An outfit photo? I’m as shocked as you are. Ignore my rainboots drying out in the background, but I had to show off the dress I got for $12 at Old Navy yesterday. For years (since 2013 I think?) I’ve been looking for another dress like this one, and while this isn’t exactly the same, it’s as close as it gets. Flowy, effortless, and looks just as cute with a cardigan as without. 

Dress - Old Navy

Cardigan - Target

Flats - H&M

im a sucker for trans les amis who share clothes so often that no one remembers that the dinosaur shirt with a pun actually belonged to marius in the beginning, and it gets to the point where they don’t rly have their own closets anymore, they just have one huge communal closet & it’s a huge mess but they have a rotating Closet Duty schedule, where someone goes in once a month & has to clean everything up

60 Seconds (Part 6/10)

Summary: You’re part of the Avengers team, but that doesn’t mean you get treated the same by everyone. Your relationship with Bucky is playful, but as your past comes back to haunt you, things might change.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: ~2400 (WHOOPS -  told you longer chapters were coming)

Warnings: ANGST. Mentions of blood/injury, murder, & torture (not detailed, but it’s explained what was done to the character). And as always, language. 

A/N: Yay for flashbacks! Yay for backstory! (Seriously, this entire part is all backstory/flashback). Hope it’s still enjoyable! :D

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Burgerbrug, Netherlands, 2 years ago

When your phone rang, you knew that something had gone wrong.

“Hello?” you answered.

“Y/N. It’s raining outside, so I would wear your rain boots,” your father’s voice came through the speaker. He sounded tired, and hurt. The call ended immediately after he finished speaking.

You bolted toward the front door, tossing on your hoodie and grabbing your backpack. Running over to your neighbor’s barn, you opened the door, revealing the truck parked inside. You started it up, and the moment it did you were accelerating out of the barn.

“Please be okay, please be okay,” you repeated to yourself. You were used to your parents coming back a bit scuffed up, practically growing up always seeing at least one of them with some sort of bruise or bandage. But if this mission had gotten out of hand to the point where you had to evacuate, you knew things were bad. You zipped open the backpack, pulling out the gun, tucking it into your waistband. Your mother always taught you to be prepared.

Your heartbeat did not slow, even when you pulled into the town, parking the truck in front of the bakery. You pulled up the hood on your jacket, and walked inside the bakery.

“Wonderful weather, isn’t it?” the man at the counter asked you as you stepped up.

“I decided to wear my rainboots, just in case,” you replied. The man’s smile faded, and the partition opened, and you stepped inside, practically running to the back room.

Your heartbeat did not slow, even when you reached the back room and knocked four times. You only calmed when the door opened, revealing your mother.

“Are you okay?” you asked her as you stepped inside. Your mother locked the door behind her, and pulled you into a hug.

“Zoet,” she sighed. “I’m glad you’re safe. I’m okay. Your father’s been shot.”

You pulled out of your mother’s embrace, walking over to your father, who was sitting in a chair, his hand pressed tightly to his shoulder.

“Papa,” you said in relief. “How could you let yourself get shot? I thought you were faster than lightning.”

“Not today, it seems,” your father joked. “I’ll be all right. But we need to move. They’re after us – the files.”

“We barely got out of there. The only reason we did is we put an electrical grid behind us that delayed them for a few seconds,” your mother told you. “Just another time your father’s inventions have saved us.”

“Let’s not get in a situation where we need to have that happen again,” your father said, coming to a stand. “We need to leave.”

You nodded, and wrapped your arm around your father’s waist, letting your mother lead the way down into the tunnels. You walked for a while, supporting your father’s weight. He grew weaker as you progressed, the bandage only doing so much to stop the bleeding.

“How much further?” you asked.

“A mile. Hold on, Lucas,” your mother responded. You heard your father chuckle lightly.

“I’m not going to leave my girls,” he replied.

Eventually, you reached the exit to the tunnels. You helped your mother pry the cover off it, revealing the street above. Your mother went first, and the two of you helped push your father up, and then you came up the ladder, closing the cover again.

“What took you so long?” a familiar voice asked you. You looked up, seeing Q, an old friend of your parents. He was the one to bring you your escape vehicle, as well as your new paperwork and records.

“The usual complications,” your father responded. “Thank you, Q.”

Q waved a hand. “Anything for a friend.”

Before any of you could say anything, a shot rang out, and Q dropped to the ground, a bullet wound in the middle of his forehead.

“Get down!” your mother yelled, pushing you and your father to the floor. She reached into the truck, pulling out a rifle. You pulled out your pistol, and you made sure your father was armed, too.

“Which direction?” you asked.

“East,” your mother said. “Probably from the church roof. The shooter will have moved by now.”

You heard the squealing of tires pulling up to your location, and you knew there were multiple vehicles. This was going to be a shootout, and you knew this wouldn’t be easy.

         “Rebecca, Lucas, Y/N, we don’t wish to harm you,” you heard Kent shout. No doubt he was waiting for one of you to show yourself so he could shoot you. Or worse. “We just want those files. Give us those, and we’ll leave.”

         “You know you can’t open them without us,” your mother replied. “Don’t act like you aren’t going to kill us once you get them.”

         “Hmm. Well, you’re right, I will – but I won’t enjoy it as much as I normally would.”

         Gunfire rang out, and you took the shots you could. You were able to take out 3, and you noticed your mother took out 6. But more poured in, and you only had so much ammo.

         “Y/N,” your mother called out. She was leaning against the truck, by your father. She was clutching her arm, having been grazed by a bullet. “We’re not getting out of here.”

         You fired off the rest of your shots, and fell back down, looking at your parents. Your father was growing paler by the minute, and all three of you were tired.

         “Okay,” you said, dropping your gun. Your mother shook her head, and handed you the pistol your father had been holding.

         “No. You can still get out of here. Take the truck and leave. We’ll stay here. It’s us they really want. You know we won’t give them the info,” your mother told you. “Y/N, please, get out of here while you can. Stay safe, zoet.”

         “Mama, please. Don’t make me do this,” you said, tears welling up in your eyes. You knew this is what you had to do – HYDRA only would use you against your parents. It was foolish to stay behind and let them get the three of you.

         You slowly got into the truck, crouching down, looking up into the side mirrors to see what was going on. You knew you couldn’t get out now if you tried – they needed to thin out, first. You watched as your mother surrendered to them, and was grabbed and forced to the ground. Your father was dragged out, and both of them were roughly shoved into an armored vehicle.

         “Where are you, Y/N?” Kent called out. “Don’t think that we don’t have a use for you.”

         You watched as one of the goons approached the truck you were in, the others searching the remaining vehicles in the area. You waited until the HYDRA agent was just to the passenger window before kicking it out and kicking him in the process.

         Starting the truck, you threw it into drive and started speeding away. But an armored vehicle sped into your path, and you swerved to avoid it. Unfortunately, you couldn’t change direction in time to avoid the other car, and you crashed into it. You tried to pull away, but the door was ripped open, and you were dragged in front of Kent.

         “Y/N,” Kent sighed. “I do wish you wouldn’t struggle.”

         “Fuck you,” you spat.

         “I’d learn to watch your mouth,” he replied, and knocked you out.


         When you woke up, your head was pounding, and it took your eyes a while to adjust to the darkness around you. You were tied down to a chair, and confined in a cell. You immediately noticed it wasn’t electronic, so that meant a power surge wouldn’t help you. It was either breaking the lock or finding the key. That was, if you were able to get out of the metal restraints you were in. It would mean breaking your wrist. But if that was what it would take, you’d do it.

         “Y/N?” you heard faintly. You looked to your right, seeing your mother in the cell next to you. She was on the ground, her face swollen, her body bruised and bleeding.

         “Mama?” you gasped. “What… what did they do to you?”

         “I’m all right, zoet,” your mother wheezed out. “They come every 6 hours. But now that you’re awake, they may come again.”

         “Where’s papa?”

         Your mother was silent for a moment. “I… I think he is still downstairs. Being patched up so that they can hurt him more.”

         “We’ll get out of here,” you told her. “They’ll send someone to rescue us.”

         “I wait for the day they try,” you heard Kent say. He was dragging in your father, a gun trained to his head. “But in the event they do come for you, I can’t have the three of you rescued at once. No, that would be too big of a victory for them, you see, and they’ll think I’ve gone soft. And I can’t have that.”

         Suddenly, the gun was pointed at your mother. You barely had time to open your mouth to scream when Kent pulled the trigger. Your father began fighting back, and Kent fired off one round into his stomach, the second into his throat. He stepped away, and your father’s body fell to the ground.

         “I’ll kill you!” you screamed. “You bastard!”

         Kent laughed, and stepped into your cell. You nearly vomited at the sight of your father’s blood on his collar.

         “Oh, Y/N,” he sighed. “I plan to kill you first.”


         You were tortured every day for 243 days. To varying degrees, of course, depending on who it was assigned to you. There were some who were easier, whom you could handle. Others were harder. But the worst was Kent. Because every time you saw him, you couldn’t help but see the bodies of your parents. You couldn’t help but replay the sounds of the gunshots that ended their lives 10 feet in front of you.

Kent needed you, that you knew. He couldn’t access the files he wanted without you alive. It was your insurance. No matter what he did to you, you knew he wouldn’t kill you. At least not until he got what he wanted.

         You didn’t relent. Not when you were punched, kicked, drowned, cut, electrocuted, burned, starved, force-fed, choked, or left in near-freezing water for as long as your body could stand. But as much as your body could take, your mind could only take so much. You became apathetic, distant. It was as if you were a passenger in your own body. It was how you had gone so long without giving him the info he was torturing you to receive.

         When it was an easier day, just your standard beating, you heard the alarm sound. Surely this was a dream. Besides, even if the alarm went off, that didn’t mean anything. It could be a test, or the arrival of a particularly dangerous individual, anything but a rescue for you. After all, if they had taken this long, why now?

         The HYDRA agent beating you continued his work, yelling for someone else to go investigate. It wasn’t long until you heard commotion outside the room you were being kept in. The agent paused only when the door slammed open, and a flying object came straight to his face, knocking him across the room.

         “Y/N L/N?” a man asked you. He was wearing a red, white, and blue uniform, and a helmet covered the top half of his face. Captain America was sent to rescue you? You had to remember that time had passed since you were captured, and he was probably involved in more missions now.

         You nodded slowly.

         “I’m here to get you out of here,” he said, running up behind you, easily snapping your restraints. “Can you walk?”

         “Yeah,” you replied, coming to a stand. But it turns out you were weaker than you thought, as when you took a step forward, you fell. You were caught before you hit the ground, however. Captain America retrieved his shield, placing it on his back before picking you up in his arms, beginning to run with you out of there. Gunshots rang out, and he moved back behind cover, setting you down.

         “Buck, I could use a little backup here,” you heard him radio in. Immediately after, you heard groans of pain and sounds of a fight.

         “I’m always looking after you, Steve,” you heard a voice say. Suddenly, there was another man in front of you, a face you also recognized – but for another reason.

         “You—” you began. You watched as the Winter Soldier rolled his eyes.

         “I don’t do that anymore. You missed out on some important stuff while you were here,” he replied. “I’m on their side, now. I’m Bucky, Y/N.”

         You opened your mouth to reply, but the world around you swirled as you felt the repercussions of standing for so long. Bucky picked you up easily, and once Captain America checked that the coast was clear, ran with you outside to the quinjet. You were placed on a stretcher, and immediately after the hatch closed, the quinjet took off.

         A man in a familiar red and gold armored suit stepped up to you, extending a hand.

         “Tony Stark, Iron Man.” he said. You reached over with your right wrist, despite the fact he was extending his right one, too.

         “Y/N, broken wrist,” you replied.

         He reached up, tapping the side of his glasses. “F.R.I.D.A.Y., scan Y/N here for injuries.”

         “Concussion, lacerations to her entire body, bruising of varying degree, 2nd degree burns, dislocated right shoulder, broken wrist, 3 broken ribs, torn ligaments in left knee, sprained left ankle. She is also malnourished and her vitals indicate a severe lack of sleep and extreme levels of stress,” a voice rang out.

         Tony let out a small cough. “Sorry. You’re a real tough cookie, kid.”

         “Where are we headed?” you asked.

         “New York,” you heard Captain America reply. “It’s where we have the best team of medical staff and supplies to help you. And it’s the safest. The man who kidnapped you is still out there. We can protect you back in New York. You’re with some of the most trained individuals, Y/N.”

         You nodded slowly. You knew that even if you had an entire army by your side, you would never feel truly safe until he was dead. Until you killed him.

Me and my umbrella at Cumalıkızık. ☔️☔️☔️

It was so rainy that day, not that I have a problem with rain. 💕🌧🌧🌧💕 My only regret was wearing sneakers instead of my beloved rainboots.

Thankfully, I had my umbrella with me, packed thinking it was going to be a little bit rainy. ☂️☂️☂️ Little did I know what awaited me was a non-stop downpour. 🌧🌦⛈

DCP Packing List: Things to Bring

My program starts in 20 days and I leave for Orlando in 18 (!!!) I figured it’s probably time to start packing. Let’s see how much I can get there with two suitcases and my carry-on luggage!

Since I won’t have a car and I’m flying down by myself I want to make sure I’ll have as much stuff as possible before heading down. The more stuff I’m able to bring the less I have to buy, plus I don’t know when my first trip to Walmart will be. In suitcase #1 I am packing: linens, toiletries, and shoes!

  • Bedbug Mattress Protector 
  • Mattress Cover 
  • Mattress Topper
  • Bed Sheet
  • Blanket 
  • Comforter 
  • Pillow (totally undecided on this one, we’ll see how much space I have once I’m done)
  • Towels 
  • Beach Towel 
  • Surge Protectors 
  • Sneakers 
  • Converse
  • Flats
  • Flip-flops 
  • Heels
  • Rainboots 
  • Deodorant 
  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush 
  • Mouthwash 
  • Floss 
  • Face Cleanser 
  • Small Moisturizer 
  • Acne Treatment
  • Makeup Remover 
  • Small Sunblock 
  • Small Shampoo 
  • Small Conditioner 
  • Dry Shampoo 
  • Hairbrush
  • Soap 
  • Hairspray 
  • Hair Heat Protectant 
  • Mousse 
  • Anti-Frizz Serum 
  • Razor
  • Shaving Cream

And how am I going to fit all of that in one suitcase? Space bags, my friends, space bags. I also plan to wear my rainboots on the plane since they would take up the most space. I know it sounds like a lot, but when you look at it all together it doesn’t take up as much space as you’d think!

In suitcase #2: clothes!

  • Business Attire
  • T-Shirts 
  • Tank Tops 
  • Jeans 
  • Leggings (long and cropped)
  • Yoga Pants
  • Workout Clothes 
  • Sweats
  • Shorts 
  • Casual Dresses
  • Socks
  • Underwear
  • Bras
  • Bathing Suit 
  • Pajamas 
  • Jackets (a rain jacket, a jean jacket, and a regular light one)
  • Sweatshirts 
  • Sweaters 
  • Inexpensive Jewelry
  • Crossbody Bag
  • Headbands 

I technically get two carry-on items (a personal item and a carry-on) so I’ll be using a purse and a backpack. In those I’ll be carrying:

  • Makeup (if you’re carrying liquid products on board make sure they’re under 3.4 ounces!)
  • Hair Straightener 
  • Jewelry (things that I don’t want to risk losing)
  • Camera
  • Laptop
  • Important Documents (I-9 documentation, college information, etc. Things I can’t lose!) 
  • Medications 
  • Chargers/HDMI Cable
  • Baseball Hat
  • Book
  • My MagicBand

My list of things to purchase after check-in will be up tomorrow! See ya real soon!

inktober 16/24



The difference between Fashion Squid and Fighting Squid, haha. These are the squidkids for me and my datemate, in our favorite ink colors.

I am a boss with the splattershot jr tho, I can easily ink up 1000 points of turf.

361/365 - The Trial

I shot this yesterday but I didn’t have time to edit it. This was an interesting shoot. Getting that chair to that location by myself was an adventure unto itself.
To get myself to the chair, I wore my rainboots, and once on the chair I would take them off. At one point I wasn’t thinking and I set the boot down next to the chair and watched it float down stream. I had to chase after it, as you can see by my one wet pant leg. The water is probably around 32*F.
And I learned that burning vinyl is suffocating, even outdoors.

Corn Maze with Nash

Er mer gerd Nash feels and fall feels in one

“It’s this way obviously!” Johnson pointed in one direction and the rest of the group started yelling at one another jokingly trying to convince one another which direction was correct. Cam suggested we do a corn maze in the spirit of Halloween. The only day we could all clear our schedule’s for though happened to be the gloomiest drizzling day ever landing us in the muddy maze alone essentially. Nash slowly moved his arm down from my waist to cup my ass for the sixth time this morning. I smiled a bit but moved it backwards.

“Stop it!” I whispered trying to prevent my smile from showing through. He knew my weak points though and I had to bite my lip with a lot of force to keep from making any sort of sensual noise. “They’ve already caught us making out twice this week. They’re going to think we have no self control!” I squealed in protest as he continued to squeeze.

“Who needs self control when you have passion?” He brushes his lips into mine lovingly and I can’t help but give in when he reasons; “They’re all distracted in finding the way out. Let’s get a little more lost.” He shrugged pulling me towards the split behind us jogging my rainboots flinging mud behind me as I giggled searching for a secluded enough spot. The instant he stops he pulls me closer pushing his mouth full force onto mine his tongue sliding into my mouth where it roughly searches. His hands slide to my ass again squeezing and rubbing to his pleasure. The noises around us turn from silence to each of our soft moans his loudening as I brush myself against his crotch repeatedly. “Baby girl…oh frick…not when we-” He let out an intense moan as I brushed my palm to his forming hard-on. “We can’t finish for a while don’t do that here.” He bit my lower lip and I refused to let up until his full errection rose for the perfect timing;

“There you guys are we’ve been-ew! Public display of love, public love, ew!” Aaron yelled out upon discovering the two of us whilst I could see Gilinsky grinning probably trying to hold back his laugh as Nash made sure to use me as a shield to his crotch.