FFXV Rare Pairs Week Day 5: Holding Hands

Baby I’m dancing in the dark
With you between my arms
Barefoot on the grass
Listening to our favorite song
When I saw you in that dress
Looking so beautiful
I don’t deserve this
Darling, you look Perfect tonight

-Ed Sheeran “Perfect

Auston Matthews - First Dance

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A/N: I know it wasn’t requested but my future wedding song (when I eventually you know find someone to love me) played in the car and I just had to write something. 

Warnings: None

Word Count: 490

Inspiration: PLEASE LISTEN TO NORTHERN WIND BY CITY AND COLOUR WHILE READING. sorry for the caps but I love that song. 

“Now welcome to the dancefloor our guests of honor this evening, here for their very first dance as husband and wife Mr. and Mrs. Auston Matthews” the MC announced as you and Auston headed for the dancefloor. 

“I hoped you picked a good song” you whispered to Auston as you guys got to the middle of the dance floor. The day had been going perfectly so far but you were nervous about this first dance. Auston had demanded that you let him pick the song so he could surprise you. 

“Don’t worry wifey I know you well” he smiled and grabbed one of your hands in his and wrapped his other one around your waist. “Also have I told you that you look beautiful today?” 

“About a million times,” you said with reddened cheeks. He had been taking every opportunity to tell you how beautiful you were and how happy he is to be married to you. 

“Then let this be the millionth” he smiled and just then the song started to play. 

“You remembered?” you said as the familiar tune made tears spring to your eyes. One night, about a year into your relationship, you and Aus had been driving around town, listening to music and talking and it was your turn to pick a song. “For the record, this next song is what I have always wanted as my wedding song” you had told him, “I think it perfectly describes the way I’ll feel about the person I’m meant to marry,” you said and tried to remain calm and hide your reddened cheeks. Auston didn’t know it at the time but you were already in love with him and dreamt about dancing to this song with him at your wedding. You didn’t know it either but as soon as you played the song Auston could picture the two of you dancing to it as well; he was also already in love with you. 

“Of course I remembered, I’ve remembered everything you’ve told me you wanted for this day since I knew I was in love with you.” He said as you guys swayed back and forth. 

“And what about what you wanted?” you asked as you pulled yourself closer to Auston, letting his hand fall from yours so it could wrap around your waist and you could wrap your arms around his neck and rest your head lightly on his chest. 

“All I ever wanted was to marry you, as long as I finished this day with you lying next to me as Mrs. Matthews then today couldn’t be more perfect.” He whispered in your ear, making your heart melt for the millionth time that day. 

“I love you so much” was all you could say back; you didn’t have any other words to express the way he made you feel. Auston responded by quietly singing the song to you as you guys slowly swayed back and forth.  

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Daddy newt and So Close from enchanted! That song makes me cry every time!

That song was my wedding song and it makes me cry every time too. Lol

Again, please listen to the song as you read if ya can. Makes it better.


~So close~

“Go ask her.”

Newt watched from a safe distance, green eyes glazed over with longing as he saw you dance with another man. He knew, somewhere deep down, that Tina was right to tell him that. It had been months now, since he first met you, and nowhere in that time did he ever work up the courage to tell you how he felt. He always just stood aside, heart breaking more and more as the days just flew by. Because, you weren’t his, and no matter how bad he wanted you he couldn’t bring himself to try and have you.

“I…” He paused, eyes never leaving you as the man you danced with dipped you low. He may not be the perfect dancer, but that should’ve been him. “I’m sure she’s perfectly happy, I won’t bother-”


The wizard looked up to see Queenie crossing her arms over her chest, clearly frustrated with his inaction.

“Go. Now.”

Jacob was amused by the whole thing, giggling to himself as Newt was berated by the beautiful witch. But, she was right as well, if he did nothing his current situation wouldn’t change, and he’d be stuck pining for a woman the rest of his life. Because, he knew no one would ever compare to you.

He swallowed the nervous lump in his throat, chewing on the inside of his lip as he stood from the chair. He was still for a moment, looking intently at the surface of the table as he debated his next move. Nothing seemed perfect though, and with all the courage he could muster he removed his coat, placing it over his case before striding over to the dance floor. He tugged on his bow tie anxiously, heart beating wildly as he grew closer to you.

“Um….so sorry, but-” He tapped the shoulder of the man you were with, some employee from MACUSA he had seen briefly before when he first got arrested by Tina so long ago. The gentleman turned, smiling at him before letting you go as if he knew what Newt wanted. The young man bowed to you, and then left.


The Hufflepuff smiled nervously, licking his lips as he tried to speak to you. “May I?” He gestured towards your hand, the music now starting as the next band got up on stage. You blushed when you realized his intentions, and with a deep breath you nodded trying to calm your heart.

“Of course, Newt.”

The wizard reached for your hand, his fingertips sending tingles up your arm as they brushed across your palm. He lifted your arm up, his other hand coming to sweep around your waist and rest gently on your lower back.

“Is this alright, I’m afraid I’m not great at dancing.”

With a giggle you shook your head, inching closer to the wizard as you laid your palm on his shoulder. “This is perfect.”

Newt stared at you for a second, a mixture of feelings swirling his mind. He couldn’t stop thinking about how beautiful you looked, or how warm your touch was against him, or how sweet your perfume smelled. He never thought you’d be this close to him, and it was now he realized he couldn’t let this slip from his grasp. He needed you, and hopefully you needed him.

The music slowly began, the sounds of the piano bringing everyone on the dance floor to a start. He tugged you near, turning you both as he led the dance. He never once stopped looking at you, his gaze was permanently fixed on your beautiful features and he just wanted to sketch this memory into his mind forever.

“You look beautiful…”

At his words, you looked up at him, turning several shades of red when you noticed just how close his lips were. The air you breathed was practically one another’s, and at any moment you felt like you’d faint from the proximity.

“Thank you.”

You nuzzled your head into his neck, trying to hide the blush you had. All that did for him though was make every nerve in his body come to life, his desire for you only growing.

The both of you swayed gently to the music, enjoying the company of the other as you tried hard not to succumb to the butterflies in your stomachs.

Newt spun you when the song grew louder, and as you came back into his embrace his eyes met those of Queenie from across the room, and she had this devilish smirk that not only said she was right, but for him to make the finishing move.

He sighed deeply, calling your name weakly as he tried to settle the doubt he felt. “Y/N…”

You removed yourself from his shoulder, looking up at him expectantly as you waited for him to speak.

Newt studied your expression, looking for answers he’d only get by asking. Yet, you being so close to him, he just needed to spill it all out. He let out a shaky breath, the heat between your faces getting to him. He was so attracted to that warmth, and he wanted to just dip forward and take your lips into a heated kiss, like all those daydreams he had. But, how to ask for it, how to even say it was mind boggling.

As the song slowed to the end, he took his chance, letting the music and the atmosphere speak for him. His lips caressed across yours, eliciting a soft sigh from you. It took only a moment to react, and as the dance slowed to a halt your mouths pressed firmly together.


Hope y'all liked.

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Hey, I’m not sure if your taking requests but if you are can you do a really cute one with Y/n and fionn falling in love?thank you!!

A/N: song used is “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Elvis Presley. This was my parents wedding song, so I really wanted to use it 💕


~Wise men say only fools rush in
But I can’t help falling in love with you ~

You could still remember clearly the day you met Fionn Whitehead.

He was a quiet theatre nerd that was in your science class in 10th year. The two of you had been paired up for a project, but ended up getting a detention together for not paying attention in class and instead talking and trading laughs.

There were many more detentions to follow; some from talking and goofing off during class together, and some for pulling wicked pranks with each other.

By the time 11th year hit, the two of you were inseparable. The best of friends. Where one was, the other was sure to follow.

He was there for you when your grandmother passed away, holding you that night as you cried for hours.

He was your anchor through the remainder of high school, one of the only positive things to look forward to at school.

You didn’t know it yet, but you had already started falling for him then, in that first detention so many years ago.

~Shall I stay?
Would it be a sin
If I can’t help falling in love with you? ~

The summer before college was a memorable one. The two of you were planning on going to colleges that were 4 hours away from each other, so you had to make the best of that summer.

One night the two of you were at the park down the street from your house, talking about the future.

Fionn was staring at you as you spoke passionately about your dream career and dream family, when suddenly he couldn’t take it anymore.

He had pressed his lips to yours, cutting you off in the middle of a sentence. Usually you were annoyed at getting cut off by someone.

You couldn’t find it in yourself to be offended.

Your first date had started out as a total disaster. Fionn was a nervous wreck, stuttering his words, spilling his drink, tripping over his feet and knocking a waiter over as he ran to the bathroom.

But when he came back, you were holding your stomach as you continued to laugh hysterically, causing him to relax.

One date led to two, which then led to a handful of other adventures together.

When the day came for you both to leave for college, Fionn had officially asked you to be his girlfriend.

You’d said yes, knowing that Fionn would be worth the distance.

~Like a river flows surely to the sea
Darling so it goes
Some things are meant to be ~

The spring semester of your freshman year of college was a challenging one. You had a big lecture you had to give at the end of the year for one of your classes, and it counted towards 50% of your grade.

For weeks you had called Fionn is near panic attacks, needing to hear his voice to calm you down. Even if it was in the middle of the night, Fionn would talk to you for hours until you were calm enough to go to sleep.

When the big day finally came, Fionn had shown up to your school to surprise you. When you walked on the stage and saw him sitting right in front of you, all your nerves went away and you nearly cried.

You had tearfully reunited with him after the lecture was over, hugging him tightly and thanking him over and over again for coming to support you.

That was the night you and Fionn first made love to each other; whispering ‘I love you’s’ in each other’s ears throughout the night.

When you laid in his arms that night, tracing patterns on his bare chest as you dosed off, you came to a conclusion.

You were going to marry that boy one day.

~Take my hand, take my whole life too
For I can’t help falling in love with you ~

No relationship was ever perfect, you learned that early on with Fionn.

Every couple fights, it was healthy for a relationship as long as you maintained a balance.

The one fight you remember the most was after Fionn had gone out with a bunch of his friends Junior year.

It had been a few months since you had seen him, both of you swamped with school work. You wanted him to go out with his friends, get some time away from his studies.

The next morning you had woken up to a picture of him on instagram with his friends and a bunch of girls.

You had screamed irrationally at him that night over the phone, the strain of the distance finally getting to you. You’d accused him of cheating on you, which in turn made him furious.

The two of you shouted such nasty things at each other, tempers getting the best of you.

Neither of you talked to each other for a week.

One night you ended up breaking down after a receiving a poor grade on a test. The fight was affecting your schooling, and you were sure that it would be affecting Fionn’s too.

Swallowing your pride, you’d made the 4 hour drive to his university the next morning.

His roommate let you in, hugging you in relief. Apparently Fionn had been as much of a mess as you.

After apologizing to him for nearly an hour, you ended up spending the weekend with him at his school. You both put your studies behind you, focusing on one another for a change.

You had almost let Fionn slip through your fingers, and you never planned on doing it again.

~Like a river flows surely to the sea
Darling so it goes
Some things are meant to be ~

The moment your college diploma was in your hand felt like the greatest feeling in the world.

Hearing your family, boyfriend, and friends cheering for you made you feel invincible.

You were sure that nothing in the world could ever top those few moments.

You were wrong.

Later that night after you had driven home with your family from graduation, Fionn had asked you to go for a walk with him.

He led you to the park down the street from your house, pulling you towards a picnic blanket set up in the middle of a field.

The two of you talked for hours, before Fionn was suddenly pulling you to your feet.

You were so confused on what was going on, before he knelt down in front of you with a black box in his hand.

He proposed to you that night, underneath the same stars where he had kissed you all those years ago.

Of course you said yes.

~Take my hand, take my whole life too
For I can’t help falling in love with you ~

Now you were staring at the man of your dreams, dress trailing behind you as you walked down the aisle in the small church.

Both of your mothers were crying in the front row, and your dad was even fighting back tears as he held your arm in his.

But your eyes were locked with the glassy green eyes of your soon to be husband, happiness and love radiating between the stare.

Your dad handed you off to Fionn like you had rehearsed, and Fionn took your hand in his.

The ceremony began then, signaling the start to the rest of your life.

“I love you.” Fionn mouthed, a joyful smile on his handsome face as he stared down at you.

“I love you too.”

~For I can’t help falling in love with you ~

White Widow - Part 3

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5 | PART 6 | PART 7 | PART 8 | PART 9 (Smut)| PART 10 (Final)

Character Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: When the reader loses her fiance to Hydra, she is sent to the Avengers compound for her protection. Forced to share the guest house with the famous assassin, the Winter Soldier, she must learn to cope with her loss and her new roommate. All this, while trying to solve the mystery of why Hydra is now hunting her.

Warnings: Getting a little fluffy, Bucky with a gun

Characters this chapter: Bucky Barnes

It was two whole weeks later when he finally spoke to me again.

The nightmares hadn’t stopped. If anything they’d gotten worse.

One night, amidst my thrashing and crying, I must have screamed out. I shot out of bed, not yet realizing the scream I’d heard had come from me.

Just as I processed what happened, my door swung open.

Bucky appeared, pointing a handgun right at my face.

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War of Hearts

You guys.

I don’t know if you know, but the War of Hearts acoustic version dropped online, and oh my god. It’s Malec’s wedding song, and you can’t tell me otherwise. 

It’s the entire love story come full circle, from their first kiss to their wedding. I don’t know I might be full of shit but you guys have to listen to it it’s amazing and gave me so many emotions and UGH. It’s their wedding song. 


My wedding song video for Captain Swan!  I’m so proud of this video, so I hope all of you enjoy it.

Be sure to check out my Captain Swan/OUAT channel on YouTube:

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httyd scenes vs real life - Romantic Flight

I love this song and scene so much. I think it might be on of my favourite httyd songs. It will also be my wedding song haha (: Astrid posts coming in a min. <3 

Cute Mix For A Cute Person (pt 2)

  • Alive / Gabrielle Aplin
  • Bones / Lewis Watson
  • Don’t Wake Me When It’s Over / Lifehouse
  • The End Of All Things / Panic! At The Disco
  • Hazy (Feat. William Fitzsimmons) / Rosi Golan
  • Home (Demo) / Lewis Watson
  • If I Tremble / Front Porch Step
  • Love Like This / Kodaline
  • One / Ed Sheeran
  • Our Last Days / The Fray
  • Simple As This / Jake Bugg
  • Something I Need / One Republic 
  • Take My Hand (The Wedding Song) [Feat. Will Anderson] / Emily Hackett
  • Turning Page / Sleeping At Last
  • You Are In Love / Taylor Swift
  • 102 / Matty Healy (Of The 1975)

                         Listen Here