alright man so this is super embarrassing to talk about but i used to be a HUGE mlp fan a few years back (like bought the merch, drew fan art,almost went to go see the first movie in the cinema type shit) but thats not important! what is is that at some point down the line, i became a fucking admin for some fuckning mlp group (omigod i know) and in that bullshit group i had a few friends, and one in particular-we’ll call him snare blaster, as that was his ponysona (I KNOW) 

Anyways Mr. Blaster over here is sharing his opinion on the new episode, its some ranch shit with applejack and her apple family, and this dude is like ‘YO this is kinda weird? but? you know the new character they introduced?applejacks cousin? yea i find him kinda hot, and by hot i mean this cartoon pony is making me question my sexuality’ which honestly just had me going ?????? and basically long story short this guy ended up realizing he was bi because he got the hots for a fucking cowboy pony

It’s one of the worst feelings when a pet dies, especially if you’ve had them for a very long time. To others, your pet is just another animal among many they didn’t know, but to you they were family. Only you knew their distinct personality, the little quirks and habits that separated them from the rest of their breed and made them unique. You remember their companionship and cuddles, the times they cheered you up when nothing else could. They gave you love unconditionally, without a word ever being spoken. 

Spend time with your pets. Love them. Cherish them. Never take their companionship for granted. They won’t be around forever.


maybe, I’m right, maybe I’m wrong
loving you dear like I do
if it’s a crime, then, I’m guilty
guilty of loving you

//ok so I think I found out Kana is polyamorous?
(captions for ship names and the other half)

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Seasons change
as hell freezes over.
Sticky sweet living rooms
are emptied.
At least I no longer
pray in the bottom of swimming pools.
At least I no longer
toy with the idea
of racing trains on the track.
The year is melting away,
and I keep
moving forward.
—  Michelle K., Moving Forward.