Confession: I suffer from chronic indecision, a condition that among other things renders me unable to dress sims by myself. :P But really, I apologize for bothering y'all with this sort of thing (yet again), but…

Which hair looks better on her? I’ve narrowed it down to these two styles, and I’d love some input if anyone feels like helping me out. Either way, thank you for looking, and I hope you guys have a nice Friday and a wonderful weekend! (And better posts should be coming soon, I promise! As well as some long overdue CC uploads that I’ve been trying to polish up and finish so I can share. :D)

So last night my dog jumped up on my bed onto my laptop, landing on the screen and bending it back, nails banging against it.

The screen went black. My heart stopped. I adjusted the screen but aside from the black there was only little white dots. I was losing my absolute mind.

Then the mouse shifted. My computer was fine. She had knocked the mouse so I was looking at a closeup of the night sky in Sims 4.

Anyway she took like ten years off of my life and is absolutely unrepentant.