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Oisuga week - day 3: outer space/mistakes

Gullible baby Oikawa was easily convinced that Suga was a real alien because of his light hair and the glowing antenna headband. Suga just played along and pointed at random stars, telling Oikawa about ‘the star he was originally from’ and made-up facts about the outer space. Oikawa wished he had a telescope instead of his dad’s binocular so he could get to see the rad alien spaceship station Suga told him about. Little nerds.


Caution, you call it -
Reluctance, I counter;
You’re breathtaking in this light
dimmed by aura of satiation.
I want to memorize all the contours
of this moment, and you ponder my silence
Caution, you call it -
But no, not caution,
Reluctance, I counter.

Prized jewels aren’t left in the open
Rare works of art aren’t always in museums
Money itself is locked up
What everyone wants is meant to be elusive
Economics says as much
Demands grows; supply restricts; value exponential
And that’s all about what’s measurable…
What of this which is priceless?
Caution, you call it -
Reluctance, I counter.

It’s true I keep you to myself
your essence and your quintessence
collected quaint in my heart –
No, I do not want to release
the knowledge of your existence;
The world has a way of taking
by hook or by crook
but if they don’t even know
what immense treasure I have found
in you and yours?
Caution, you call it -
Reluctance, I counter.

I opt for silence and smear it over the windows
let no one see here what’s not meant for their eyes
what they think then is their business
this extraordinary rivet is mine.
So, with a finger to your lips,
let me wrap you up in my reluctance
to let you go, whilst caution
stands a sentinel at the threshold.

Hamilton characters as things said in the group chat I have with my friends:
  • Alexanander: NO U MUST STAY AWAK
  • Jefferson: HAMILTON SUCKS
  • Angelica: well it's hard to read if YOU HAVE NO PUNCTUATION
  • Lafayette: heehehhehehehe
  • Madison: Who's a hot freaking mess? mE
  • Burr: I wish I could stop hanging around myself
  • Peggy: *whale emoji spam*
  • Eliza: ( * ° * )---☆
  • Maria: *grabs glitter* my precioussssss
  • Philip: I have tested glitter in an easy bake oven cake
  • Washington: Unrealistic. Blocked.
Alphabet questions!

I was tagged by the lovely @flannel-and-fandoms thank you dear!

Rules: answer the question in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better

A- age: 18
B- birthplace: Italy
C- current time: 6:35 P.m
D- drink you last had: red wine (lol)
E- easiest person to talk to: my friends Anna, Valentina and @gnothiseayton ♡♡♡
F- favorite song:  that’s haaaard I’ll go with anything from Alice Cooper
G- grossest memory: the time I got stung by a wasp, gross AND painful as fuck
H- horror yes or horror no: YES I LIVE FOR THAT SHIT
I-  in love? If Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a valid answer yes, if not then no lol
J- jealous of people? just of those I really care about (my precioussssss)
K- killed someone? a bunch of zombies
L- love at first sight or should I walk by again? Meeh it’s always better if you walk by again
M- middle name: Charlotte
N- number of siblings: 1
O- one wish: to hug Jeffrey at WSC next year
P- person you called last: My sister
Q- question you’re always asked: How can you do all these things in a day?
R- reason to smile: People close to me and the dork in my icon
S- song you sang last: My Salvation - Gabrielle Aplin
T- time you woke up: 7 a.m. life sucks
U- underwear color: white (weird it’s usually black lol)
V- vacation destination: literally anywhere in the world, this summer it’s gonna be Paris and London
W- worst habit: going to sleep fucking late at night
X- X-rays: what
Y- you’re favorite food: french fries
Z- zodiac sign: Capricorn

I tag  @dixonsbait @jaylaelizabethw @craycraykitty14 @opheliadawnwalker3 @s-weethell and anyone who wants to do this ♡