When Erik and Charles were both young.

Charles:(he is so cute that his mom can’t help dressing him like a princess)You can’t play this slingshot,boy!It’s dangerous.

Erik:I can and I did.Now leave me alone girl and I will shoot it down…

Charles:No,I won’t leave you alone.And I am a boy,not a girl…Ah!

Erik:(SHOCKED)…I’m sorry I didn’t mean to do that…

Charles:(sobbing)I told you it is dangerous…It hurts…(he begin to cry and quickly run away home)

Charles’ home

Charles:(Crying)Mummy I never ever ever wear this dress!He doesn’t like to play with a girl!

Mrs.Xavior:..who,my dear?

Erik’s home

Mrs. Lensherr:What’s up,sweeties?You look upset.

Erik:Mom, can I get married with a boy?


Charles Xavier - X-Men First Class
Work in progress

It’s doooooone! After a month and a half working on it, sewing more than 80 meters of lines one by one to have the exact texture for the black parts and other annoying details, I’m done! >w< I just miss the black gloves now!
I’m really happy with it, it was one of my main cos dream and it was worth the time spent on it. >w< And Charles is a really important character to me. >w<
It’s heavy and not comfortable but I’m so excited about wearing it in a shoot and comic-con! :DD I’ve been dreaming of wearing this jumpsuit since I first saw First Class! *w*