Today, I fucked up... by chasing down my "brother"

This happened yesterday evening and english isn’t my first language so I’m sorry for all the mistakes I will make.

I’m 19 years old 196 cm bearded pretty big and mean looking fellow, I live in outskirts of Finland’s capital, Helsinki with my brother and mother. My mom works long hours and when she comes home tired she expects us to have done our chores and the house to be in prime condition, but yesterday I had been out with friends and came home at around 9. Our house looked like shit, my brother didn’t do any of hes chores and just sat on computer whole evening. When my mother came home she didn’t really appreciate this so she got into heated argument with my 13 years old brother. In the end my brother ran off and when I came home he had been gone for almost 2 hours so my mother started to get worried, it was late and he had school tomorrow so I decided to go look for him.

I looked for him about an hour with no success and at this point I was really starting to get angry and worried, you can never know what kind of people lurk around here. I spot my brother walking down a street maybe couple kilometers away from my home, about 100 meters in front of me. I yell at him to come here, he looks behind but ignores me and just keeps walking down the street. I just think of what kind of shit brother I have and yell at him to come here right now and start speeding up my walking phase to catch up to him. He starts running and I have had enough of hes shit and start running after him yelling “You think you can run from me? I will catch you”. I start catching up to him and he decides to get off the road and start skipping peoples yard to get away from me, I really didn’t want to spend my evening this way and I yell at him “You can run but I will catch you and take you home, no matter if you want or not”. He yells “leave me alone!” while running through bushes and jumping over fences from one yard to other to get away from me. I’m closing on him and laugh “you really thought you could get away from me?” he turns around, face covered of tears and in terror the kid yells for help. I’m shocked, this isn’t my brother. He has the same type of clothes, he is the same age and height, but he isn’t my brother. I apologize thousand times and tell him to go home and that I’m so sorry I thought he was my brother. I felt so bad, I might have scarred this kid for life, he might never go out alone at evenings just because of me. My brother came home maybe hour later and my mom called me to come back to home but I can never tell them how I chased down this poor kid.

TLDR: Chased down a kid who I thought was my brother, he thought I was going to kidnap or murder him.

by Atharr

Quick Draw ! - draw and full color something in under ten minutes

I got tagged by cynphonium!

Decided to draw Lith because I had the feeling it passed too much time, since the last time

Urf j-just 10 minutes, I had to restart like 3 times because people came into my room and wanted things from me. Three. Times. I couldn’t be alone for just 10 minutes. urghh…

Well well, since I take way more time as 10 min for the sketch I wanted to skip it but then lineart and sketch kinda fused omg xD

I tag umm… thetictactician, azurmet, echobows
I hope you all aren’t already tagged ^^’

brand new studyblr/lawblr :)

just getting started with this whole thing, looking for some buddies to follow. I’m Madison, and I’m a 23 year old 1L. 

My blog will be half studyblr, half personal, and I’m really just looking for some other students to be in touch with. Like this if you’re a lawblr, a studyblr, in law school, in grad school, or whatever–I’m just looking to fill up my dashboard.

Thanks y’all!

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rules: tag 10 people you would like to get to know better
name: angie
nicknames: i don’t have a nickname since my name is already one :(
birthday: april 15th
sign: aries as fucc
sexuality: birom aceflux demi
favorite color: green, pastel colors, blue, red, purple just the whole rainbow
time: 10:05pm
average hours of sleep: i go to sleep like a baby since school started so like 6 or 7 :0
lucky #: 7
last thing i googled: some makeup stuffs
words that come to mind: mini, little, alien, kitten, churassco
# of blankets I sleep with: a big giant comforter
celebrity crush: lindsey morgan, halsey, nicki minaj my wifeys 💞
favorite book: i don’t really read any more :/
favorite artist: there are so many,, i love frida my bb, jennalee aclair (i wanna a comisson tat of their art), picasso, basquait, and many more i can’t remember right now
last movie i saw in theaters: inside out it was so sad i cried
dream trip: i would love to visit cotorra cuba and havana and tokyo, japan n the little blue city in morocco
what im wearing now: a striped red zip up shirt and pajamys after olong day

i tag angeltrancy lazyputa bratpills artlooks brownmuva catholicnun coolfawn dimsumcart grumpytrans aceflux smolirl

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💋 ((For Yoshi B) ))

“………the hell……..? Why in tarnation are you so goshdarn tall?! Oh, lemme guess, I need to kiss you too? No way, NO-FUCKIN’-WAY am I gonna look like one of those sad lil’ high school girls who’re standin’ all the way on their tippy-toes, tryin’ to give their boyfriends a peck on the lips or whatever. Ugh, stay right there, I gotta go grab my stepladder now.”

“….Come to think of it, ya sure do look a whole goshdarn lot like a lil’ yoshi brat that helped beat me up a while back. Gh…. that lil’ add-on just makes this whole situation so much worse….. eughhh…..”

YOU KNOW WHO I REALLY HATE (not really hate but more like jealous of) popular people and not like the cool kids at school I mean people who others genuinely love and like they’re so likeable and everyone likes them and wants to hang out with them and they have so many friends and people talk about them all the time like it makes me so sad my whole life I’ve just wanted to be like that, I want people to like me and they don’t all I’ve gotten was hate from the majority of people and that fucking kills why am I alive

its 6am and i went to walk pooky and looked if i had mail at the same time and of course i got the letter from welfare telling me that they will stop giving me disability starting next month and i have an appointment with my doctor on the 21th so she’ll be able to fill out the paperwork proving that i’m still unable to work but im scared it’s gonna be too late to get the money for october so i’ll end up having to live with like 630$ for the whole month and it’s stressing me out, im just trying to get better and not let myself go back to where i was but there’s always some fucking paperwork to do and having to prove that i,m enough of a pathetic shit to get money to survive it’s just exhausting and even if im diagnosed with complex ptsd my brain is telling me that i’m just a lazy worthless looser and that if i actually tried i would be able to go back to work or school and i just want to cry and take all my pills to make it stop but i don’t have enough to overdose so i’m failing at that too i would just make myself sick  and it would be dumb im just so tired so fucking tired i go back from i deserve all of this shit cause im shit to being so fucking mad that my  parents did this to me and they get to live happily while i struggle so much im just tired idk im sorry i need to rant this probably doesn’t even make sense im just trying to not hate my life, not to hate life but when it’s 6am and i haven’t slept and i’m sad it’s hard to find any reason to keep going im just so fucking tired   

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Hi- I really like your blog and the whole idea of the studyblr community. I have made a blog myself as a motivational tool and something fun and creative to do, and I was wondering if you had any advice on where to go next to further join the community? Thanks :)

  • Hi I would recommend doing as many original posts as possible, whether they’re photos of you desk or just textposts about what your currently studying.
  • I would recommend that you set up a tag for your original content so that people can find it easily.
  • I also think that tagging as many things as possible helps and not just tagging them “studyblr” etc. but being specific like “biology” etc.
  • Be as active as possible even if you just have your queue running while your asleep.
  • Reblog those post about people who are looking for study blogs to follow
  • Don’t be afraid to message people and just say hi or ask for advice.
  • If someone is studying the same topic that you are don’t be afraid to send them as message like “hey i don’t really understand when to use which relative pronoun in French. Do you mind explaining it to me?

In middle school I had a serious pen chewing problem. In seventh grade algerbra I was chewing on one of those factory issue black pens and it exploded in my mouth and I had a mouth full on ink. Naturally I let out a muffled yelp and the teacher asked what it was and I whipped around with heaps of black tar spilling from my mouth like “HHGHHNQBEUBHGHQRGQRHRG” and she just paused and said “go to the bathroom max” and I did the walk of shame to the bathroom in front of the whole class.

And that isn’t even on the top ten list of the embarrassing things I did in middle school.

So last year a group of kids figured out the school’s wifi password, and the whole school pretty much got it. However, they found out and kicked us off like the last month of school.

This year they gave us our own wifi but blocked things like Facebook and Tumblr. Still, my anime site wasn’t blocked so guess who tested that by watching Book of Circus during lunch.^^

Apparently, my niece has a perennial bully at school, and this girl catfished her, talked to her as a boy her age for a while, and convinced her to send inappropriate pictures to her (mind you, my niece is is 12). When she did, she posted them all over social media and now, not only has her whole school seen it, but kids at other schools have seen it. The school is doing nothing about it and she’s suicidal again.

Kids. Are. So. Cruel.

Like, I get that my niece is foolish and has no impulse control because she should know better than to send that kind of stuff to anyone, let alone complete strangers, but the fact that someone would manipulate them and humiliate them like that is just unbelievable.

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Omg, when will you upload the cancer post??????? This is taking foreverrr.

Excuse me but I’ve got things like school and family to think about, my whole life doesn’t revolve around this, if you’re so insistent why don’t you just google it, there are literally hundreds of websites dedicated to compatibility

I went to visit one of my friends at her house unexpectedly and her boyfriend (one of my friends) was there. like it wasn’t a first time thing I’ve shown up unexpectedly before and there weren’t any problems and it wasn’t intruding and we’d just hang out for a while and I’d leave but her boyfriend gets so mad and he’s all threatening me and telling me to stay away from his girlfriend and that he won’t say shit about me around school only because I’m dating his best friend but like this whole time I thought he and I were friends and now suddenly he hates me and I don’t understand why he’s so mad over this small thing and I just feel like complete trash like this happens to me every year and I think I escape it but I don’t

good for u 5 min study snacks

i know most of us have either started school alrdy or are getting ready to start, and i wanted to make a list of some of my favorite studying bites for reference :o)

  • frozen peas / edamame: mix a half a cup of both in a microwave-safe tupperware and microwave for 1-2 minutes and take it with u to the library–both are Very Good sources of protein which will keep u full, and edamame (soy beans) have natural umami in them (that savory taste of protein-rich foods like meats). 
  • hard-boiled eggs: boil a whole big lot on sunday and keep them in the fridge (fridge life ~7 days) and when ur about to head out cut 1 in half and season w/ whatever u want. salt, pepper, parmesan, sriracha, cayenne…etc. also keeps u full and v tasty 
  • cheapest fresh fruits & veggies (obviously): apples, bananas, oranges, cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, whatevers on sale at ur grocery store – the natural sugars / carbs will give u a nice bit of energy to keep u going
  • 2-ingredient trailmix: break up some dark chocolate (70% cocoa or more) and combine w/ ur choice of nuts (i like almonds and cashews). make 3-4 cups worth on sunday and keep them in an airtight container to scoop out from when ur about to study–cocoa stimulates production of endorphins which are ur brain’s happy chemicals while nuts keep u full
  • oatmeal: i like to make watery oatmeal in the morning and put it in a thermos to take with me, watery bc the oats will continue to soak up liquid while it sits in the container so when u actually eat it the consistency will be Perfect. u can also pack a banana w/ this to put on the oatmeal if u so desire – oats are a good source of fiber which also help keep u full
  • air-popped popcorn: get the kind that has zero flavor and then add ur own seasonings and fill a ziploc bag when ur going to head out – a nice source of whole grains and fiber and also very fun to eat (though it can get loud and annoying so remember to be courteous abt ur foods)
  • greek yogurt / nutella / granola: get those big containers of greek yogurt and plop a little in a small tupperware to-go. u can also add nutella or granola to plain greek yogurt for extra tastiness – lots of protein and the sugar and carbs from nutella/granola are quick source of energy.

(ok i probably forgot a whole bunch so ill add on when i think of more…also always have water with u! ur brain is 75% water. it needs water.)

[disclaimer that im not a nutritionist or medical professional in any capacity i am only a teenager on the internet and these are just my own favorite foods and nothing more – be aware and take care of ur own health needs etc!!] 

imagine student!luke being this sorta popular dude at school bc wowie was that boy pretty, but but but he just never smiles so your ultimate goal would be to get him to do just that bc you’re sure his smile was probably like sunshine and happiness and all things wonderful so during one of your shared classes you’d sit next to him and nudge your knee with his as you told him a super lame joke like “how many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh?” and he’d just continuously tap his pencil on the desk and respond “oh god not this again” and you’d place your hands on his cheeks and yell out “TEN-TICKLES” and luke would just roll his eyes (while everyone else in the class looked at you confusingly) and go back to taking notes and you’d huff bc nOTHING WAS WORKING ok so you’d go home that night and find the absolute worst joke that was so horrible he would have to like it omg so first thing the next morning youd run to lukes locker but before you even had the chance to say anything luke would shut his locker and say cOMPLETELY MONOTONE “the dyslexic devil worshipper sold his soul to santa” and it would be so out of nowhere you’d just drop down to your knees and be laughing so hard, to which he’d say “aw that wasn’t even a pick up line and ive already got you on your knees” which would make you laugh even more as luke helped you stand back up and all of a sudden lukes smirk would turn into the brightest smile ever as he watched you continue to giggle and tuck your hair behind your ear and the second you saw that you’d be on your tiptoes to boop his nose as you yelled “I KNEW IT I KNEW YOUR SMILE WAS THE EPITOME OF SUNSHINE” and he’d grab onto your hand and pull you into him and say “sunshine huh? well, now im pretty happy michael told me to act like myself instead of pretending your jokes weren’t the funniest things…you think im sunshine” and you’d blush and laugh “and happiness and everything wonderful” and he’d smile some more and then lean down and kiss your cheek and whisper “say it again, sweetheart” which would make the two of you burst into fits of laughter again as you just kept sing-songing ‘sunshine’ over and over and i dunno about you but i hate luke hemmings wow

Okay, but, imagine Karlie on her first day of college. She’s nervous and excited, and that morning, Taylor hands her a brown-bag lunch she packed for her, and takes a million “first day of school!” photos of Karlie standing in front of the door with her backpack and her lunch, like she’s starting kindergarten instead of college.

And then Taylor has her security drive her and Karlie to NYU, and they hold hands in the backseat the whole way because Karlie is so nervous and when they get there, Taylor kisses her and wishes her luck on her first day “not that you’ll need it, because I know you’re going to be amazing”, and Karlie does an awkward half-wave sort of thing as she walks into the building and Taylor sits in the backseat of the car watching her go, and is just so proud of her girl and so overwhelmed that she cries the whole way home.

And then Taylor wanders aimlessly around her house, because she knows how nervous Karlie is, and that makes her nervous too, but she’s trying to project confidence so Karlie knows she doesn’t have to be afraid, because honestly she’s going to be fine and she’s probably going to end up with straight A’s, but she could fail out of college entirely and still be the smartest and best person Taylor knows. So she texts her “Have a great first day, baby!”, and Karlie just texts back with a single heart emoji, but somehow that says everything.

I JUST HAVE A LOT OF FEELS ABOUT KARLIE GOING TO COLLEGE, OKAY. damn you, theorangegirlxx for making me think about this before I’ve finished my coffee.

  • what she says:my date for the pap rally kinda blew... me off
  • what she means:my ex-boyfriend literally just blew up. like. blew. up. kaboom. he was going to blow up this whole school and i had to go after him with a croquet mallet and let me tell you i am SO FUCKING DONE with this popularity bullshit because i just had to deal with some psycho ex boyfriend bullshit and some serial killer bullshit which VERY NEARLY turned into some mass murder bullshit so now i really don't have time for this high school hierarchy bullshit so let's just go watch the princess bride okay