. The skill and the tools. It needs a contractor and an architect. For me, the writer is obliged to give the best tools he can as well as the reader needs to have the right skills to use them. Or in other words reader is the contractor and the writer the architect. Both need to work together to make the perfect home. Not house, home. In order to do that there has to be a certain chemistry between them. In the same house that every home is a house but not every house is a home; every book can be read but not every book can be lived. The writer has to do his part but so does the reader. A reader needs to understand and live and feel and cry and laugh. A reader need to take the tools and have the skill to use them. He has to read the architects plans but he has to envision the designs himself. So when you read something, a book a poem or even just a random piece of writing don’t expect to be given a home be ready to build one with blood sweat and tears, because what the writer is giving you isn’t just words it’s his own blood his own sweat and his own tears.