Advantages of being an idiot

DM: (Describing an Umbral Blot) It’s an intelligent black ball which pursues intelligent creatures to the ends of the world and utterly destroys them. It’ll go through anything to get to you and take you out. 

Most of the party: Holy shit! 

Ranger: Well, good thing I’m a dumbass! 

I Spy with My Critical Eye: Let Yourself Get Lost In Your First Draft

Writing a first draft requires a unique set of skills. All month, we’re asking authors to look back on their past first drafts… and the lessons they’ve learned from them. Today, Lisa A. Koosis, short story writer and 12-time NaNoWriMo participant, shares how she learned to paint herself into corners:

I never truly know what a book I’m writing is about until I’ve completed the first draft. Take my first year participating in NaNoWriMo, for example. I knew exactly the book I planned to write. Since I planned on expanding a short story I’d written, I knew the essential plot. I knew the characters. I knew the themes. I even knew how it ended.

Then something funny happened. Words started spilling from my pen, inky enigmas involving unplanned scenes, new characters, and bizarre plot twists. I realized I didn’t actually know my story at all…

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Light-Up Pokemon Sculptures

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Mechanical Wings

Conquer the open skies in a way you never thought possible by strapping on a pair of mechanical wings. These high-tech wings come with brilliant LED lighting accents at the tips and can extend to four and a half feet wide with the flick of a switch.


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Awesome Sh*t You Can Buy

we had fun at otra cleveland.

this was not at all a given. 

dedkake and i went to wwa in detroit last year, buying really cheap nosebleed seats at the last minute. we had a good time representing rainbow direction… and a super lame concert experience. 

this year, i wanted to rep the rainbows again, but i wanted to avoid last year’s boredom. we paid about ten times more for our tickets and had about ten times more fun. 

we could see so much more, due to our seats, as well as the fact that the big screens were pretty much exclusively showing close-ups of one direction’s faces (instead of the lame graphics of year’s past). 

dedkake is not a fan, but even she had a blast. when i asked her what made the biggest difference from last year, she did not say our (fucking awesome) seats or the fact that i’d made her learn a good chunk of their music. she said, because harry, louis, niall, and liam looked like they were having fun. watching them, you couldn’t not have fun. 


So I decided it was time to meet up with some more like minded people who love their dogs just as much as I do. I joined a facebook page for Border Collies in South Australia and participated in their second ever group walk. We met at Kuitpo Forest (<– click to see photos of previous adventures at Kuitpo) and had a blast of a day!

All up there were about 7 Border Collies, 2 Bernese Mountain Dogs and 1 Golden Retriever.


Perhaps the only way to heal again
is to become like a flower
that slowly opens her petals
after utter darkness

and allowes Him to nourish her
with His Divine Light.

Maybe then you’ll understand
that your thick skin is made to unfold
in front of The One
Who causes hearts to blossom.

—  ibtasem // Al-Muqit - The Nourisher