Bellamy & Clarke | Silhouette (by Ilovehertjes)

“You’re home. You’re never gonna be alone.”


Buster and Mike moments! 

In order

  • First meeting aka Mike serenading that boy
  • Mike being the first soloist Buster picks 
  • What’s in THE BOX
  • Buster bouncing along to “Music and Dance”
  • Nana’s still alive? Also the fact that Buster said the same thing to Eddie makes it so much cuter
  • Buster is flirting and no one can tell me otherwise
  • Buster putting Mike first on the original list
  • Buster standing his ground to the bears until Boss threatens Mike even further. THE FACT THAT BUSTER SEES HOW SCARED MIKE IS MAKES IT EVEN BETTER
  • All is forgiven Mike!
  • Buster’s intro for Mike. He let’s Mike sing without a second thought!
  • Buster reacting to Mike’s performance 
  • And Mike standing next to Buster (Just cuz)

I needed something to fuel my ship even more, so have all the scenes where Mike and Buster interact!


Ares - Winters Island

This video is a tribute to Sherlock’s completely selfless, unconditional love for John. He just keeps going, no matter how much it hurts him.

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So… I made a Supercorp Fan vid.


“everything about this is poetry in motion” - Samuel Barnett (twitter, 18.2.2017)

So do you really need another excuse to watch my cute little fan vid? I’m serious, real quote, over the moon, but also terrified. The real actor for Dirk Gently has watched me try to be Dirk Gently. WOW.


When everyones forgotten about heelys, so they’re not banned inside anymore.


Everyone on the internet November 1st