The 20 most memorable moments from the Harry Potter books – as chosen by fans.

  • Draco is taller than Harry
  • But not by one or two inches though
  • By over a foot
  • At first Harry didn’t notice, because Draco tried to stay seated as often as possible
  • And when he stood or walked his shoulders were hunched and his head was bowed low
  • Since the war and trials that followed almost every trace of pride in his demeanour had been erased
  • Draco hates his newfound height
  • His legs won’t fit underneath the school benches
  • The dormitory entrance is so low he keeps banging his head against it
  • And the people who want to look down on him, who deserve to look down on him, need to crane their neck upwards to see his face
  • Which causes them to hate him even more
  • When Pansy sees him struggle, she starts to wear high spiked heels around him
  • Blaise follows suit
  • And it helps, because now people notice them before Draco
  • Except Harry of course, who just keeps staring at the blond like he’s the only thing in the world worth looking at
  • Which, according to a half drunk confession made by one H. Potter, he totally is, and what does it matter that Blaise is wearing high heels Ron? He’s never going to be prettier that Malfoy anyway
  • “Well, if Malfoy’s so pretty, then why don’t you go annoy him instead of me?” A more than half drunk Ron tells him, because Zabini looks nice in heels, but he’ll never outclass Hermione, and he’d like some alone time with her to tell her just that
  • So Harry goes out to find Draco
  • And he finally notices their height difference when he quite literally bumps into the pale boy
  • Because even for a half drunk Harry it’s hard to miss that he’s not standing nose to nose with his former nemesis
  • He’s standing nose to a-bit-below-the-nipples with him
  • “You’re tall.” Harry mumbles as he looks up (and up and up and up)
  • “You’re tiny.” Draco shoots back, a little bit of his snark coming back to him now that he’s more used to the stares (and also quite tipsy)
  • “How can you kiss when you’re so tall?” 
  • “Care to find out, Potter?”
  • And that’s how Drarry happened

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it says on genji's blackwatch skin description that overwatch's cyberneticists are who upgraded genji. not mercy.

[regarding this post]

Thank you for the info.

For sure there was a team dedicated to taking care of Genji. I am sorry if this sounds like an excuse but considering Mercy was his attending doctor and Genji was unstable and hysterical, it makes sense to me that she was the one to check him up and get some brief feedback from him. Also Mercy’s tech kept Genji alive and helped him heal faster and better during the cybernization process so she was essential to his days in OW. I thought about adding a crew working in the background but it would affect how the whole thing goes so I presented the story as it is now.

Here have a cruel and shitty joke.

Droughtlander Art Challenge
Week 18 - Claire

Work is kicking my butt this week so just a quick painting for today. Tried to see what I could do with only one large brush… I know, I know, another b/w, but I do have some bright colors coming your way for next week, I promise!

Hope you’re all having a wonderful summer so far!
We’re a week closer to September!

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what's been bothering me about this whole Moffat/bill thing is that even if they fix her (which is pretty much guaranteed to happen), it doesn't fix what happened. They took a black lesbian woman and stripped her of everything. We already constantly see POC and LGBT people dehumanized by society on a regular basis so to have it happen on my favourite show too? It's painful. So, so painful.

Yes, that’s basically what I’ve been trying to say all day. I have almost absolute faith that Bill will be alright eventually. I even dare to hope that the end result will be triumphant, because it often is. (Amy reclaiming everything time had stolen from her came right after Rory was forced to shoot her in the previous episode. Clara taking over the myth of the show was built on her dying in the Trap Street.)

And I think that - like the choice to have Amy die by Rory’s involuntary betrayal, and Clara because of a recklessness and the desire to save someone else - Cyberconversion is a choice that doesn’t come out of nowhere. It makes sense for Bill’s character, for the way she wears her heart on her sleeve, for the way she lives who she is. It’s the kind of thing that is an overtly smart thing for her to triumph over.

I suspect that once the next episode has aired, this post won’t be the only brilliant redemptive reading of Bill’s fate. A lesbian black woman, who can be shot, who can lose her heart, who people will try to change (to “improve”) beyond recognition, only for her to (likely) make it through to the other side, alive, as herself? That’s potent stuff.

But is it really the only powerful story that could be told here? One that goes through the tired, upsetting images of a black lesbian being shot and being tortured? The possibility of her brutal, terrifying death looming over the viewer? Over lesbian women, over black women, over QPOC, who have seen all of this play out one too many times?

I think the beginning of this series really touched on what people really wanted out of a character like Bill. A promise of safety. Stories which emphasised hope over trauma. A vibrant, intelligent young woman who can be vulnerable but never ashamed. It’s never quite going to be the same again, isn’t it?

if you don’t think that akira and morgana have had at least one cat-to-owner bonding moment you’re lying to me and yourself


It is a theory generally accepted in certain circles that love, like the rest of the known universe, can be broken down into an exact science. It has been demonstrated in a series of animal models that neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin and hormones such as oxytocin and vasopressin facilitate the warm and fuzzy feelings so often associated with the phenomenon of “falling in love”. Using a descriptive analysis of the case subject, this study aims to understand the mechanisms involved in this highly described and documented, yet poorly elucidated phenomenon. While it has yet been possible to provide definite answers to the questions, it is hoped that this study will stimulate further investigation in this field.

― Six de los Reyes, Beginner’s Guide: Love and Other Chemical Reactions (Talking Nerdy Book 1)

NCT as Things I’ve Heard In School

Taeyong: “I’m breaking up with my boyfriend after summer is over because I refuse to be taken when college starts.”

Taeil: “After we graduate you’ll probably never see me again”

Johnny: “Would a microwave fit in my locker?”

Yuta: “Someone with a face like this should nOT FEEL THIS STRESSED!!!”

Doyoung: “We’re all on a speeding train heading for death”


Winwin: *smug smile* “I’ve not done my own homework ONCE since school started”

Mark: *asks this every week* “Want me to buy you something from the café?”

Haechan: “You should start school fires at the beginning of the semester.”


Just wanted to show you that I’m not dead with a little bit more detailed work… Beacuse the only stuff I put here are sketches and dumb doodles. sorry for that ;_;
So… I still need to do 5.0.5, whole bacground and these two gay fuckers in the distance (my gf laughed too hard at BH just being a pussy and Flug who needs to carry this idiot trough the river).
Oh and, actually in the first concept, there was supposed to be only Dem and 5.0.5. Why? Because I got inspired by the scene from movie “Brave”. Yuup, I’m talking about this one with Merida and her mom (already a bear) playing in the river while catching fishes. Btw I adore this song in polish, I love to listen this while being in tram. It makes me somehow happy.
OK SORRY FOR MY MUMBLING- I’ll end this post here.