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Q: who has the biggest sweet tooth within the sins?

A: merlin. she’s dependent on sweets when she is deep in thought.


Robin caught smooching a stranger?

(Jayshiro Robin Days au)

Inktober Day #21: Big

Inspired by this lovely art, as I totally agree with it and I love the idea of Mob hitting a growth spurt and growing quite a bit taller than Reigen someday :’) He’s mostly still a string bean (like my brother) but he does have some lean muscle now, so his time in the Body Improvement Club paid off! Reigen is proud…a proud dad indeed.

Ritsu is still the taller brother though, and he’s got the sleep deprived college freshman look down pat (gotta keep those stellar grades up), which is frankly terrifying to everyone BUT Mob X’’D 

anonymous asked:

If neither of your friends are doing something for Halloween, you could always suggest for a movie marathon (each person bring their favorite Halloween movie and snack for everyone to enjoy )

yeah !! I think if I don’t have anyone to spend it with I’m gonna stay home and pass out candy sigh
Wake Up
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I wrote a bit of Luke Cage in the Sunshineverse because his show was amazing and also why not.  Includes feralMatt being an idiot because of chocolate.

More stuff upcoming!  Thanks for being patient with my slow ass.

Seasons change
as hell freezes over.
Sticky sweet living rooms
are emptied.
At least I no longer
pray in the bottom of swimming pools.
At least I no longer
toy with the idea
of racing trains on the track.
The year is melting away,
and I keep
moving forward.
—  Michelle K., Moving Forward.
2016 is my year. I will do anything and everything to make myself a better person inside and out. This year I will spend time on my problems not others problems. I will put myself first to gain every ounce of happiness I lost in 2015. This is my wake up call. I will make my dreams into reality this year. I will put my determination to it. This year is for me to be reborn to the person I need and want to be. 2016 is my year.
—  J.p