• 7/27/12 •

                                    happy 4 years anniversary, fifth harmony!

So I decided to put all my Dioptase designs in one pic. Also I edited the other Dios’ colors a bit to fit more with the canon that same gem types have varying skin/hair tones like the Rubies we saw. :3

A little late with the enlightenment.

Context: Our party Goliath named Krow had been dragged away in the night and the rest of the party had been awoken by a blast from his enchanted gauntlets as he was being dragged. We follow to find ourselves some werewolves, one of which was huge and entirely white and wearing gauntlets. I, as a reborn Samsaran had cast psychic reading to see if I could figure out that it might be Krow, I then used burst of insight. Normally this would daze me for one turn afterward but since I used two abilities at once the DM had me roll a d4 for how long I’d be dazed, I got a four.

Krow (Still in hybrid werewolf form): *explaining his clan blessing/curse where they get control over werewolf forms*
Myself: Ugh that was rough, hey guys I thing that white werewolf is Krow.
Tiefling: No shit, dickass, we figured that out 3 minutes ago.
Me: Rude. (I punch the tiefling)
DM: You’re still kinda messed up so you miss and everyone stares at you. Krow, continue please.