People vs Me in 2017

All people: 2017 Surprise me !!!

Me: Pfff, I now how my 2017 will be. Without boyfriend, shipping, have new ships all days, watching series and anime, fangirling all the time and another year being like a hermit… It will be awesome!

Story time. I look AWFUL in this photo. I’m sweaty and gross and I’m in desperate need of a shower. BUT I honestly feel better than I have in a long time. I made it my goal this year to treat myself better. That means eating healthier, going to the gym, taking the occasional bubble bath, listening to new music, and so many more little changes.

While it’s only been a month, I’m seeing major differences. I’m sleeping through the night without sleeping pills for the first time in two years. I have more energy during the day and am overall more relaxed. And best of all, I’ve already lost 8 pounds! I know this doesn’t seem like a lot, but it means the world to me. As a girl who has always been bigger, it feels good to see a physical change.

I want to make 2017 my best year and I’m going to do everything I can to make it happen. Sometimes life hits hard, but this year I’m fighting back.

2017 is the year...

2017 is going to be the year where I am gonna:

-Stop thinking about the past 

-Stop letting people control me

-Stop being depressed

-Stop caring what my parents think of me

-Stop being around toxic people

-Stop caring what the kids at school think of me

-Stop living in fear of my parents

2017 is going to be the year where I am gonna

-Start taking control of my life

-Start doing the things I want to do

-Start to study hard because its my last year of school so I might as well give it my all

-Start to do the things that make me happy

-Start to make new friends

-Start to read more book

-Start to draw more

-Start to love myself more

-Start to believe in myself more

2017 is going to be my year because I am going to god damn make it my year

12 Things I did in 2015
  • 1: Passed my driving test
  • 2: Finished College
  • 3: Became unhealthily obsessed with Avatar: The Last Airbender and experienced my first true shipping experience through Zutara
  • 4: Got Tumblr
  • 5: Started Uni
  • 6: Got hypnotised
  • 7: Became unhealthily obsessed with Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil and may or may not have watched every single video they ever made
  • 8: Began vlogging on YouTube
  • 9: Became unhealthily obsessed with the BBC show Merlin and unintentionally began shipping Merthur
  • 10: Saw the new Star Wars movie and became unhealthily obsessed with everything remotely to do with Star Wars
  • 11: Stayed permanently stuck and number 9
  • 12: Wrote this.
2016 is my year. I will do anything and everything to make myself a better person inside and out. This year I will spend time on my problems not others problems. I will put myself first to gain every ounce of happiness I lost in 2015. This is my wake up call. I will make my dreams into reality this year. I will put my determination to it. This year is for me to be reborn to the person I need and want to be. 2016 is my year.
—  J.p
  • *2009*
  • *Now*
  • Me: I still haven't had my year where is it...

Tomorrow is my last day as a LUSH EMPLOYEE. very sad news but I’m sure going into management will open many doors for me and develop me into a strong man and test me in so many ways than I could imagine. Since tomorrow its promo valentines: I’m thinking let’s go all out and do it up, #mua style. RED EYEBROWS & RED LASHES. pics to come I’m sure. So blessed and I am ready to accept all the rest of these blessings.