I Love You

I never know how to express my feelings towards you, except through stupid things and pictures. Every time I try to express my feelings to you through letters its bad because i always repeat myself but I love you so much.

I go against what my family and friends say. If you heard me talking about you to friends then it would be clear but you aren’t here. i think about you constantly, even during my exams and classes.

I send you gifts of what you like, the penguins and the shark tooth. I got worried when it didn’t arrive. I sent you a letter for valentines day, which did arrive quicker than your birthday and Christmas presents. It’s not the best way to show you that i love you but it is one of the easiest ways i can think of.

I listen to everything you say, even when i’m not at all interested in the topic, for example, gaming. I couldn’t care less about League of Legends but i will happily listen to you talk about because it makes you happy. I dot understand a word you are saying but i will listen anyway.

 I love it when you smile and laugh, and it sucks because you’d think after being together for nearly a year id know how to make you laugh but since i barely talked for the whole year, i don’t know how to, i generally get people laughing when i do something stupid, so lets hope its the same for you.

You are my best friend, my idiot, my penguin and my prince. Mainly my penguin. I will be yours and no one else’s. I love you so much and i hope to never lose you as you make me so happy.

p.s this is probably really crap but i do try.

anonymous asked:

favorite ariana era? (i feel like the yours truly era and back are your favorites but i could be wrong :p)

You would be correct, dear friend. 

Alhough since this era’s begun, I found myself having a fondnss for the My Everything brand with the cat ears and little skirts- I can’t agree wit the more recent onesie trends.

Although musically, I love Moonlight just as much as the og fave Pink Champagne.

For the all round aesthetic, I did dearly love her Cat Valentine phase though, and I miss that style of acting and singing and dressing. It was pretty great back in the day. 

When I look in that rear view mirror and, it seems to make a lot more sense than what I see ahead of us.

Sharon Wofford (@krut0on)

For the most part, my tattoos represent stages of my academic/intellectual career. My first one, the Staffordshire hoard eagle artifact, I had done soon after I decided I wanted to be a medievalist. After we covered Beowulf in a lit survey, I ended up switching my major from French to English and signed up for the Medieval Studies minor. Lots of excited reading and research followed, which led to the Staffordshire hoard. The object I got tattooed is one of the fabulous garnet inlay pieces, and I picked it for its bird imagery and also its size (it’s kind of small and I was nervous about my first tattoo.) The tattoo was a Valentine’s Day present to myself, so if you wanted to get sappy (which I often do), it was very much a symbol of a new relationship.

As for the valkyrie, she was another gift to myself after I finished my first semester of my Master’s. I had saved a little stipend money, so she’s my biggest and only colored piece. For me, valkyries are such a symbol of feminine power and I very much felt I had fought to make it to the end. In addition, a week or so after I got her, I gave my first conference paper at Vagantes on Vikings and snake symbolism in Old Norse lit and art. So that one is another representative of a milestone. Much of my identity is related to my life as a student, and feel almost like my tattoos are a visual shorthand for that.

Find Sharon on Twitter: @krut0on


An Argentine cooked Steak and fresh salad was eaten by myself and my Argentine musician Husband on Valentine’s Day this year 2016…..

..We were Sooo Happy that day to have found this lovely little Bistro specialising in Argentine delicacies.. ie :Empanadas.Yum! with all kinds of delicious fillings!..

However, this is not my mission to advocate lots of pastry, BUT if you are careful with your diet you can incorporate small helpings from time to time! (More of this later.)

To get back to our Valentine’s day Treat, the food and presentation was absolutely Top Notch, and the price was extraordinarily very reasonable. The owners of the Bistro were an Argentine couple,and the wife did all the cooking…We couldn’t believe our luck, we had been looking for something like this for absolutely ages..We vowed to return at least once a week, maybe more…. for a special takeaway of Empanadas!!


The very next day as we happened to be passing by the Restaurant ,my husband suddenly exclaimed “Hey! there’s a big white notice on the door! The place seems to be empty!..Sure enough,  when we drove up to the Door, there to our Horror, was a notice from the Landlord saying it was a LOCKOUT!!!  

Well, you can imagine our disappointment and our compassion for the lovely couple who had looked after us so sweetly the very day before!..

That’s LIFE I guess!

HOWEVER, this site is going to be about HEALTH and WEIGHTLOSS  FITNESS  and all things in between.

                                                                  Bye for now,