Since Valentine’s Day is close, let’s all remember the day a few years ago when I ordered myself a D-SLR with my tax refund and it just so happened to arrive at my office on Valentine’s Day. Every single woman in the office came over squealing like, “WHAT DID YOU GET? WHO’S IT FROM?”

Boy were they disappointed when they found out it was a present for me from none other than… me. DUN DUN DUN.

Today, I started sewing my Valentine’s Day present for Lily. You can tell this is my first time working with minky fabric, because I was not expecting all the little fuzzy bits coming loose off the ends.

I just finished de-fluffing myself. And my couch.

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I'm online shopping for my own Valentine's Day / late 16th birthday present, and I'm just really proud of myself for saving my money. I don't ask for presents from my friends or family and it feels good to buy cute things for myself once in awhile. Idk I just feel grown

it really is such a good feeling, and you deserve it! i hope you find yourself something great, what kind of present do you have in mind? x

it’s a friday sleepover

Sharknado 3, oh hell no!: Movie Review

Let me just say first that the star of this show Frankie Muniz, did a Tony award winning performance and his character of Lukas will be dearly missed. This movie exceeded all expectations and instead of taking me on a journey of self discovery, it took me on a pilgrimage of self awareness. I knew, from the moment that Fin activated his laser chain saw, and the moment that April’s newborn emerged from its fleshy shark prison, that it was moments like these I wanted to dedicate myself to creating. This movie was an emotional journey, and had my heart pounding when Fin and his pregnant wife boarded the space shuttle, and my lungs collapsing when David Hasselhoff sacrificed himself and decided to live out the remainder of his life on the moon. The suspense that this fine price of cinema presents will leave you wondering “who will get killed by a free-falling shark next?” So this Valentine’s Day I suggest you grab your significant other, a box of tissues and watch Sharknado 3. Be ready to be changed for the better.

6 stars


I really feel sorry for those who can’t share this season with someone they love, because their partners are blunt and unromantic…
It’s totally cool if you’re ticking the exact same way, but it’s the most sad thing if you just want to feel loved (if you can say it like that)

I am myself not the most romantic human being on this world, but I feel joy myself if I can give my GF small presents to bright her day. And if there are a few dates in the year I can use as a reason, then it’s fine. (Not that I’d really needed those ;P)

What I’m about to say that I -as an unromantic stump- look forward to Valentine’s Day and the XIV event I can do with my girl tonight!
And for everyone who would like to look forward to it and have a partner who don’t… I guess you should prob consider your decision spending your life with said one.
Don’t date someone for fun or for just not staying alone.

My lovely Rachel got me early valentines presents because I had a hard day. I could cry. I love her, but its not about the presents its about that she thought of me when I haven’t even been thinking of myself. And that she took time out of her day to do something for me. This is one of the many reasons why I just adore her! I love you @rachbehbs

*sobs* @capnlarka has seriously made my night by telling myself and @dontyouauntkathyme that her birthday present to Alyx will be to pay for a round trip bus fare for them to come visit me over Valentine’s Day and their birthday!!!!!

I told myself that today would be The Day where I prepped for Tokyo, because I have to write letters and make Valentine’s Day presents and make cookies and prepare Araki handshake topics, but…

now that the day’s actually here I don’t want to do anything but sit around playing dumb phone games like I have for the past week…T___T;;

Got a 6 months birchbox subscription from Nic as his Valentine’s Day present to me 😍 absolutely love it!

It’s something that I wouldn’t get for myself because I don’t quite spend on “pampering” things but more of “essentials” and these are so spoiling 😁

I just got my January one because Nic ordered it on the last day of Jan 😂 can’t wait for February’s!


Let’s see if I can make magic this week.

I can’t rely on him to see the truth. He never does.

I keep dreaming about going back to Montauk alone. The train ride stretches on forever. It’s almost Valentine’s Day. I’m excited for the present to myself.

There’s a mixtape I have left. It’s been burning my phone. But I can’t give it to him. So it’ll collect dust.

A major perspective shifted today for me.

Let’s see how smart I really am.

“Happy Friday!

I bought this cute tea set as an early Valentine’s Day present to myself (and sent one to my sister). I thought, what could I do to make the best thing in the world, green tea, even better?! Put it in a heart shaped tea set! ❤️ #greentea #valentinesday #love #friday #greentealovers” by @tracyelizabeth7 on Instagram

Valentine’s Day present to myself. Love my Lexus way to much. I’m thinking about selling it so I can keep up with Dr. bills Love from Wenrella ⭕️❌✌🏽️

Birthday present # 1!!!
So as some may have figured out, I’m turning 40 this month and am celebrating ALL MONTH LONG! I am treating myself to some of my favorite things, and the first thing I bought myself was a new Little Lazy figure. I’ve been addicted to these for years! So of course I bought one of these first…and I might buy another before the month is over! The “Cupigs” were limited pre-orders for Valentine’s day but you can still get some of get other amazing creations :) I’ll be sharing more presents throughout the month! Squeeeee!
#birthday #celebration #presents #lordylordylookwhos40 #big40 #littlelazies @LittleLazies

So many good things

Disney for 4 days for my birthday. Including disney hotel AND bringing my stuffie and binkies!
Talking about rings and houses…
And finally getting my collar back ^.^
Going to an expensive dinner for valentine’s day just because
Talking to totally cute girls!
Presents from Daddy just because He loves me (He buys me stuff all the time hehe)
Absolutely being confident in myself!!
Getting devoted training time from Daddy!

After such a long year of trauma and abandoment, I’m finally starting to feel like I have some control. And I love it!