I FINALLY got my hands on an Alistair Wonderland doll on Monday!! Thank the lord XD I was actually looking for Boo York Catty Noir, but I’ll take him. (I’ll take a dozen, really~) i wish the Alistair dolls were better quality, and looked more like he does in the show, but eh. Maybe I’ll make him some more accurate pieces.
Anywho, the picture on the left is myself and @xmetaldarlingx from Katsucon <3 I made both of our cosplays overnight as a Valentine’s Day present, cuz Ali and Cerise are our ship <3 we’re sad they’re not canon, but the beast can dare to dream~
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he took me to an art museum on valentine's day because I have a passion for art...I guess I can call myself an artist. I paint, draw, sculpt and stuff. Anyways, he took me to a museum and while we were there, I saw local handmade jewelry they had for sale. Like one of a kind stuff. I really liked this bracelet and pointed it out, but it seemed really expensive so I didn't really bother. On my birthday, 3 months later, he surprised me with that bracelet as a present. sweetest thing ever

Omg that’s so cute :’)))))

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Hey, yesterday I went and watched the sunset over the sea and it was pretty and there were fireworks. It's amazing that the sun sets everyday and we so rarely watch it, beautiful things will always be there if you look. Hope your okay and have had a nice few days~Valentine

Wow I completely lost track of time doing this I didn’t even realise it had been two weeks. Revealing myself sounds so dramatic, I feel like I should do up my blog to make a good impression or something. Erm maybe tomorrow would be a good time. Idk how long you need to finish the present (omg present wow thank). Yeah I’m so glad I did this Valentine thing you are the sweetest and its been amazing talking to you and everything~Valentine

oh man, the sunset over the sea sounds incredible. i love watching sunsets, i think i prefer them to sunrises, just because i like the calmness of the night afterwards. there’s something about sunsets that makes me want to get a little strange and personal, and i really love that. and the fact that it’s by the sea…….i don’t even know what it is, but bodies of water are just. they’re my absolute favourite thing in the entire world. my ideal day would just be sitting lakeside with my friends and a bonfire going. oh, and telling stories!!

omg, no. i’m sure your blog is fantastic, esp since you’ve been dealing with my pile of trash for the past two weeks. reveal yourself whenever you’d like, i’ll have the present done by tomorrow!!! it’s been really, really fantastic talking to you and i’m super glad we have this friendship now. i can’t wait to explore through your blog (and be able to send/reply to asks privately!!) also omg don’t have too many high hopes for the present, it’s really not much!!!