Modern Dregs AU #9

The Dregs on social media

  • they all have an instagram and fuck facebook
  • Nina uses all other forms of social media: twitter, instagram, tumblr, youtube, snapchat
  • she has SO MANY followers and subscribers
  • she does vlogs once a week, like “Get Ready With Me” and social activism and all the funny stories of her life
  • she always has a guest with her, but it mostly ends up being Matthias
  • the makeup challenge videos always have the most views
  • “what the FUCK is this thing” “that’s an eyelash curler, matty” “it looks like a torture device for Tinkerbell”
  • Matthias insta is FULL of pictures of Nina
  • pictures of her doing her makeup
  • pictures of her making ugly faces
  • either way, he captions, “beautiful little red bird”
  • the only other thing he ever uses is snapchat
  • his story is literally just videos of his dogs
  • no selfies
  • no details of his adventures
  • just his puppers snoozing or wrestling or biting his hands (the little one especially)
  • and you can hear him giggling in the background and Nina loves it
  • “you sound so cute when you laugh like that” “shit, i forgot to turn off the sound”
  • Wylan is mostly active on Tumblr
  • he runs an art blog full of fanart and little animations and he’s SO TALENTED so people go batshit crazy over his work
  • has like 40k followers, probably more (he rarely ever checks, he’s so busy answering asks and such)
  • he never gets hate comments
  • not that they don’t show up
  • he just has a creepy little genius looking out for him
  • in other words, Kaz hacks into his account occasionally and deletes all the hate in his inbox (if any, how can anyone hate Wylan, he’s so sweet to his followers)
  • sure, Kaz Brekker doesn’t have Emotions™ until it comes to his adopted son
  • as for Kaz, he’s mostly active just for Jesper’s sake
  • Jesper tags him in almost EVERYTHING because they’re always hanging out and doing shit
  • they have like a 300+ streak on snapchat 
  • he comments snarky replies on all his twitter posts
  • “dude, who closes the door to the bus when the driver leaves??” “lay off the bong water, jes, fucking hell”
  • Kaz’s insta is full of pictures but he doesn’t caption a single one
  • not even the very rare selfie which is only ever his scheming face
  • not even the embarrassing videos he gets of the others without them knowing
  • the best is when Kuwei laughed so hard, he did a literal spit take and hit Wylan
  • luckily they laughed it off until they saw it on Kaz’s insta
  • “take it down, that’s humiliating” “that’s why i put it up”
  • and then he has the ones with Inej so serene and reading a book or something
  • Inej’s instagram is a half and half
  • one half is dancing videos, and she goes OFF
  • its like she doesn’t have a single bone in her body, she’s THAT good
  • it’s like she’s fluid or something
  • then the other half is basically books and aesthetic pictures of her room
  • she has one with little Christmas-esque lights suspended over her bed
  • Wylan recreated it as a painting for her and ofc she shared it online for all to see
  • “look at this beautiful thing my friend did for me!!!”
  • she also comments on every picture Nina posts
  • “look at this beautiful person!!!”
  • she just likes bragging about her friends ok
  • Jesper just shit posts on every single platform
  • dank memes galore
  • and then the occasional selfie of him and Wylan making silly faces like sticking out their tongues or making quadruple chins
  • Jesper also comments on EVERYTHING the others post
  • “nina, you look GORGEOUS” “inej, you went OFF” “wylan, honey, your art SLAYS me” “kaz you’re a fucking podge why don’t you SMILE”
  • only ever mean to Kaz it seems
  • Kuwei only ever posts on twitter and it’s only ever “deep” thoughts like
  • “once you have a phd, evdery meeting you go to becomes a doctor’s appt”
  • “lobsters are mermaids to scorpions”
  • “centaurs have two ribcages”
  • Nina and Matthias are worried about him

notjustaterran  asked:

Could you write about platonic love (one of the best kinds) 💕

Platonic love is often pushed back, hidden like the stagehands of a performance. Platonic love is long lasting, and just as real and deep as romantic love.

It’s taking a roadtrip across the country, music blaring in the background and singing off key. It is holding hands while waiting for news and then hugging excitedly when it all turns out for the best. It’s that stuffed animal you’ve had for years that you hardly remember getting, but couldn’t imagine life without.

Platonic love is knowing the moment you’ve connected with someone. Knowing that you could talk for hours on end or sit in silence together. Like when you go to the beach, there’s a soft, stillness to it with a hum in the background of the rolling waves and blowing winds.

Platonic love is saying “I love you” and it being said in return as often as you need it to be said and even when you didn’t know you needed it. It is the soup that’s made for you when you’re sick, nourishing you and making sure you’re better than okay.

It’s stargazing at night and talking about your pets and then about the meaning of life. It is the feeling of falling asleep and knowing you’ll be back in bed when you wake up or wrapped in blankets and made comfortable.

It’s feeling nervous to go on stage and having that voice in the back of your head telling you how great you’re going to do and how proud they are of you. It’s that warm feeling in the middle of your chest and in your stomach that you get when you hear your name followed by a tight, long-lasting hug.

Platonic love is finding people who give you the feeling of home. It is finding your platonic soulmate and wondering why they took so long to find you. It’s like looking up at the night sky and being a little scared at how expansive it is, but finding comfort in knowing it’s always there, surrounding you with the light from the stars and the moon. It’s like finding the right words - not always easy, but always worth it.

“Wilford, sit and calm down.” Dark says, voice ever-so-calm but his shell cracking in worry.

“That’s not my name!” Wilford snaps back, left hand balled in a tight fist as his other gently cradles a round pair of glasses.

“William…please,” Dark tries again, voice softer than before. There’s no echo to it, no layering. Just a small, accented voice that radiated peace. Wilford flinches.

“Damian….I…” He can’t form the words. He just looks down at the glasses.

“William…it wasn’t your fault. None of it was your fault. You never killed anybody, remember? I’m still here…It was all a joke.” Dark says in Damian’s voice, a charming smile on his lips. But Wilford knows it’s not true. He can still see Dark’s shell, hear the ringing of his aura.

“I did it…I killed you…or-or whoever’s body you’re in…I killed them…” His voice breaks as his body is wracked by sobs. “I missed all the signs…all the flags trying to tell me that I was in denial…”

Dark is silent for once.

“I suppose that’s the problem of looking through rose tinted glasses…” Wilford crushes the glasses in his hand, pink glass poking into his skin, but he hardly seems to notice. “…all the red flags just look like flags.”

THE MIGHTY DREGS - Modern Day AU Longfic

A modern day Six of Crows AU longfic


Kaz Rietveld creates trouble for all of Ketterdam High. Everyone knows his name. Students pay him to hack into social media, make copies of answer keys he’s stolen, and even break through the school’s firewall to bump up a couple grades. Never once has he been caught by administration, but after a tumble with a fellow student ends up confronting the new dean not even a week into his junior year. However, rather than handing him a suspension, he decides to hire the troublemaker to spy on one of the new kids he deems worse than Kaz himself. Due to a strained financial situation shared between him and his older brother Jordie, Kaz accepts the job. But as he gets to know his target, Wylan Hendriks, he begins to wonder what exactly he’s gotten himself into.


  • Inej Ghafa yearns to climb her way to the National Championship with her colorguard troupe
  • Nina Zenik pursues fashion design and theater while butting heads with the hockey jock
  • Matthias Helvar, meanwhile, aspires to get the hockey team to play-offs once he’s appointed as captain
  • Jesper Fahey hopes to excel in drumline, though finds himself distracted by the new flautist of the band room
  • Wylan Hendriks works on receiving a full-fledged scholarship at an art school while avoiding his father, the dean
  • Kuwei Yul-Bo stumbles into the most ragtag group of kids on campus and wonders if he’ll ever actually fit in

All of them have to rely on each other to get through what appears will be their most difficult academic year yet - even during the times they’d rather strangle one another.

Chapters will be posted Mondays and Fridays, starting October 2nd, 2017!!


POVs: Inej, Kaz, Wylan

Word Count: 4,213

First Chapter: You’re reading it!

Previous Chapter: None.

Next Chapter: Coming soon!

16 August 2016

“How long till you think you’ll be here?”
“Maybe in ten?” Nina’s voice crackled from the other end of the call. “A co-worker needs help closing up shop. Thought I’d stick around. Don’t tell me they left you all by yourself.”
Inej drummed her fingers on the table, leaning in her chair.  The coffeehouse was vacant minus her, left alone to the humming of the one coffee-maker running, brewing Nina’s favorite. If you want to make me really happy after a long day at work, caramel macchiato, upside down. Retail requires caffeine. Inej had laughed at the time. But Nina had had a tiresome shift that evening, and it was the least she could do for her best friend. “I can take care of myself, Nina.”
“It’s still rude as fuck,” said Nina indignantly. “Have you closed yet?”
“Yep.” Inej glanced at the gate blocking the entrance into the coffeehouse from the vast halls of the Goedmedbridge Mall. Nearly all customers had vacated the premises, leaving late-night employees to wrap up their shifts. For half of them, including Inej and Nina, it was the first school night of the year. Morning was bound to be absolute torture - the girls had made a habit of staying up way past midnight, and Nina hated the concept of starting school a week early on Wednesday.
“I just really don’t get it. A Wednesday?”
“It’s so we can have the whole week off for Thanksgiving.”
“But a Wednesday, Inej.”

Now Nina sighed through the earpiece. “Alright, babe. Sit tight, okay?”
“Okay, Mom.”
“Hush. See you in a bit.” She made a kissing noise, and then she hung up.
Inej dropped her phone on the table. It popped against the wood, echoing throughout the coffeehouse though the hum of the brewer outlived it still. The scent of the beans wafted to her nose, the persistent heat making her eyes water. Her lips parted in an obnoxious yawn, arms stretched above her head, shoulders blades bunching together. Sleep threatened to weigh down her eyelids. She had to get up.
Inej went to the back of the shop, where Nina’s cup sat waiting on the counter beside the brewer. She plucked it up, pumped the caramel syrup first, and stuck it under the spout of the brewer, yanking the lever and filling the cup about halfway. Inej closed her eyes, the steam hissing from the spout and condensing into droplets on her arms.
She was going to be a junior. Another year in high school. Another year of classes. Another year of colorguard competitions and a shot at varsity. Another year of chronic procrastination. Another year of spending every day with her friends.


anonymous asked:

Could you write something about how it feels when you're with other gryffindors? Because I can't think of any other Gryffindor roleplayers rn and it's always great to be with your House 😊

Being with other Gryffindors is like staying up all night with hot chocolate and then getting shushed by other people who are trying to sleep. It’s feeling like you’re getting a workout from how hard you’re laughing but being unable to stop. It’s understanding that you can’t always be brave and strong and that it’s okay to let someone else take care of you for a bit. It’s a hot summer day with lemonade, sitting in the shade and telling embarrassing stories because you know they’ll never share unless you say it’s okay. Being with other Gryffindors is accepting that last slice of cake because you know they wouldn’t offer unless it was really okay. Being with other Gryffindors is knowing you can be as silly and dorky as you want and they’ll only try to one-up you. It’s having the confidence to tell a joke and knowing it’ll receive laughter. It’s knowing that even the smallest feats of bravery count, and that you are worthy of being in Gryffindor.

The Dregs // All Still Standing // Oneshot Fanfiction

Requested by @andromeddea
Characters: Kaz Brekker, Inej Ghafa, Nina Zenik, Matthias Helvar, Jesper Fahey, Wylan Van Eck, Kuwei Yul-Bo
Basic Summary: The gang meets up one last time in the Slat after the events of Crooked Kingdom.
Word Count: 691
Oneshot/drabble requests: Open
Sidenotes: This one is a bit short - my writing’s been rusty the past few days and it proved difficult to crank out. Hopefully, it still has some appeal. Also, Matthias is alive, you’re welcome.

“I can hardly believe it.” Jesper kept whispering, over and over again. “I can’t believe it.”

Neither could Wylan, but despite his disbelief, his joy was boundless. They’d done it. They’d saved Kuwei’s life. They’d rescued his mother from the asylum. They’d uprooted his father’s operation, the man now destined to be shackled off in Hellgate likely for the rest of his days - if he ever adapted to the prison’s harsh conditions, that is. Even Pekka Rollins and the Dime Lions had been forced into submission like mere kittens in a steel cage, no longer baring their teeth, but rather with their tails tucked between their legs.

They’d all managed to stay standing.

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Kanej // Lockpicking // Oneshot Fanfiction

Requested by @roses-and-starlight
Characters: Kaz Brekker and Inej Ghafa
Basic Summary: Kaz teaches Inej the basics of lockpicking after joining the Dregs (pre-SOC timeline).
Word Count: 1,357
Oneshot/drabble requests: Open
Sidenotes: I had to do a tiny bit of research on the mechanics of lockpicking, but it may not be entirely accurate. I apologize in advance. Otherwise, enjoy!

“This isn’t what I had in mind when you suggested this,” said Inej, her arms folded tightly across her chest against the cold.

A bitter rain had descended upon Ketterdam that day, a chill resonating within the thick atmosphere near the Geldcanal. It left Inej trembling in the loose scraps she’d received from the Dregs upon her inception, and the winds cut through the fabric like a brutal, frozen knife, landing on the skin underneath. Goose pimples pricked over the skin of her bare arms. At least the strong scent of salt from the harbors had been diluted.

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POVs: Jesper, Kuwei, Kaz

Word Count: 3,671

First Chapter: Here.

Previous Chapter: Here.

Next Chapter: Coming soon!

19 August 2016


   “Why the hell are we meeting up here still?” Jesper was out of breath by the time he scrambled his way up the 700 building, where the rest of the gang - Inej, Nina, and Kaz - were lounging on the rooftop. He swiped the back of his hand across his sweaty brow. “It feels like we’re sitting in the bowels of Satan.”

   “Get used to it,” grumbled Kaz. He’d shed his coat, pinned by his cane lying beside him, and the sleeves of his button-down were rolled to his elbows. And yet, he hadn’t abandoned his gloves.

   “I like the view,” said Inej, gesturing to the quad below.

   Jesper looked. Thousands of students milled about the stone paths, carrying lunch trays and textbooks. Squads of kids camped out under trees, basking in the shade rather than the oppressive sunlight (not that he blamed them). A group of boys took the wide, grassy clearing near the outside stage of the 300 building, throwing a football among them and tackling one another when neither administrator nor teacher was watching. Hundreds of students more holed up in classrooms and the cafeteria.

   “Hey, we should make a bet,” piped Nina. She popped a strawberry into her mouth. “How many days until this year’s first fight?”

   “Last year it was the very first day.” Kaz didn’t look up from his phone, where he was punching in numbers in rapid fashion. Jesper wondered if he’d already been paid to hack into another social media account or if he was attempting the school’s firewall again to ensure the codes hadn’t changed over the summer.

   “It didn’t happen this year,” protested Nina. “We’re three days in, and nothing’s come up. But here’s what I think’s gonna happen. It’ll happen Monday, and it’ll be two freshman boys. Say one of them looks at the other funny. Then they tumble.”

   “Yikes, Nina, I don’t like you as much when you pine for violence,” teased Jesper, snagging a strawberry from the plastic baggy in her hands before she could hold it out of reach.

   Kaz snorted. “I like her better this way.”

   “Don’t encourage the behavior,” admonished Inej.


Ninej // Waffles // Oneshot Fanfiction

Requested by @frxnkenstein and @hermione-brekker
Characters: Inej Ghafa and Nina Zenik
Basic Summary: The girls FINALLY go out for waffles during a visit back to Ketterdam (post-CK).
Word Count: 858
Sidenotes: I wanted to do this one MUCH sooner, but I wanted to wait until I had the right idea for how this little scene might play out. I hope y’all enjoy!

“I’m so glad you’re here.” Nina’s face must’ve been sore from how long she’d sustained the goofy grin tugging at the corners of her lips. “It’s almost surreal.”

Inej had been out at sea for several months aboard the Wraith, travelling across the True Sea and hunting slavers with her crew. Not too long ago, while stopped at a harbor in Shu Han, she’d written a letter to Kaz with the news that she planned to stop in Ketterdam for a few days. She didn’t miss the city. She didn’t miss the dark alleyways of the Barrel that she’d often traipsed when she’d played ghost for the Dregs. She didn’t miss the Crow Club or the Slat. Inej had missed Wylan, with his heart of gold in a city of rust and tarnish. She’d missed Jesper, with his constant shifting and witty remarks. She’d certainly missed Kaz and their moments alone together in his room, how he’d only ever fall silent when she’d laugh or smile. And of course, she missed Nina, her best friend, the beautiful Grisha who stuck by her side through thick and thin. But she only thought she’d see her during a visit to Ravka - certainly not back in Ketterdam.

Yet, here she was.

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See the playlist for the Afrofuturist/Black speculative Fiction sound collage called

weeksvILLe puMzI X

the weeksvILLe puMzI X playlist

1. The Gravitational Pull of Her - DKD - Bitasweet/2000 Black - 2004
2. Tongues of Labyrinth Birth/Emergence Skit - Divine Styler - CBS - 1989
3. Runagate, Runagate - Roscoe Lee Browne & Ruby Dee - DST Telecommunications - 1975
4. Confessions of Nat Turner - Brock Peters - CMS - 1964
5. SLAAAAAVE - Grace Jones - ZTT - 1985
6. Runaway - Georgia Anne Muldrow - Animatedcartunes - 2009
7. Leaving this Planet - Charles Earland - Fantasy - 1974
8. Space Lady - Billy Cobham/George Duke Band - Atlantic - 1976
9. Sons of the Gods - Ripple - Salsoul - 1977
10. There’s A New World Coming - Bernice Reagon - Paredon - 1975
11. Slow Motion - Pole feat Fat Jon - Mute - 2003
12. In Time And Space - Last Poets - Blue Thumb - 1973
13. Tongues of Labyrinth - Divine Styler - CBS - 1989
14. Releasing Hypnotical Gases - Organized Konfusion - Hollywood BASIC - 1991
15. Invasion - Atmosfear - Discfunction - 1980
16. Planet Rock - Jason Moran - Blue Note - 2002
17. Space is the Place - Likwid Biskit - Kindred Spirits - 2003
18. Moonwalk - Larry Young’s Fuel - Arista - 1976
19. Thoughts on Outer Space - Dick Gregory - Colpix - 1960
20. Interlude - Earth, Wind & Fire - CBS - 1973
21. Secret Wars - Last Emperor - Hi-Rise - 2003
22. Superfly meets Shaft - Dickie Goodman - Rainy Wednesday - 1973
23. Soul President - Afro-American Ensemble - GFS - 1972
24. The Spook Who Sat by the Door Radio Spot - Sam Greenlee - United Artists - 1973
25. Aurora - Novella Nelson - DST Telecommunications - 1975
26. Leroy Brown - ODB - ???
27. Landscapes in Alternative History - Vernon Reid & Bill Frisell - Minor Music - 1985
28. Thebes of the Hundred Gates - Sono Cairo Egyptian Organization of Antiquities - 1972
29. One Life, One Love - Hieroglyphics - Hiero Imperium - 1998
30. Snippet - KRS One - Jive - 1990



Something people don’t get about books they are not as simple as words on paper. Books are not like giving someone a house. People think they are. Like the writer tells you what you have and there it is. They are not or at least not in my mind at least. A book isn’t about getting the house its about building one. And in doing so you need two things. The skill and the tools. It needs a contractor and an architect. For me, the writer is obliged to give the best tools he can as well as the reader needs to have the right skills to use them. Or in other words reader is the contractor and the writer the architect. Both need to work together to make the perfect home. Not house, home. In order to do that there has to be a certain chemistry between them. In the same house that every home is a house but not every house is a home; every book can be read but not every book can be lived. The writer has to do his part but so does the reader. A reader needs to understand and live and feel and cry and laugh. A reader need to take the tools and have the skill to use them. He has to read the architects plans but he has to envision the designs himself. So when you read something, a book a poem or even just a random piece of writing don’t expect to be given a home be ready to build one with blood sweat and tears, because what the writer is giving you isn’t just words it’s his own blood his own sweat and his own tears.