Happy Valentine’s Day

For eternal single people (like me), this is a day that we dreaded when we were in middle school, high school, and even sometimes after that. This is a day where the whole world reminded us that we didn’t have a date. That we weren’t loved. That we were pathetic to be alone on this day. 

But it’s wrong. My own conception of Valentine’s Day is to celebrate love, not only between two partners but also between a person and his family and friends. 

So here, I’m tagging every people on tumblr that I consider as my friends, or persons who deserve more love, or persons I admire. People that I talk with everyday, people that I see from afar and like the blog, and also people that I lost contact with over the months, because I’m such a lazy ass. I can’t speak to everyone, it goes beyond the limits of the social area of my brain. It doesn’t mean I don’t like you anymore or forgot about you :) 

(I also do this to apologize for never answering the tags…lol, sorry I’m so lazy)

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And all my other lovely followers (sorry I can’t tag you all… -_-)

A lot of times kids assume (hell lots of people assume) that because I’m an art teacher, my grades weren’t important to me, school wasn’t important, I didn’t get good grades.

The other day a kid said to me, “Well it’s not like you got good grades in school miss. Just your art was important. I only care about my art.”

“Well, I’m glad your art is important, but actually, my grades were VERY important. I went to ________ high school.” (actually the rival high school to the school I teach at now!)

“EW REALLY?? _______________???” (school) At this point the whole class is listening.

“Yes, I graduated 10th out of 500 students, with a 4.25 GPA. I took almost all AP and honors classes. Then I went to college and graduated with a 3.7, and I’m currently in grad school getting my masters with a 4.0. You need to care about more than just your art, or sports, or whatever else, your grades are important.”

“Wait…..were you a NERD in school???”

“Yes. Yes I was.”

Whole class: 😱😱😱😱😱😬😬😬😬😬😬

anonymous asked:

When I was in my schools musical back in November, one of the pit members took a liking to me and so did I. Before every show he would give me a hug (he's 6'3" and I'm 5'7" so I was in heaven) and tell me to break legs and all that stuff. And then afterwards he would always pick me up and spin me around. Sure it was a showmance but it was a whole lot better than any of the boyfriends I've ever had☺️

Oh my gosh I love this!! That is so sweet!!

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Congratulations on achieving the ability to consent! How does it feel to have evolved from a mere passive blob, subject to the cruel whim of the world, to a thinking and combat-ready member of the Lizard Illuminati? (also looks like you're gonna need to change your bio. *points right*)

Lizards (who have lived for an arbitrary number of hours) control our institutions at the highest levels.

Also: Oh noes! But I like being able to introduce myself as “the seventeen year old grad school drop out”! You mean I’ll have to introduce myself as “the girl who dropped out of grad school at seventeen”? Madness! The flow is all wrong >.<

(This is actually gesturing at my real problem: I have a bunch of anxiety around “not having a chance any more”. I was told I was a prodigy my whole life, and now I have bad brains about wasting my potential, because what did I really accomplish as a kid? Gah. Anxiety disorders suck.)

I am not good at math and I hate how school ruined that whole thing for me etc

but I still rly love YT channels like Numberphile, I don’t understand most of what they’re talking about, but their videos serve as perfect background noise that calms my nerves.

Esp that one video with the guy owning a shit ton of klein bottles that one is just adorable and hilarious.

omg i got tagged in a fun meme by the super SWEETie @sparklehyena who i LOVe wtf

Ok!! Welcome everyone to my blog! I’ve gotten a lot of new followers recently , so this actually is prob a good way for some of you guys to get to know me a bit better!! 

Name : Avalon Snow (my last name used to be bennett but thats dads name so I use my moms maiden name!!)

Occupation/Student Status : I do drawings sometimes for money and other things! But they’re not really fun! I’m going to be going to art school in September! 

Relationship Status : This is my sweet dear that i love wif my whole heart  pls follo him nd check out his blog its rly good he knows a lot about any game u could ever have liked

Element: Water!! I love it so much, it makes me feel safe and at home. Large bodies of open water, lakes, pools, rain, snow, anything - I love water so much. I pretty much have rain sounds or water sounds always playing over or under? my music when I’m home alone. Its therapeutic! I’m kintyped to water too , its weird ! But my kintypes are really hard to explain anyway!!

Character you like best: AA

um um hm, ,,, ok can i pick a top five? im gonna 

1. Blissey from pokemon

2. Delphox from pokemon

3. Roxas from Kingdom Hearts

4. Axel from Kingdom Hearts

5. Cream from Sonic the Hedgehog

Favourite Aesthetic: eye strain rainbows, gaming models and pixels, clusters of books, toys, games, stuffed animals, anime on things that dont make any sense, porcelain figures, figures, glow !! and dogs and horses!! and water!! aaa

Something you want your followers to know: I love u all and u can msg me anything anytime because id love 2 hear from u

Ok! Now tag some people y ou’d like to get to know better : I tag @himemayu , @earthboundasriel , @segagenesisevangelion , @pomsky , @smash64 , @weltall2 , @fentasticelf , @luwu , @tavybloda , @kidbunny , @treepets , @mousepal , @dgmwiki !! u dont have to do it !!! 

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So what if Clyde and Craig had this bet who would cave in first both wearing vibrator thong the whole school day and they crank up the vibration level on certain situations.

Okay so this deserves a comic but Im…I got no time to draw sin comics (I could try and write it thou but my writing is ass) rip bUT *CRACKS KNUCKLES*

I’ve done prompts where its one of them, n the other had the remote but…both??? ooHH BOY HOWDY THAT WOULD BE A GOSH DARN DISASTER. Gotta wonder who would cave first thou omg…It would probably be Clyde though honestly. Craigs like a pro with biting back reactions so he doesn’t suffer toooo much, but poor Clyde is probs having his voice crack every other second and Craig is just…laughin, 

rest in shti Clyde he probably doesn’t even last to lunch. 

Hey guys. Just a quick update. As you might have noticed, this blog will jump from being fully active to then having no activity at all, then jumping back into being active again. Unfortunately, this is because of two issues: 

1) I’m currently in my final semester of college, and it’s leading to a whole hosts of new issues. Like where am I going to live after the school kicks me out of the dorms? Will I have a fulltime job I can support myself on? Will I even be able to stay in the area with my friends, or will I have to leave them all behind and start anew? 

2) I do have an internship that takes up most of my week. The few days it doesn’t, I have to spend a lot of time doing homework, so I can stay ahead. 

Now, don’t worry too much, okay? I do have a few irons in the fire, and in the end I’ll come out on top! But, because of these issues, sometimes time gets away from me, and before I know it, I haven’t queued anything up and the wells run dry. 

I’m very sorry about that. I really am. So, to try and stop this from happening, I am going to drop the number of times this blog posts each day from 24 (1 an hour) to 12 (1 every 2 hours). This way, if I only have time to queue 24 posts, you will get something for two days instead of one. 

This is not permanent! Believe you me, I want to keep this blog posting a lot each day, but for now, this is what is best. Once I get some of those issues figured out and have less to worry about, I will be able to spend more time hanging out on Tumblr and keeping this blog’s queue fill! Then I’ll be able to bump it back up to 24 a day. 

Again, I am very sorry, both for the random down times and for this temporary change. Hopefully things will change soon, so we can get back to our regular posting schedule! For now, let’s just enjoy the fact that Carmilla Season 3 has been confirmed, and have some fun! 

I hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day!

- Mod 9

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What.... I wanna hear this story about the rollercoaster at Disneyland

ok this was a long time ago but freshman year of high school my marching band went on a trip to disney world and i spent the whole trip hanging out w/ my two best friends at the time, these 2 guys named andrew and will. 

so anyways i used to hate rollercoasters and i refused to go on them, but andrew and will loved them so they dragged me onto the yeti one, i think it was like everest expedition or something. and that ride like goes back and forth and its rly fast and you go in the dark and shit and i was Not prepared for this at all so we get off the ride and we’re going to leave but my balance is absolutely fucked and i stagger backwards but i went so far back that i slipped off that platform and my whole body is hangin down over all the machinery and gears and shit under the rollercoaster car. and im like hanging on for dear life and my friends see what happened and like 2 or 3 disney employees run over and haul my clumsy ass up

honestly i have no idea if i would have actually died if i’d lost my grip on the platform and fallen down but i imagine it wouldnt have been fun

anyways tl;dr the yeti fucked me up and i almost got rekt by a rollercoaster

It’s esp annoying considering that I’m like actually rly into being outside and moving arnd like I got a lot of energy lol and if I just hadnt been forcefully pushed into all these things I hated that my parents thought would toughen me up and help me grow bc they had an idea of a child and maleness that I just never was that mayb I could’ve like mayb actually had a chance to b the child they wanted

Like I would’ve done sports I just didn’t wanna do baseball or football obvi lmao n it took them 14 yrs to even concede ok u can snowboard instead , like what fckin predators lmao

their whole thing was ‘team sports build character’ and it’s like oh my god shut the fuck up u old fuckin 70’s hs motherfuckers

Like I could’ve become that child all on my own bc I’m good at n enjoy school and am like vivacious n stuff but noooooooo they had to send me away and physically isolate me from my peers and had to make this hyper concentrated effort by sending s kid away for a year to try n force them thru intense psychological and physical abuse and isolation into the boy corner n like make it physically impossible to have succeeded even tho I’m like the kind of autistic that thrives in academia lol

N then I think abt that cafab who stalks me for the good trannies n how they think they understand transmisogyny and r fighting the good fight and I’m just sitting here like……..:.:ull never even have the slightest clue u fucking predator 😂


This past week, I packed up my whole life that I had built in Tampa and drove down south to my childhood home in the Keys. I’m spending my last three weeks in the USA with my family down here before I’m gone for the next two years.

Leaving Tampa was a lot more emotional than I thought it would be, and I’ve been thinking a lot about what the word “home” means to me. When I moved to Tampa for college, I didn’t think that I’d grow so attached, or that I would come to call any place other than the Keys home. Looking back though it only makes sense that I was sad to leave Tampa. That’s the place where I grew up– really grew up. Maturing from a high school graduate to a young adult in a place without parental guidance or the peers who I had learned from my whole life gave me the opportunity to choose exactly what my life looked like: who was in it, how I structured my work, how I spent my free time, how I spent my money, etc. Of course I missed my family and the beauty of the Keys, but I came to really love my life in Tampa. I met some of the best friends I’ve ever had, fell in love with a career at Lush, and did a lot of exploring. For some people it’s not a big feat to know your way around town, but the place where I grew up was literally one highway with two directions (meaning I have no sense of direction whatsoever)… So a few weeks ago when I navigated myself and some friends on foot downtown from a hotel that I had never stayed at to a pizza place that I had been to once before, with NO GPS, it really hit me how much Tampa had ingrained itself into my brain. 

I’ve come to learn that the place you call home doesn’t always refer to just one spot, like where you were born and raised, but rather the feeling of safety, comfort, and happiness that you build for yourself in whatever location you’re at. The voices that become the soundtrack to your life and the street signs and trees and skylines that seamlessly become the backdrop to your memories. I will always cherish the laughter, friends, and lessons that were brought into my life in Tampa. No matter what other places I’ll call home, I will always carry the feelings of USF pride, Gasparilla debauchery, and sorority songs in my bones and in my heart.

I still feel sad to leave my friends and the place I called home, but it gives me comfort remembering that at one point in time Tampa wasn’t even a blip on my radar. I can make home anywhere.

Naturally I’ve felt a little nervous and jumbled up about all of this shifting that’s happening and all of the transition that’s going to happen real quickly, real soon. Today, for the first time in months, I felt such a sense of calm about my ever changing place in the world. I went paddle boarding with my big brother in some back waters of the mangroves. There was not a single cloud in the sky and the water was like glass. There was nobody on the water but me and my brother, and after some initial conversation during our paddle out, we didn’t talk much. I didn’t realize how loud the world was until I felt the quiet that I did today. I forgot what the complete absence of sound felt like. All I heard was the occasional splash in the water or the flitting of the wings of a bird flying by. I stared at all of the life beneath the water and the trees: fish, jellyfish, horseshoe crabs, coral. My mind was blank with wonder and the beauty around me wrapped me in comfort. This little corner of the world where I’d never been before existed in perfection and welcomed me into a place of peace– again, reaffirming that notion that the feeling of home can happen anywhere. 

My favorite part of the day (other than the obvious love of the scenery and the joy of spending time with my big brother) was a lone little mangrove sprout that had taken root in a beached tree branch in the middle of an open body of water. This one brave little seed! It decided to just grow right there with no other seeds around it, and one day, it will be a big tree. It will be home to lots of little critters and cast shade around it. It was a little beacon of hope to me, and inspired me to be more like it. As beautiful as the world is now, there will be bigger things in the future. 

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Yeah, tell me about it! I brought a whole cantaloupe to school and people looked at me like I was crazy (while they sat there scarfing whole bags of muddy buddies or rice crispie treats, talk about ew..). My mom said the same to me too and I get that it hurts (I like broke down sobbing tbh), but ally can do really is stay strong. My family is actually quite similar with the food-offering too, handing me crap like cupcakes or asking if I want ice-cream, like uhh no thanks, no puss for me :))))

Ah my soul sister hahaha… Really like please look at your lives for a sec.. just because we aren’t doing what’s “normal” doesn’t mean we are doing anything wrong. GAH!! 

funny story

when I was in grade 6, i was really into the Hunger Games books. in the books there’s a couple parts where the author talks about Katniss and Peeta sleeping in the same bed and things like that. nothing too raunchy but enough to turn a 12 year old on. so around the time i was reading the books, i also had a huge crush on this one kid. i decided i was gonna make up a story about me and this boy sleeping in bed together much like Katniss and Peeta do in the Hunger Games. the story was about a paragraph long and was quite detailed and intimate for a 12 year old. after i wrote it, i decided to email it to my best friend but instead of sending it to her email, i sent it to her family’s email address. the next day at school she told me what happened and said that her whole family read the story. i was so mortified, especially since later that day her mom was taking me and my friend to our gymnastics class. when I did see her mom, she told me what a “descriptive” writer i was and asked when chapter 2 was coming

Haruka: This is awful. A life waking up this early in the morning. Michiru… you seem like you’re having fun with this.
Michiru: But it is fun!
Haruka: After globe-trotting on concert tours and raising a child, you think the life of a high school student is amusing?
Michiru: But we can sing the praises of youth again! My heart is fluttering at the thought of returning to school life. Waiting for each other by the library, putting our shoes in the cubby holes, joining the school clubs…

  • riley starting high school:my whole world's changing. this is where i'm shaped and made, this is where i'm defined. these final moments are the true end of my childhood, and the beginning of something much greater. i need to change, i need to be ready. i've changed so much over the past two years, who knows what'll happen? mark this the end of an era, and the start of an age.
  • me starting high school:i guess i need to get more binders

cuddling is my fave I just finished reading the whole bokuroo ao3 tag