Ruby Tuesday s in Bowling Green Kentucky

I love how they can discriminate against me for my disabity i have been trying to get a job here for 3 years now they tell me that my wife works here they dont hire family but in the past 3 years there have been husbands and wifes working here boy friend and girl friend that r now husband and wife one gay man was called a faggot u suck cocks i dont think thats rite if u would reblogg to let everyone know how Ruby Tuesday is

me: eat less Ass , eat more Grass
home owner: my wife and i have decided that hiring a combination gardener/chef/sex counselor would not be such a good money-saving idea after all , please leave

So the other night my wife who works in event planning had to go into work to finish up some last minute tasks and the woman that does softgoods (drapes, banners, miscellaneous sewing stuff) was working on an upholstery project that she was struggling with and my wife told her that I know how to upholster and so she hired me for the evening and I helped her figure things out and kind of saved her life a little and we worked on it for a few days and finished up this afternoon and turns out it was for Lady Gaga’s national tour.

So yeah, good day.